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Full Moon in Libra March 31st 2018: Mind over matter.

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon!

What an intense few days in the cosmos it has been....all bubbling up to tomorrow's Full Moon which takes place at 5.37am PT on Saturday 31st March 2018 (adjust for your timezone).

This Full Moon falls at 10 degrees of Libra so check where this falls in your natal chart (you can easily use a free online chart calculator as mine is still not fixed, grr!) and also importantly what planets you may have around 10 degrees of Libra (use a range from 7-13 degrees because any planets of this range in Libra will be impacted by this Full Moon).

Also, use the Soulstrology zodiac guide below to see how what areas of life this Full Moon is highlighting in both your solar charts (based on your sun sign) and your natal chart (based on your exact time of birth and therefore your rising sign).

It is these areas of life that this Soulstrology theme of mind over matter applies to at this Full Moon and where you need to be focusing on to see what needs healing, releasing and bringing to completion.

As I think you all probably know by now, in the natural zodiac, Libra is the sign governing all our interpersonal relationships of all kinds - platonic, professional and romantic.

To read the rest of this blog, including the Soulstrology zodiac guide for this Full Moon for your sign, the Soulstrology cosmic coaching questionnaire, Soulstrology mantras and to listen to a Soulstrology Soundbath please create a Member profile. You can enjoy your first month free and see if the content serves you, after which you will be charged $11.11 a month but you can cancel at anytime!

May 2016: Mindful movement creates magic



Happy May lovely ones! May 2016 starts with five planets in retrograde motion. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Mars. Whilst the mere mention of the word 'retrograde' sends most people into a panic, it shouldn't!

Largely speaking planetary retrogrades are annual events and with the outer planets (those further from earth such as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) the reverse motion cannot always be felt so viscerally on our earth plane. So it follows that just because a planet is in retrograde does not mean that you put your life on hold or go into a panic! Otherwise you would spend your life in retroARGH motion and Soulstrology definitely doesn't advise or encourage that! Also, retrogrades are a great time for reviewing and redoing. By doing so we can actually manifest what is ultimately better for us in the long run than that which initially planned. I have actually witnessed (and experienced!) many miracles during retrogrades!

All said and done May is a unique month in the cosmos as it is unusual to see five planets in backwards motion at the same time. Mars only goes retrograde approximately every two years and as he, (like Mercury), is closer to earth we tend to feel his retrograde motion more.  Of course poor old Mercury usually gets a bad reputation due to the chaos that his retrograde motion can spew, but remember your consciousness creates your reality. If you are aware of the potential pitfalls with Mars and Mercury retrograde then you can actually work with these cosmic cycles and indeed benefit from them.

I wrote this Instagram post on Mars retrograde which gives a simple summary of this particular Martian backwards dance: -


Onwards (or rather backwards?!) to Mercury's retrograde (28th April-22nd May but in shadow until June 7th) which takes place in the earthy, Venus ruled sign of Taurus. Look at where you have Taurus as the house ruler/on the cusp of your natal chart and also see where Venus is placed. It is these houses/areas of life which will be impacted by this particular Mercury retrograde.

As always, remember ore refresh your mind as to the many DO's of Mercury retrograde which equate to conscious, mindful action and working with the cosmos. You can click here to read my Huffington Post blog: Mercury retrograde, make it mindful, not murky

Back to mindfulness and the title of this post. Despite the five planet mass retrograde there are many cosmic aspects this month which provide the opportunity for magic to manifest! We have a very powerful, beautifully aspected new moon in the earthy sign of Taurus on Friday 6th May. This is a great cosmic window for manifesting which I will write about in a separate post later this week along with some more detail on this earthy Taurean Mercury retrograde, so watch this space!

Shortly after the new moon on May 9th Jupiter - the great benefic of the zodiac - ruling abundance, faith, spirituality, miracles and expansion, goes direct. Whilst it may take him a little time to get back in flow we will start to feel and enjoy the perks of his forward motion this month.

On that same day Venus (in Taurus) will make a sextile (positive, supportive) aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

Look at where you have Jupiter, Venus and Neptune transiting your natal charts to see where you may experience these positive, creative, dreamy, spiritual and in some cases, abundant energies. Don't worry if you don't see anything 'big' happening on the day itself, just observe what happens as there may be a hint of what is to come for you in diving timing from these harmonious aspects.

The day after Jupiter goes direct, on May 10th, Venus (in Taurus) trines (a positive, harmonious, flowing aspect) Jupiter (in Virgo) which bodes well for matters of the heart and abundance. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus this actually suggests that something (or maybe someone!) from the past may return in the best possible way.

Towards the month's end we have a full moon in Sagittarius and this is the first of two consecutive full moons in Sagittarius...Given that Saturn (planet of achievement and status but also delays) is currently transiting Sagittarius (until December 2017) it is likely that many of us will have felt some of Saturn's energies in the house areas that Sagittarius rules in our chart. Perhaps slowing us down, perhaps making us feel a little heavy, delaying our plans - usual Saturn behaviour as he whips us into shape! These two Sagittarius full moons offer us an expanded cosmic window in which to release and heal and/or bring matters to fruition or completion in those life areas and can help us to slowly move forwards towards Saturn's ultimate rewards.

Finally, just before the month end we have Jupiter in Virgo squaring Saturn in Sagittarius for the third and final time in this particular planetary square off. This happened first at the start of August last year and again at the start of March this year, so look back to those times and see what was going on for you at those times as at this final square there will be resolution of sorts. Remember these Jupiter and Saturn squares have not been easy as they are such opposing energies. In simple terms Jupiter is about expansion/growth and Saturn restriction/time/delays. But the cosmos has not been playing silly buggers with us just for the sake of it! All these aspects are doing is asking us to find the balance between our desired expansion and the practical realities to make sure that we aren't biting off more than we can chew and so that we do things by the book - teaching us patience and that sometimes timing really is everything! Again, look for these transits of Jupiter and Saturn in your natal chart to understand where this slightly uncomfortable and odd, yet important and necessary push/pull, has been taking place in your life.

May will end with Monsieur Mercury going direct on the 28th. So despite the month starting with five planets in retrograde it will end with only three in reverse motion, only one of whom is likely to be a significant bother (Mars).

In summary Soulstrology says that this May we have the ability for magical manifestation with the sun in earthy, grounded, practical Taurus. We also have support from the cosmos to receive many blessings but the degree to which we can receive these is the degree to which we can be mindful rather than reactive to any seeming retrograde spanners in the work and instead look at what lays underneath. Where is the silver lining? How can being potentially blindsided actually be a blessing in disguise leading you to being re-routed (oh so mercury) on the right path? What do we need to redo, reconsider or renew? Again, never forget that our consciousness creates our reality. This month the more we can be mindful of the bigger picture at play and ensure that we do not let ourselves spin out into a negative, reactive spiral - and look for the positive in everything, the more we can manifest miracles...some of which we may not even have on our radar but are on the universe's agenda for us. Move forwards with mindfulness and in flow with the cosmos and let the magic happen.

I'm wishing you all a mindful and miraculous May.


Ambi x