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March 2018: Surrendering to unknown change

Ambi Sitham

Wise words of Reinhold Niebuhr

Wise words of Reinhold Niebuhr

Hello lovely ones and welcome (nearly!) to March 2018!

A month which kicks off with a Full Moon and brings a new season and lots of change...

Which leads me nicely to some changes I am making...

I wanted to let you all know that going forward, my Full and New Moon blogs will be Member only content.

Monthly cosmic updates and my podcasts will remain accessible to all and I hope that you continue to gain benefit from those.

If you do feel the Full/New moon blogs help you then I would encourage you to try out Membership with a free month trial.

You will find today's Full Moon blog there which can read and try out Membership free of charge for the next month to see if it serves you.

So you know in the Member area I provide weekly cosmic coaching blogs, Member only meditations and will soon be recording Member only podcasts.

I will still be sending out a newsletter when new blogs are up and will now probably send out a weekly newsletter.

If the Member only content does not appeal to you and/or you would rather not hear from me too often then I will totally understand you unsubscribing.

You can still visit my website, my Instagram and Soundcloud for the accessible to all content and I hope it will still serve you in some way!

Onward now to this month of March and what the cosmos has in store for each of us...

March is a power packed month astrologically as it starts and ends with a bang with a Full Moon in Virgo, followed by a Full Moon in Libra and sees two planets turn retrograde (Jupiter and Mercury).

The eclipses of last month will be triggered by celestial events in March and we will all be pushed into a new season of life come the Spring Equinox even if it takes a little while to unveil itself due to mischievous Mercury and his usual mayhem (but remember, he can bring mayhem which ultimately proves magical and indeed miraculous!)

Soulstrology tells us that this month each of us are asked to surrender to unknown change.

To change we cannot yet see, or even necessarily comprehend, we are asked to simply surrender to the process of that change, trusting it is part of the divine plan for each of our soul's journeys and is ultimately for our highest good.

As the quote above says, change is the essence of life and we must be willing to surrender who/what we are for who/what we may become.

Sometimes change comes through conscious intent and it is the result of much hard work and energy.

But positive change can still be scary and push us outside of our comfort zone as we don't know what life will look like on the other side of that change!

At times change is unplanned and comes via the universe pushing us into the direction we need to go in.

In these cases we may feel blindfolded and/or fearful that we cannot see where we are going or understand how this is for our highest good.

Our job this month continues the Soulstrology theme of February (flowing with faith) but now asks us to go one step further by surrendering to the unknown and being open to the fact that change, and a new chapter is inevitable.

Mantra of the month:

I embrace change as the essence of life

I surrender to the unknown trusting that just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean it won't be positive

I acknowledge the discomfort of change and am kind to myself in the process of change

I trust that any changes which take place this month are ultimately for my highest good

I am willing to change who I am so that I can become who I am meant to be in this next chapter of life

Key cosmic dates for your diary are below.

March 1st: Venus (in Pisces) trines Jupiter (in Scorpio) positive, harmonious aspect which helps soften the Full Moon

March 1st: Full Moon in Virgo (read blog here)

March 2nd: Mercury (in Pisces) trines Jupiter (in Scorpio) positive aspect for creativity, communication and spirituality

March 4th: Sun (in Pisces) conjuncts Neptune (in Pisces) very creative, dreamy and spiritual aspect but shadow is for deception/confusion

March 4th: Mercury (in Pisces) conjunct Venus (in Pisces) very creative, romantic, spiritual aspect, great for creativity.

March 7th: Venus moves into Aries (Members can expect a blog on this)

March 8th: Jupiter turns retrograde (Members can expect a blog on this)

March 11th: Mars (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) a positive, energizing aspect for taking action and initiative

March 11th: Sun (in Pisces) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn) positive, powerful aspect

March 13th: Venus (in Aries) squares Saturn (in Capricorn) tense aspect can be productive but can lead to conflict

March 13th: Sun (in Pisces) trines Jupiter (in Scorpio) positive, powerful aspect

March 17th: New Moon in Pisces (will write Member blog on this)

March 18th: Mars moves into Capricorn (will write Member blog on this)

March 19th: Mercury (in Aries) conjunct Venus (in Aries)

March 21st: Aries season starts/Spring Equinox

March 22nd: Mercury turns retrograde in Aries (will write Member blog on this)

March 23rd: Venus (in Aries) squares Pluto (in Capricorn) powerful aspect, can be tense though

March 24th: Sun (in Aries) squares Mars (in Capricorn) powerful aspect, potentially very positive but can be tense

March 28th: Venus (in Aries) conjunct Uranus (in Aries) sudden change especially in the matters of heart, finances, creative projects

March 29th: Sun (in Aries) squares Saturn (in Capricorn) powerful but tense aspect. Can be very productive but watch for conflict!

March 31st: Full Moon in Libra (will write blog on this which will be in Member area)

I am wishing you all a wonderful last day of February and start to March.

May we all be courageous enough to accept the changes that come our way and to dance with the winds of change trusting they are indeed for our highest good.


Ambi x