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Cosmic Alchemy + My Journal - Post Here

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June 2018: Let there be light....

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy June 2018!

For those of you in Los Angeles or visiting, please come join me and my new homie Pluto (plus Jupiter and Earth) this evening at a Soulstrology Soundbath at Wanderlust Hollywood!

Pukka tea are sponsoring this event and everyone gets a nice cuppa to sip on after the soundbath when they are nicely sound stoned (it's a thing, truly!)

It's going to be magical and transformative seeing as it is Pluto's debut so I hope to see you there!

Onwards now to the month of June which sees the longest day of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere with the Summer Solstice and the official start of Summer.

This month kicks off with some very harmonious celestial aspects, but as always is peppered with challenging ones and ends on a tough note with Mars going retrograde, a Full Moon in Capricorn and the annual Sun/Saturn opposition - think - reality bites...

The Soulstrology theme for June 2018 is 'Let there be Light'.

Just as there will be much physical light this month through the form of sunlight as we embrace Summer, we must also embrace energetic light - love, compassion, optimism and fecundity (my word for 2018!)

There are many situations I am sure in each of our lives, or those of our loved ones and certainly for the world at large which may feel as though they need 'fixing'.

Of course there are certain practical things which we may need to do in order to manage certain situations or to help be part of the solution for our world.

However Soulstrology tells us that this month, alongside taking the necessary practical action, we need to adopt the consciousness,

"I let this be. And I let there be light".

Rather than letting go, let things be.

Trust that letting things be, is letting there be light.

Trust that letting there be light means allowing something bigger than you, or I, to take charge.

Letting there be light, means letting what is for your highest good and the greater good happen knowing that ultimately the outcome will serve all of us.

Letting things be requires surrender of sorts but is not giving up.

Letting things be requires trust, optimism and patience.

This allows the light to be and to infuse the situation at hand and to transform it for the highest good of all.

This can require great faith in the process, which at times can be challenging and not what we desire but does not necessarily reflect the ultimate outcome.

Let it be and let there be light.

Mantra of the month:

I let things be, knowing that this is not giving up, but embracing the process of life

I trust that letting things be,  lets there be light, and that light will prevail to bring the highest good for all involved

I choose to be patient, to have faith and remain optimistic knowing such qualities will help me navigate this month ahead and indeed months to come

I am wishing you all a joyous month.

May each of us let things be, so there may be light, and may each of our lives be infused with that light which also trickles into our beloved world.

So may it be.


Ambi x




June 1: Mercury (in Gemini) trine Mars (in Aquarius) positive, harmonious aspect

June 2: Venus (in Cancer) trine Jupiter (in Scorpio) very positive aspect

June 2: Venus (in Cancer) trine Neptune (in Pisces) positive, harmonious aspect for love and creativity

June 5: Sun (in Gemini) conjunct Mercury (in Gemini) a great day for all kinds of mental work, communication and contracts

June 5: Venus (in Cancer) opposite Pluto (in Capricorn) powerful energy but not necessarily an easy/positive one - could cause power struggles in love and other relationships

June 6: Mercury (in Gemini) square Neptune (in Pisces) tense aspect - watch out for clarity in communication and contracts as there is the possibility of being confused and/or deceived

June 7: Sun (in Gemini) square Neptune (in Pisces) tense aspect but can be productive

June 13: New Moon 22° Gemini (will write Members blog on this)

June 13: Mercury moves into Cancer

June 14: Venus moves into Leo (will write Members blog on this)

June 14: Venus (in Leo) square Uranus (in Taurus) tense aspect but can have a positive aspect but an unpredictability about it

June 15: Mercury (in Cancer) opposite Saturn (in Capricorn) tense aspect watch out for serious conversations/communications which can have a positive outcome but can be a bit of a harsh reality check too

June 18: Neptune Retrograde (will write Members blog on this)

June 19: Mercury (in Cancer) trine Jupiter (in Scorpio) positive, harmonious aspect

June 21: Summer Solstice (Member Soulstrology Soundbath for this)

June 21: Venus (in Leo) opposite Mars (in Aquarius) tense aspect which can be electric in love/relationships but can also cause tension/friction

June 22: Cancer season starts

June 23: Mercury (in Cancer) opposite Pluto (in Capricorn) tense aspect, watch out for communications and be mindful of power struggles

June 25: Venus (in Leo) square Jupiter (in Scorpio) challenging aspect but duality to it, can manifest big things but be mindful how you handle it

June 26: Mars Retrograde (will write Members blog on this)

June 27: Sun (in Cancer) opposite Saturn (in Capricorn) tense, harsh aspect but can have a constructive outcome with clarity.

June 27/28:  Full Moon Capricorn (will write Members blog on this and have Member podcast)

June 30: Mercury (in Cancer) square Uranus (in Taurus) challenging aspect but can be harnessed positively to think and communicate outside of the box.

Sagittarius Full Moon Soulstrology Soundbath and Soulstrology Scopes

Ambi Sitham

Full Moon rising...

Full Moon rising...

Hello lovey ones and happy almost Full Moon!

Today is Memorial Day here in the US and I know it is a public holiday in the UK too but seeing as our Soulstrology tribe are scattered across the world I am not sure if you are all fortunate to have this day off.

Regardless I encourage each of you to engage in a Full Moon ritual of sorts.

With all this fiery Sag energy of the Full Moon and with us being in Gemini season (air element) it is important to harness both the elements of earth and water to bring balance.

To read the rest of this blog including the Soulstrology Scopes (Soulstrology version of horoscopes) and access the new Soulstrology Sagittarius Full Moon Soundbath please subscribe as a Soulstrology Member.

May 2018: Revolution of freedom and abundance. And so it begins...

Ambi Sitham




Hello lovely ones and happy May!

Hopefully this finds you all well and having navigated the Scorpio Full Moon...if you're feeling all the feels and need some inspiration on how to harness the transformative Scorpio energies which affect each of us until November, check out my latest podcast episode on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Onwards now to May 2018 - a very important month which sees cosmic change agent Uranus move out of Aries where he has been since March 2011 and move into Taurus where he will be until 2026.

Uranus rules freedom, progression, change and the future.

In the natural zodiac (which applies to each of us) Taurus rules money and possessions - our personal finances and income, our 'things' which hold value to us and so too our values and self-esteem.

On a more macro level Taurus also rules the banks, financial institutions, currency - indeed the very notes and coins we use to purchase things.

As we have already seen from the cryptocurrency phenomenon, whether everyone is accepting or realizing it or not, money and the form of currency we use, is undergoing a huge revolution.

Now, this month, with Uranus moving into Taurus the seeds are being sown for huge changes to global financial systems, our currencies, how we do business and our economies.

Expect the unexpected over the next nine years.

And in the same way, that we and the world at large will experience sudden changes in all the life areas identified above ruled by Taurus so too we must expect these changes in the life areas ruled by Taurus in our unique charts.

Recording more on this for my Members soon...

In the meantime, the Soulstrology theme for May 2018 is that of a revolution.

A revolution of freedom and abundance.

This month we need to think yes about money, but also about abundance and whether we are living free and liberated and enjoying a rich life. Or not.

But Soulstrology tells us that is the aim of our existence, to enjoy a rich life in all areas.

An abundance of health, love, joy, family, creativity, rest, play as well as material abundance...

So much more to say on this that it has inspired my next podcast episode so stay tuned...

Mantra of the month:

I know that living abundantly is my birthright

I embrace true wealth as living abundantly in all areas of life

I am liberated knowing that I can live abundantly without compromising my values

I open myself up to creating a revolution in how I live and work, knowing I can live and work in a way which means I live a truly rich life

I am wishing you all a marvelous start to May. May we each sow the seeds of freedom and abundance in order to live a truly rich life.


Ambi x



May 6: Sun (in Taurus) sextile Neptune (in Pisces) harmonious, flowing aspect

May 7: Mercury (in Aries) square Pluto (in Capricorn) tense aspect, watch for communication and power struggles

May 7: Venus (in Gemini) square Neptune (in Pisces) powerful aspect, watch out for overly rose tinted glasses, can be very good for creativity

May 8: Sun (in Taurus) oppose Jupiter (in Scorpio) powerful aspect, can bring change/a resolution

May 11: Sun (in Taurus) trine Pluto (in Capricorn) powerful flowing aspect

May 12: Mercury (in Aries) square Mars (in Capricorn) tense aspect, watch out for conflict in communication, can be used positively to bring matters to resolution

May 14: Mercury moves into Taurus (will write Members blog on this)

May 15: New Moon in Taurus (will write Members blog on this)

May 16: Uranus moves into Taurus (will record Members podcast on this)

May 17th: Mars moves into Aquarius (will write Members blog on this)

May 18: Mercury (in Taurus) trine Saturn (in Capricorn) positive aspect, good for making creative things have more structure/actually happen!

May 20: Venus moves into Cancer (will write Members blog on this)

May 21st: Gemini season starts (Members will have a blog on this)

May 23rd: Mercury (in Taurus) opposes Jupiter (in Scorpio) powerful aspect for communication, contracts, negotiations, watch for potential for conflict.

May 25:  Jupiter (in Scorpio) trine Neptune (in Pisces)

May 25:  Mercury (in Taurus) trine Pluto (in Capricorn)

May 26: Venus (in Cancer) opposite Saturn (in Capricorn)

May 29: Full Moon in Sagittarius (will write Members blog on this)


Full Moon in Libra March 31st 2018: Mind over matter.

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon!

What an intense few days in the cosmos it has been....all bubbling up to tomorrow's Full Moon which takes place at 5.37am PT on Saturday 31st March 2018 (adjust for your timezone).

This Full Moon falls at 10 degrees of Libra so check where this falls in your natal chart (you can easily use a free online chart calculator as mine is still not fixed, grr!) and also importantly what planets you may have around 10 degrees of Libra (use a range from 7-13 degrees because any planets of this range in Libra will be impacted by this Full Moon).

Also, use the Soulstrology zodiac guide below to see how what areas of life this Full Moon is highlighting in both your solar charts (based on your sun sign) and your natal chart (based on your exact time of birth and therefore your rising sign).

It is these areas of life that this Soulstrology theme of mind over matter applies to at this Full Moon and where you need to be focusing on to see what needs healing, releasing and bringing to completion.

As I think you all probably know by now, in the natural zodiac, Libra is the sign governing all our interpersonal relationships of all kinds - platonic, professional and romantic.

To read the rest of this blog, including the Soulstrology zodiac guide for this Full Moon for your sign, the Soulstrology cosmic coaching questionnaire, Soulstrology mantras and to listen to a Soulstrology Soundbath please create a Member profile. You can enjoy your first month free and see if the content serves you, after which you will be charged $11.11 a month but you can cancel at anytime!

March 2018: Surrendering to unknown change

Ambi Sitham

Wise words of Reinhold Niebuhr

Wise words of Reinhold Niebuhr

Hello lovely ones and welcome (nearly!) to March 2018!

A month which kicks off with a Full Moon and brings a new season and lots of change...

Which leads me nicely to some changes I am making...

I wanted to let you all know that going forward, my Full and New Moon blogs will be Member only content.

Monthly cosmic updates and my podcasts will remain accessible to all and I hope that you continue to gain benefit from those.

If you do feel the Full/New moon blogs help you then I would encourage you to try out Membership with a free month trial.

You will find today's Full Moon blog there which can read and try out Membership free of charge for the next month to see if it serves you.

So you know in the Member area I provide weekly cosmic coaching blogs, Member only meditations and will soon be recording Member only podcasts.

I will still be sending out a newsletter when new blogs are up and will now probably send out a weekly newsletter.

If the Member only content does not appeal to you and/or you would rather not hear from me too often then I will totally understand you unsubscribing.

You can still visit my website, my Instagram and Soundcloud for the accessible to all content and I hope it will still serve you in some way!

Onward now to this month of March and what the cosmos has in store for each of us...

March is a power packed month astrologically as it starts and ends with a bang with a Full Moon in Virgo, followed by a Full Moon in Libra and sees two planets turn retrograde (Jupiter and Mercury).

The eclipses of last month will be triggered by celestial events in March and we will all be pushed into a new season of life come the Spring Equinox even if it takes a little while to unveil itself due to mischievous Mercury and his usual mayhem (but remember, he can bring mayhem which ultimately proves magical and indeed miraculous!)

Soulstrology tells us that this month each of us are asked to surrender to unknown change.

To change we cannot yet see, or even necessarily comprehend, we are asked to simply surrender to the process of that change, trusting it is part of the divine plan for each of our soul's journeys and is ultimately for our highest good.

As the quote above says, change is the essence of life and we must be willing to surrender who/what we are for who/what we may become.

Sometimes change comes through conscious intent and it is the result of much hard work and energy.

But positive change can still be scary and push us outside of our comfort zone as we don't know what life will look like on the other side of that change!

At times change is unplanned and comes via the universe pushing us into the direction we need to go in.

In these cases we may feel blindfolded and/or fearful that we cannot see where we are going or understand how this is for our highest good.

Our job this month continues the Soulstrology theme of February (flowing with faith) but now asks us to go one step further by surrendering to the unknown and being open to the fact that change, and a new chapter is inevitable.

Mantra of the month:

I embrace change as the essence of life

I surrender to the unknown trusting that just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean it won't be positive

I acknowledge the discomfort of change and am kind to myself in the process of change

I trust that any changes which take place this month are ultimately for my highest good

I am willing to change who I am so that I can become who I am meant to be in this next chapter of life

Key cosmic dates for your diary are below.

March 1st: Venus (in Pisces) trines Jupiter (in Scorpio) positive, harmonious aspect which helps soften the Full Moon

March 1st: Full Moon in Virgo (read blog here)

March 2nd: Mercury (in Pisces) trines Jupiter (in Scorpio) positive aspect for creativity, communication and spirituality

March 4th: Sun (in Pisces) conjuncts Neptune (in Pisces) very creative, dreamy and spiritual aspect but shadow is for deception/confusion

March 4th: Mercury (in Pisces) conjunct Venus (in Pisces) very creative, romantic, spiritual aspect, great for creativity.

March 7th: Venus moves into Aries (Members can expect a blog on this)

March 8th: Jupiter turns retrograde (Members can expect a blog on this)

March 11th: Mars (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) a positive, energizing aspect for taking action and initiative

March 11th: Sun (in Pisces) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn) positive, powerful aspect

March 13th: Venus (in Aries) squares Saturn (in Capricorn) tense aspect can be productive but can lead to conflict

March 13th: Sun (in Pisces) trines Jupiter (in Scorpio) positive, powerful aspect

March 17th: New Moon in Pisces (will write Member blog on this)

March 18th: Mars moves into Capricorn (will write Member blog on this)

March 19th: Mercury (in Aries) conjunct Venus (in Aries)

March 21st: Aries season starts/Spring Equinox

March 22nd: Mercury turns retrograde in Aries (will write Member blog on this)

March 23rd: Venus (in Aries) squares Pluto (in Capricorn) powerful aspect, can be tense though

March 24th: Sun (in Aries) squares Mars (in Capricorn) powerful aspect, potentially very positive but can be tense

March 28th: Venus (in Aries) conjunct Uranus (in Aries) sudden change especially in the matters of heart, finances, creative projects

March 29th: Sun (in Aries) squares Saturn (in Capricorn) powerful but tense aspect. Can be very productive but watch for conflict!

March 31st: Full Moon in Libra (will write blog on this which will be in Member area)

I am wishing you all a wonderful last day of February and start to March.

May we all be courageous enough to accept the changes that come our way and to dance with the winds of change trusting they are indeed for our highest good.


Ambi x

February 2018: Flowing with faith.

Ambi Sitham



Hello lovely ones and happy February!

I don't know about you, but I am still recovering from the Leo Lunar eclipse...hello Full Moon insomnia!

Such a fiery intense energy to end the first month of 2018 and for February to start!

Whilst January can often feel like the slowest month of the year (or is it just me?!) the year is going to now pick up pace considerably...

Seriously, we may find ourselves blinking and suddenly it is the Spring Equinox and a whole new season!

Speaking of seasons, yesterday's Leo lunar eclipse officially started off eclipse season and Soulstrology tells us that the Leo eclipse serves as the energetic seed for the month of February. 

As I am sure you all know by now, eclipse season brings changes, often unexpected, sometimes welcome, sometimes not..

Either way, it heralds a new season of life and new beginnings, many of which are birthed from necessary endings.

As many of you know by now, my mantra (and indeed the essence of my entire Alchemy practice) is that change is the only constant.

As human beings we so often resist change.

We welcome certain changes and shifts which reflect the manifestation of our goals but other than that we often fear the impermanence of life.

However this fear of change is often short sighted and does not serve us.

It has us clinging to situations (and people!) which are past their sell by date and has us stuck in a rut.

The result is that we often prevent our blessings from manifesting as we stubbornly resist the flow of life, convinced we know better, when more often than not, we don't!

I can speak from personal experience to say I have delayed (sometimes outright blocked) some of my biggest blessings coming my way, due to my absolute resistance to change and fear of the unknown.

When sudden 'bad' changes have taken place I have fought with every bit of my energy to preserve the status quo and to cling to what I have known, even when it wasn't truly making me happy.

With hindsight I have been able to see that had I have had stronger faith (faith in myself, faith in the universe, faith in a higher power) then I would have been able to flow more gracefully with the winds of change and would have embraced my destiny more swiftly.

Which leads me onto the Soulstrology theme for February 2018.

This month we are asked to flow with the currents of change.

For some the cosmos brings lots of welcome change this month and you happily dive into the new chapter of life.

But for others the change may not be so welcome and may appears as obstacles or even punishments.

Soulstrology says that just as water flows around rocks, so too we are asked to flow around obstacles.

We must not let fear fuel us into forcing and bending life in a direction which we think serves us, because the truth is that we may not be seeing the bigger picture and what is truly for our highest good (and indeed the greater good).

Life may not be punishing us but instead gently pushing us to where we need to go....

In February 2018 we need to flow with faith.

Mantra of the month:

I trust the process of life and know that change, even unexpected/unwanted change is part of that process.

I choose to believe that all changes this month will ultimately unfold for my best.

I choose faith as my fuel for navigating the month ahead.

I embrace the rivers of change and flow with them with faith.

As always I will write detailed blogs for both the New and Full Moons.

Members can expect weekly cosmic updates and more detailed information for their zodiac sign for both the Full and New Moons and some extra special mini soundbaths for daily use (recording this weekend).

Also....I am finally (I was unwell so had to reschedule/push back the launch date) recording the first episode of my Alchemy with Ambi podcast this weekend!

Excited and terrified in equal measure but know I want to share more and in a different format.

First episode will come out on Aquarius Solar Eclipse....eek!

In the meantime here are the key dates for your cosmic diary for February 2018.

February 4th: Venus (in Aquarius) squares Jupiter (in Scorpio) powerful aspect can be positive but potential for tension.

February 6th: Venus (in Aquarius) sextile Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect for creativity

February 10th: Sun (in Aquarius) squares Jupiter (in Scorpio) powerful aspect, can be positive but watch for overdoing it

February 11th: Venus moves into Pisces (will write Members blog on this)

February 13th: Mercury (in Aquarius) squares Jupiter (in Scorpio) lively aspect! Be mindful in communications

February 13th: Sun (in Aquarius) sextiles Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect

February 15th: Solar Eclipse in Aquarius (will write detailed blog on this)

February 15th: Venus (in Pisces) sextiles Saturn (in Capricorn) positive aspect, productive.

February 17th: Mars (in Sagittarius) squares Neptune (in Pisces) tense aspect, watch for disagreements/deceptions.

February 17th: Sun (in Aquarius) conjuncts Mercury (in Aquarius) creative aspect, good for group communications

February 19th: Sun moves into Pisces. Pisces season officially starts.

February 19th: Mercury moves into Pisces (will write Members blog on this).

February 21st: Venus (in Pisces) conjunct Neptune (in Pisces) very dreamy, creative and romantic aspect but be mindful to be realistic

February 25th: Venus (in Pisces) square Mars (in Sagittarius) powerful aspect can be positive for matters of heart and creativity

February 25th: Mercury (in Pisces) conjuncts Neptune (in Pisces) very creative aspect, also can be positive for conversations around romantic matters but be mindful to be realistic

February 28th: Mercury (in Pisces) squares Mars (in Sagittarius) powerful aspect, can be productive but watch for tensions/conflict in communications.

I am wishing you all a wonderful start to February.

May our faith fuel us as we flow through this month and may the rivers of change take us to places better than we could ever have expected. 

So may it be.


Ambi x


January 2018: Starting as we mean to go on, with a little push from the cosmos.

Ambi Sitham

Bring it on 2018!

Bring it on 2018!

Hello lovely ones and happy almost New Year!

Confession, I am writing this a week in advance so that I can enjoy the holidays and a week offline....

I personally find switching off from the online world and gadgets is SO good for my mind, body, soul and make time to do this daily, weekly (often switching off at weekends) or periodically for longer periods of time such as the holidays or vacations.

At this time of year I also think one of the greatest gifts I think you can give your loved ones is your presence, aka being present is the best present!

Moving on to January 2018 which is a month packed with cosmic activity with two Full Moons bookending the month, with the New Year starting with a Super Full Moon and ending with a total Lunar eclipse!

This is known as a blue moon when there are two Full Moons in a calendar month and it is where the expression 'once in a blue moon' comes from.

Given we are talking about two extra potent Full Moons too there is no way that January  is going to be a quiet month!

However as some of you will be aware the year starts with Mercury still maneuvering his way out of his retrograde, which is known as the post retrograde shadow.

As a result 2018 may have a slightly sluggish feel to it with a cosmic hangover of sorts from 2017.

But by the time we reach the middle of the month, it is likely that things will pick up pace, helped greatly by the incredibly potent cosmic activity around the days that Mercury's shadow finally ends as well as the New Moon on the 16/17th.

The days before Mercury his finally out of post retrograde shadow (January 10th) are among some of the most powerful days of the year as they contain such strong astrological aspects (see the cosmic dates for your calendar below!)

Turning now to the title of this blog and the Soulstrology theme for January 2018.

The first three weeks of the month sees Capricorn season in full flow and as you are hopefully aware, cosmic life coach Saturn is now in Capricorn, where he will be until March 2020.

Interestingly he entered Capricorn at the Winter Solstice (the darkest day of the year) and departs at the Spring Equinox (equal parts day and night, a balancing between darkness and light).

Soulstrology says this is no cosmic coincidence but is indicative of the fact that wherever we may feel darkness currently in our lives or the world (ahem, Capricorn rules the patriarchy) is where we will see huge shifts and a turn in the tide to more light and balance come March 2020 where a new chapter will be birthed for all.

In the natural zodiac Capricorn rules structure, status, ambition, career and success.

It is a serious, grounded earth sign which climbs the mountain like its goat symbol.

This sign likes to identify in black and white what steps need to be taken in order to manifest its goals and will then work diligently to achieve them.

It loves tangible markers of success and indeed the power that accompanies such success (ahem, the patriarchy...more on this in the New Year).

Soulstrology says that in January 2018 with so many powerful aspects taking place in the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our charts we have the opportunity to not only plant the seeds which we wish to fruition in 2018 but also in two plus years time in March 2020.

Regardless of our zodiac sign, each of can tap into the grounded, mature energies of Capricorn to identify our goals, our career (and life) ambitions and what would constitute success and status for us - both personally and professionally.

We can plant the seeds energetically within our consciousness, and tangibly on the physical plane by setting intentions and goals for the year ahead and beyond.

Soulstrology tells us that more than ever, due to stern Saturn's presence in Capricorn, we need to start this year as we intend to go on.

With the knowledge that the cosmic headmaster is watching us and taking notes, and taking responsibility that how we start Saturn's transit of Capricorn will indicate how we fare over this transit and what we reap both this year, and also in Spring 2020 (and indeed for the rest of 2020 when Saturn strides back into Capricorn for a retrograde before settling fully into Aquarius).

Starting as we mean to go on, energetically, spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally; mind, body and soul.

It doesn't matter what has passed or failed, for it is in the past.

All that matters is the now.

Starting anew, planting the right seeds and starting as we mean to go on.

Mantra of the month:

I choose to start this year with a clean slate and have hope and faith that this year ahead can be everything I want it to be and more.

I embrace the energy of a fresh start knowing that that no matter what has come before, the past has passed and my only focus now is the gift of the present.

I infuse each area of my life and mind, body and soul with the energy of newness and excitement of what I can co-create with the Universe.

As always I will write detailed blogs for both the New and Full Moons.

Members can expect weekly cosmic updates and more detailed information for their zodiac sign for both the Full and New Moons.

In the meantime here are the key dates for your cosmic diary for January 2018.

January 1st/2nd: (depending on your timezone) Full Moon in Cancer (will write detailed blog on this)

January 2nd: Sun (in Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces) positive aspect good for making creative goals manifest

January 2nd: Uranus stations direct

January 3rd: Venus (in Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces) positive aspect for creativity and romance

January 6th: Mercury (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) powerful aspect for creative thinking, ideas and communications

January 6th: Mars (in Scorpio) conjuncts Jupiter (in Scorpio) powerful aspect for manifesting but has a shadow side of excess and being power hungry.

January 8th: Sun (in Capricorn) sextiles Jupiter (in Scorpio) powerful, positive aspect

January 8th: Mars (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn) powerful, positive aspect

January 8th: Venus (in Capricorn) sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio powerful, positive aspect

January 9th: Sun (in Capricorn) conjuncts Venus (in Capricorn) very powerful aspect particularly for love, creativity, socializing and business

January 9th: Venus (in Capricorn) conjuncts Pluto (in Capricorn) another very powerful aspect, particularly for love and with Mercury ending it's retrograde shadow the next day expect some transformation in certain love situations and a shift in 'power'

January 9th: Venus (in Capricorn) sextiles Mars (in Scorpio) powerful, positive aspect especially for passionate matters of the heart and masculine/feminine energies

January 10th: Sun (in Capricorn) sextiles Mars (in Scorpio) powerful positive aspect

January 11th: Mercury enters Capricorn (will write Members blog on this)

January 13th: Mercury (in Capricorn) conjuncts Saturn (in Capricorn) can feel heavy, intense on the mind but also a productive time to think about things practically (without depressing yourselves!)

January 13th: Venus (in Capricorn) squares Uranus (in Aries) intense aspect, can lead to lasting change in certain romantic situations or creative endeavors

January 14th: Sun (in Capricorn) squares Uranus (in Aries) powerful aspect, can be intense and bring about sudden change/a bolt from the blue

January 15: Jupiter (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn) a powerful, positive aspect

January 16/17: (depending on your timezone) New Moon in Capricorn (will write detailed blog on this) 

January 19th: Venus goes into Aquarius (will write Members blog on this)

January 19th: Mercury (in Capricorn) sextiles Neptune (in Pisces) a great aspect for combining creativity and vision with practicality

January 24th: Mercury (in Capricorn) conjunct Pluto (in Capricorn) powerful aspect can be very productive but be mindful around communications (power struggles)

January 25th: Mercury (in Capricorn) sextiles Jupiter (in Pluto) positive aspect

January 27th: Mars moves into Sagittarius (will write Members blog on this)

January 28th: Mercury (in Capricorn) squares Uranus (in Aries) can be an unsettling aspect for communications so be mindful

January 31st: Total lunar eclipse/Full Moon in Leo (will write detailed blog on this)

I am wishing you all a very happy start to the New Year.

May we all start this year off as we mean to go on and may our efforts be rewarded for our highest good and the greater good of all.

So may it be.


Ambi x

December 2017: Looking backwards to move forward

Ambi Sitham



Hello lovely ones and welcome to December 2017!

The last month of 2017 is set to be an intense one with Mercury already in retrograde shadow and the official retrograde starting hours before the last Full Moon of 2017 which will be a Super Full Moon at that!

Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius and Saturn is in his final stages of transiting Sagittarius as he will depart the Sagittarius zone of the zodiac on December 20th and move into Capricorn.

This Mercury retrograde will dominate the last month of the year as will the Sagittarius ruled part of each of our charts with the Sun shining brightly in Sagittarius for the first three weeks of the month.

The Saturn in Sagittarius transit started in December 2014 and apart from a few months in the summer of 2015 when Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio, Saturn has been putting each of us through the mill when it comes to the Sagittarius ruled parts of lives in our unique charts.

Use the chart calculator on this website to see which areas of life Sagittarius governs in your life to understand where this transit has played out for you in terms of life areas.

As a Sagittarius sun sign, with a total of four planets in Sagittarius, I can tell you that this transit has been extremely challenging, and not escaping the deep sorrow that Saturn often brings  (with my Dad passing away) but has also seen me mature and grow and create new strong foundations in my life.

I am grateful for the lessons and the blessings but also ready to wave Saturn goodbye for another 28 years!

Turning now to the title of this blog and the Soulstrology theme for December 2017.

It is no cosmic coincidence that Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius during the final weeks of Saturn's transit of Sagittarius.

Mercury retrogrades as I think you all know by now, are a great opportunity to do all things RE. RE view, REconcile, RE think, RE consider, RE start, REunite and so on.

This particular Mercury retrograde is asking us to look back over the last year but also over the last few years of Saturn's transit and the personal challenges, delays, or fear we may have experienced (all of these are Saturn's shadow).

We are being asked by the cosmos to look backwards but only insofar as to learn and integrate the lessons so that we can truly move forwards.

As the quote in the image accompanying this blog wisely says, we learn from our mistakes or we go backwards in life.

Soulstrology says that if we keep repeating the same mistakes we cannot point the finger of blame at the cosmos, the moon and stars, we need to take responsibility and turn the finger around and point it at ourselves.

We are continually co-creating our existences with the cosmos so we need to do our bit to tap into the energies and blessings which are available.

Soulstrology reminds us that mistakes are powerful, valuable lessons and that we will always be making mistakes in life and this is part of the human existence.

However, we know we are growing when we stop making the same mistakes and start making new ones!

That's when we know we have shed old karma and have new opportunities for growth and new blessings to tap into.

Some people get sensitive or defensive around the idea of making a mistake and taking responsibility for it but this over sensitivity and defensiveness is usually just an ego reaction.

It's easier to adopt victim consciousness but it is more rewarding to adopt victor consciousness and alchemize our mistakes into mastery and miracles.

Whilst Saturn's tough love is often focused upon it is easy to forget that this is the planet that rewards hard work over time.

Saturn transits may test you, but they will also reward you!

When the cosmic taskmaster departs a zone of your chart it's as though he gives you a star based on your efforts.

In each of our lives this star equates to reaping what we have sown.

But the transit is not over yet and Mercury's retrograde can bring back past issues for final healing and closure so we can move forwards and receive our cosmic dues from Saturn.

Gold stars all around please!

Over the next month when many of us are in holiday mode and focusing on festivities and gifts, give yourself the gift of time and effort into reviewing your life over the last year and the Sagittarius ruled part of your life over the last three years.

It truly is the greatest gift you can give yourself so that you can move forwards to have the 2018 you desire...

Mantra of the month:

I practice patience with myself and others knowing any seeming delays or mistakes are in cosmic order and will unravel themselves for the highest good in divine timing

I look backwards with courage and faith knowing that by healing the past I can transform my future

I embrace my mistakes as MUST TAKES and willingly integrate the lessons trusting that doing so will create the space for me to receive

As always I will write detailed blogs for both the New and Full Moons.

Members can expect weekly cosmic updates and more detailed information for their zodiac sign for both the Full and New Moons.

In the meantime here are the key dates for your cosmic diary for December 2017.

December 1: Mars (in Libra) opposes Uranus (in Aries) - tense aspect, can lead to conflict and power struggles, positive outcome is sudden change manifesting

December 2: Jupiter (in Scorpio) trines Neptune (in Pisces) harmonious, romantic, creative, spiritual aspect

December 2: Venus moves into Sagittarius (will write Member's blog on this)

December 3: Mercury turns retrograde at 28 degrees Sagittarius

December 3: Full Moon Gemini (will write detailed blog on this and Members will get a guide for their zodiac sign)

December 6: Mercury (in Sagittarius) conjuncts Saturn (in Sagittarius) a heavy aspect for the mind. The past may come knocking. Information may come to light regarding challenges or tests from the past

December 10: Mercury (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) Unexpected communication or information. Positive aspect.

December 11: Mars moves into Scorpio (will write detailed blog for Members on this)

December 12: Sun (in Sagittarius) conjunct Mercury (in Sagittarius) a powerful aspect which may tell you what this Mercury retrograde represents for you

December 15: Mercury (in Sagittarius) conjuncts Venus (in Sagittarius) a powerful positive aspect for love and creativity

December 16: Sun (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect

December 17: New Moon (PT) in Sagittarius (will write detailed blog on this)

December 20: Venus (in Sagittarius) trines Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect

December 21: Winter Solstice

December 21: Saturn moves into Capricorn

December 22: Sun (in Capricorn) conjuncts Saturn (in Capricorn) powerful aspect, can be very productive, can also feel heavy

December 23: Mercury stations direct at 13 degrees of Sagittarius (it's not over though! Now it's the post retrograde shadow!)

December 25: Venus moves into Capricorn (will write detailed blog on this for Members)

December 25: Venus (in Capricorn) conjuncts Saturn (in Capricorn) I predict LOTS of Christmas Day proposals in 2017 (more than usual!) as Venus governs love, Saturn governs commitment and status!

December 28: Mars (in Scorpio) trines Neptune (in Pisces) positive powerful aspect for creativity, romance/sex and spirituality

I am wishing you all a wonderful last month of 2017.

May we all have the courage to look backwards and heal and clear so we can finally move forward.


Ambi x

Jupiter in Scorpio Part 2: Healing is the first stage of manifesting

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones!

I hope you found the Soulstrology Jupiter in Scorpio Cosmic Coaching questions useful and that you took the time to answer them fully and to review the last Jupiter in Scorpio transit and understand how it impacted upon your life.

Next up is Part 2 where we lay the foundations for the next thirteen months of the current Jupiter in Scorpio transit.

Jupiter is known as the great gift giver and the cosmic benefic.

As a result people expect miracles from a Jupiter transit and are sometimes confused when they did not manifest as much as they expected.

The reason for this is multi-fold.

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Breakdowns and breakthroughs: September 28 2017: Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries, the finale!

Ambi Sitham

Word to the wise!

Word to the wise!

Hello lovely ones and happy Wednesday!

Tomorrow, September 28, there is the final act of a powerful aspect between Jupiter (abundance, expansion, miracles) in Libra (relationships) and Uranus (change, revolution) in Aries (the individual, identity, autonomy).

This aspect is an opposition, which Soulstrology explains is a tense aspect with a stand off as such between two areas of our lives.

This aspect creates an 'either or' scenario in each of our lives, where something significant shifts.

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Autumn Equinox 2017 and Libra season: Letting go and finding balance

Ambi Sitham

Autumn Equinox vibes

Autumn Equinox vibes

Hello lovely ones and Happy Autumn Equinox!

In the Northern hemisphere we officially change seasons today, September 22, as Summer finally comes to an end and Autumn starts.

Astrologically the Autumn Equinox coincides with the start of Libra season as the Sun moves into Libra in the zodiac.

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August 2017: Dancing with the winds of change

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and welcome to August 2017 and eclipse season!

With the sun in fiery Leo for the month, a powerful Jupiter/Pluto aspect,  a lunar and solar eclipse and Mercury Retrograde, all I can say is - expect the unexpected this month!

As we all know eclipse season brings the winds of change.

Soulstrology says that Jupiter square Pluto at the start of August indicates powerful transformation, good fortune and a rebirth of sorts is on the cards for many this month ahead.

Mercury retrograde as always can bring back the past, for healing and/or closure or for opportunity and a sweet new beginning.

Either way, change is the theme of August.

For some this change may be welcome, planned or long anticipated.

For others it may manifest as an abrupt, unseen or unwelcome ending.

Soulstrology says that whatever manifests for us this month is in divine cosmic order and that we must not only keep the faith that all is unfolding exactly as it ought to but also trust that the events of this month are for our highest good in the bigger picture of our destiny.

When we experience sudden change it often results in us freezing or being floored.

Or sometimes we fight against the direction of the winds, forcing ourselves to move against the natural rhythm of cosmic change, staggering and gasping for air as we do so.

Change isn't always welcome or easy and is often far from pleasant.

But it is the only constant.

This month whether you are experiencing welcome changes or have the rug pulled from underneath you, trust that your only job is to dance with the winds of change.

Dancing with the winds of change is to dance with your eyes closed as though no-one is watching.

Lose any self-consciousness, shut out external distractions, tune into your heart and dance to the rhythm of change with grace and joy, trusting you are being led to your destiny.

As always I will write detailed blogs for the Full Moon/Lunar eclipse and New Moon/Solar eclipse.

Members can expect the scoop on all the other cosmic activity including a Soulstrology guide to Mercury retrograde and the eclipses.

Below are the key cosmic dates for your diary.

August 1st: Venus moves into Cancer

August 3rd: Uranus turns retrograde

August 4th: Jupiter (in Libra) square Pluto - positive, powerful transformation

August 7th: Lunar Eclipse 15 degrees Aquarius (will write detailed blog on this) 

August 10th: Sun (in Leo) sextiles Jupiter (in Libra) positive aspect

August 12th: Venus (in Cancer) trines Neptune (in Pisces) spiritual, creative, romantic aspect

August 12th: Mercury Retrograde starts

August 13th: Sun (in Leo) trines Saturn (in Sagittarius) positive, powerful aspect

August 15th: Venus (in Cancer) opposite Pluto (in Capricorn) powerful aspect which can be very productive and positive but tense. Be mindful around communication.

August 17th: Venus (in Cancer) squares Jupiter (in Libra) powerful positive aspect for relationships but can be tense.

August 21st: Solar eclipse 29 degrees Leo (will write detailed post on this)

August 22nd: Sun moves into Virgo aka start of Virgo season

August 22nd: Mars (in Leo) trines Saturn (in Sagittarius)  positive, energetic aspect

August 25th: Saturn (in Sagittarius) turns direct

August 26th: Sun (in Virgo) conjuncts Mercury (in Virgo) powerful aspect for the mind,  communication and work but remember Mercury is in retrograde!

August 27th: Jupiter (in Libra) sextiles Saturn (in Sagittarius) harmonious, positive aspect

I am wishing you all a wonderful month in which you dance to the winds of change trusting that the cosmos has your back and that ultimately, all is unfolding for your highest good.


Ambi x


My marriage, my father's funeral and a new dawn

Ambi Sitham

Mr and Mrs Kavanagh, Hawaii June 2017

Mr and Mrs Kavanagh, Hawaii June 2017

Hello lovely ones and I hope you had a good New Moon and are enjoying the start of Leo season.

As you may have gathered by now this isn't one of my usual Soulstrology posts.

I guess this is the start of me writing and sharing in a different way, plus there are some important updates on my services (which won't affect all of you but will definitely impact upon some of you) as a result of all the life changes I am going through.

As some of you who follow me on Instagram may know, a month ago today I married the most incredible, kind, smart, handsome man who I know without a doubt is my partner in life and love.

It's kind of bonkers (as we say in England!) when you consider that a year ago we had yet to go on our first date!

Our relationship and my own personal journey of alchemy with love cannot possibly be covered in a blog, or even several blogs, but I am sure I will write more on it soon....for now I will just say that I am SO happy...

However as we all know life is full of ups and downs, ebbs and flows, blessings and challenges.

Around the time of our wedding my beloved Dad, who has been seriously ill for over a decade, took a turn for the worse.

He'd had many bad turns over the last decade and my family had gone through many scares of losing him.

At first I thought this incident was more of the same as he seemed to get a little better.

However, around the Capricorn Full Moon (my Dad was a Capricorn) his condition deteriorated rapidly and he passed away last weekend.

So it was with sadness but so much love that my new husband and I flew to London and I said goodbye to my beloved Dad last week.

My Dad and I had a particularly close bond.

I was lucky to be doted on by him and to dote on him in equal measure.

He was one of my biggest spiritual influences as my first meditation teacher (aged ten) and my first (and forever) spiritual guide.

I hope that I am part of his legacy and do him justice with the work I now do which is undoubtedly my soul's purpose.

I'm so grateful that he and my wonderful husband got to meet, and despite my human sadness I am so relieved that my Dad is no longer suffering as a prisoner to a body that was betraying him and that he has peace and his soul has gone some place way better.

People often ask whether I can see death in a chart and it is a question that I am very wary at answering.

The answer is yes you can see the energies of death (but remember transformation is death of sorts and equally physical death is the ultimate transformation) but as you all know by now with Soulstrology, nothing can be 'predicted' per se.

However I could see the strong possibility of his passing due to transits in both our charts.

This was accompanied by a very strong intuitive feeling for the last few years that in spite of his ill health my Dad was holding on until I was happily married and he knew I was on the right path in all areas.

So whilst it was of course deeply upsetting (you are never prepared for these things no matter how many years you have been in preparation) to me it was no coincidence that my Dad took such a turn for the worse at the Capricorn Full Moon or that he passed on a few weeks after my marriage.

Last week at his funeral I read this poem as part of my speech and I truly feel that my Dad will forever be with me and all who he loved and who might need him (and I hope that in some small way these words can be of comfort to others who are experiencing bereavement)

Poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye

Poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye

I am looking forward to connecting with him in another way - through my dreams, my meditations, and signs and synchronicities from the universe.

I will no doubt feel the human loss of my Dad for the rest of my time on this earth plane but in truth I have been grieving him since he nearly passed a decade ago.

This was the final goodbye. 

Although I cried many tears in the days of his passing and at his funeral I now find myself at peace and my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude.

To have my wonderful new husband (who shares the same pure, gently spirit as my Dad) by my side during this time and to be be embarking upon one of the biggest chapters of my life with our marriage, reminded me of the beautiful cycle of this human existence of endings and beginnings, deaths and rebirths and that love never dies.

It is indeed a new dawn.

Yep. Yep. Yep.

Yep. Yep. Yep.

Last year (before I met my husband or he was even on the radar) I realized that I wanted to make some big changes both personally and professionally.

I knew it wouldn't happen overnight but I started to plant the seeds both in my consciousness and on the physical plane.

For a couple of years I had been quietly working away, with a packed client schedule, more often than not working six days a week with up to five sessions a day -  reiki, sound healing, astrology, coaching and mentoring.

I also had a small email list of people whom I would email old school style with a BCC email with my Soulstrology updates.

I loved helping people but it left very little time for a personal life or for me to play and explore my own creativity and self-expression.

I knew I had to make changes.

I knew I had to give myself space to continue this ongoing process of alchemy that is life and to become the next version of myself.

I also knew I wanted to share with a wider audience and help more people.

I started a proper website, committed to regular blogs, social media posts and put myself out there a whole lot more than was comfortable.

This year I knew that my life was changing beyond all recognition, that I was embarking upon a whole new chapter, that my priorities were shifting and that a season of life was coming to an end.

I knew that I couldn't continue to do everything and that something had to give.

 I also knew I either had to be proactive or the universe would do it for me.

Jump, or get pushed.

That was the message I received from the universe, loud and clear.

In fact, I am now leaping with joy into this new chapter with my Dad's serene smile ever present in my mind's eye and my husband and biggest cheerleader supporting me.

So, as of 1st September I am saying goodbye to my glorious little miracle making abode of the last few years which has been the source of healing and light for so many people (including myself!) and birthed my first New and Full Moon circles and Soulstrology Soundbaths.

As a result I will no longer be providing regular in person Reiki, Astrology, Coaching or Mentoring sessions.

If you want to squeeze in to see me in person before September 1 then please email to arrange a session via my assistant.

I have a few current in person mentees whom I fully intend to continue with for as long as they need me.

My mentees who I look after by Skype and telephone will also be accommodated by me in person if/when they come to Los Angeles.

But as of 1st September anyone wanting a reading or coaching can still enjoy a session with me but only via Skype or telephone.

My Reiki energy will flow at all the events I do (Soundbaths, workshops, Moon circles and more) and into everything I am creating.

I may also do the occasional day of Reiki and/or Soundbaths (when I give Reiki or sound healing I actually receive it hence why I love giving those sessions!) at another venue but such days will be very few and far between.

I am going to be serving for just a few days a week (as opposed to nearly the entire week!) and the rest of the time I am going to be living, loving, playing and creating a whole lot more.

I truly feel all of this is going to serve me and others as I am able to share in a whole different way.

As you may be able to tell despite the emotional rollercoaster of the last month I am beyond excited, happy and grateful about the future.

And as I type this I can feel my Dad's loving energy around me....

Signing off for now with so much love and gratitude but expect to hear more from me in the Fall (and Soulstrology updates will continue as normal!)


Ambi x








July 2017: Courage, dear heart.

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and welcome to July 2017!

With the Sun in watery emotional Cancer for most of July the cosmos will be encouraging each of us to feel all the feels this month.

Feeling (and I mean truly feeling) all the feels can be challenging.

It's great to feel all the feels when everything is peachy perfect but not so much when life is more full of thorns than roses.

But feeling is healing.

And feeling allows us to truly heal.

When we heal and release that which does not serve us we create space to receive what we both desire and deserve.

Truly feeling is therefore one of the most powerful methods of alchemy.

But it takes courage to truly allow ourselves to feel the full spectrum of our emotions and to process them.

In Cancer season we must be wary of either withdrawing into our shells, drowning in our emotions, or scuttling from side to side and never really facing what we need to.

Instead we need to be courageous and trust that by honouring our feelings we can use them as not only as a catalyst for alchemy but also as a guide or map of sorts.

If you haven't already read the New Moon Cancer blog then I suggest you do so as it gives some tips as to how best to deal with low vibrational and/or
'negative' feelings and to understand the desires which often lie beneath these emotions.

Whatever your emotional status is this month (and for many it may well be fantastic!) listen carefully to your feelings as they echo the whisper of your soul so if you honour them you can be guided to the next stage of your journey.

It takes courage to feel, to listen, and to act.

This month we all must be bold and do all of the above in order to benefit from the cosmos.

The key cosmic dates for your diary are below and as usual I will post detailed blogs for the New and Full Moon.

Members can expect detailed weekly posts on all the other planetary transits.

July 2nd: Mars (in Cancer) opposes Pluto (in Capricorn) tense aspect, can lead to conflict and/or constructive change.

July 4th: Mercury (in Cancer) square Uranus (in Aries) intense for communication, can be productive

July 5th: Sun (in Cancer) trines Neptune (in Pisces) dreamy, romantic aspect.

July 5th: Sun (in Cancer) squares Jupiter (in Libra) powerful aspect for relationships

July 7th: Mercury (in Leo) sextiles Venus (in Gemini) positive for creativity and romance

July 8th: Full moon in Capricorn (will write post a blog on this)

July 10th: Sun (in Cancer) opposes Pluto (in Capricorn) intense aspect, watch out for power struggles, can also be powerfully productive

July 14th: Mercury (in Leo) sextiles Jupiter (in Libra) positive for creativity and romance

July 17th: Venus (in Gemini) squares Neptune (in Pisces) powerful aspect for creativity, contracts and romance

July 17th: Mars (in Cancer) squares Uranus (in Aries) powerful aspect, can lead to sudden change, watch for conflict

July 19-20th: Mercury (in Leo) trines Saturn (in Sagittarius) positive, flowing, harmonious aspect for creativity

July 23rd: New Moon in Leo (will post a blog on this)

July 24th: Venus (in Gemini) opposes Saturn (in Sagittarius) intense aspect for love and finances, can have a productive outcome

July 24th: Mercury retrograde shadow begins!

July 26th: Sun (in Leo) conjuncts Mercury (in Leo) powerful aspect for creativity, communication, self expression and romantic discussions

July 30th: Venus (in Gemini) sextiles Uranus (in Aries) positive aspect can lead to productive change

I am wishing you all a wonderful month of courage, clarity and cosmic rewards.


Ambi x