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Cosmic Alchemy + My Journal - Post Here

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February 2017: Fearless flow

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and welcome to February 2017!

After a sluggish start to the new year the pace is now going to pick up and 2017 is going to start to take shape.

February brings eclipse season. The first set of eclipses of 2017 will take place in Leo and Pisces.

Eclipses always bring change. They bring endings for new beginnings.

They bring what may seem like sudden change but really these changes have been marinating in the cosmic ether for sometime and the eclipses simply activate them into the physical realm.

Sometimes these changes can be happy, welcome changes that thrust a person into a new chapter of their life.

Sometimes they can feel as though the rug is being pulled from underneath us with an ending that seems imposed by the universe.

Soulstrology says that there is no good or bad.

That there are silver linings to be found in the clouds of our lives and equally blessings can turn into disappointments at best and curses at worst!

Everything is simply potential and it is up to each of us to harness the highest vibration of that potential for our highest good and the greater good of all.

It is up to each of us to choose which filter we apply which will determine how we view a life event.

I always remind people of this when I do their transit reports. I explain how two people can experience near identical astrological transits with completely different outcomes for each of them.

The difference between the two is their consciousness and their actions, and importantly their reactions to events.

Nothing is guaranteed by the cosmos! The stars impel but do not compel.

It is up to each of us to co-create the life we desire and to navigate the bumps and forks in the road.

This month we will see many sweeping changes in the world around us.

Each of us will also experience significant changes in our own lives.

Even if the change is not yet visible the seeds will be planted this month and will flower come the Spring Solstice.

Soulstrology says that our only job this month is to be fearless. To allow ourselves to be in flow.

To not fight what is happening but to find a way to flow with the changes, to work with whatever the cosmos throws at us this month.

To be grounded regardless of what the winds of change bring.

Mantra for the month courtesy of Virginia Woolf: – I am rooted, but I flow

Below are the key cosmic dates for your diary.

February 1 to 18th – Sun in Aquarius meaning the cosmic spotlight is in the Aquarius ruled part of your chart.

February 1-28 Mars in Aries

February 6th – Jupiter in Libra goes retrograde

February 8th – Mercury moves into Aquarius

February 10th – Full moon Lunar eclipse in Leo (will write detailed blog on this)

February 11th – Sun in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Libra (positive aspect)

February 14th – Sun in Aquarius sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius (positive aspect)

February 21st – Mercury in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Libra (positive aspect)

February 22nd – Mars in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn (strong aspect, forces change)

February 26th – solar eclipse in Pisces (will write detailed blog on this)

February 26th- Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries (explosive aspect, forces action/change)

February 27th – Mars in Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra (explosive aspect, will write further on this)

I will write detailed blogs on both the lunar and solar eclipses and will share other snippets on Facebook and Instagram.

I am wishing you all a wonderful month ahead and that you remain rooted, brave and in flow.


Ambi x

September 2016: Stand firm in the winds of change



Hello lovely ones and welcome to September 2016! September brings eclipse season and is a game changer of a month where all of our lives will be shook up, however due to mercury retrograde we may experience delays or confusion over the changes that this month will ultimately create.

In September (which starts with a solar eclipse in Virgo) there will be a flurry of activity in the cosmos which will force endings for many and fling others into new beginnings.

Ready or not, change is around the corner.

Below are the key cosmic dates for your diary: -

September 1: Solar eclipse in Virgo

September 10: Saturn square Neptune

September 10: Jupiter goes into Libra

September 16: Lunar eclipse in Pisces

September 21: Autumn equinox

September 22: Mercury stations direct

September 25/26: Jupiter in Libra conjuncts the Sun in Libra

September 27: Mars moves into Capricorn

September 30: New moon in Libra


Eclipses thrust change upon us. They push us outside of our comfort zone. They force us to deal with our karma so that we can embrace our destiny. They (sometimes brutally) fling us into our future when we are stubbornly holding onto our past or refusing to move forward (often subconsciously).

The final Saturn Neptune square is going to test us individually and globally.  This tense aspect is causing certain situations/relationships/projects to dissolve (Neptune) so that we can create more realistic structures and boundaries and enduring success (Saturn).

The Saturn/Neptune square continues this theme of endings and beginnings and at times of forced change which may come with growing pains.

Jupiter is in his last steps of Virgo. He will not transit this sign for another 12 years. The Virgo part of each of our charts is receiving a boost from Jupiter. Mercury is retrograde in Virgo and far from being doom and gloom means that past opportunities may return as the blessing of this transit.

Jupiter is going to change signs into Libra bringing SO much good juju for love, relationships of all sorts and the peace movement (much more to say on this in time).

The Autumn equinox signifies the change of seasons both on the physical plane and in terms of our spiritual selves.

But the backdrop to all this cosmic activity is mercury retrograde. A time when communications can go awry, our thinking can be a bit skewed and there are delays and reversals which can make us feel we are being denied our desired outcomes.

Even if we don't see or experience it immediately, the seeds of change are being sown this month.

Our consciousness and 'job' this month is to be grounded and rooted.

To stand tall and firm and allow the eclipses to open new doors for us and end certain chapters.

To be graceful in allowing what needs to be dissolved in our lives to melt away so that we can create the new in our lives from a realistic, solid foundation.

It is not for us to fight unexpected changes this month, but rather to stand firm in our faith trusting that there is rhyme and reason for whatever occurs and to know that we will see the bigger picture next month when the eclipse dust has settled and mercury is back up to speed.

I will write more tomorrow on the solar eclipse but for now I am wishing you all a very happy start to this new month.

May we all experience changes that will bring us into alignment with our higher selves which I know will ultimately bring each of us the happiness and blessings we desire.


Ambi x




August 2016: Aligning action with intention



Hello lovely ones and happy August! With game changing eclipse season around the corner August is a month to get REAL.

More on this shortly…but first below are the most important cosmic dates for your diary.

Please note I will post a more detailed blog for the new and full moon and will post on Instagram and/or Facebook regarding the other key cosmic events so please stay connected to get the full lowdown on the cosmos and how you can work with the energies!



August 1st Mars move back into Sagittarius

August 2nd New moon in Leo (blog to follow shortly!)

August 5th Venus moves into Virgo

August 10th Mercury (in Virgo) moves into retrograde shadow period

August 10th Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn

August 13th Saturn goes direct after a five month retrograde

August 18th Full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius

August 21st Mercury/Jupiter conjunction

August 27th Venus/Jupiter conjunction

August 30th Mercury goes officially retrograde in Virgo


Now back to the title of this blog. We have all heard the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’ and this phrase is usually bandied about in terms of relationships.

Of course it applies there but as many of you know Soulstrology says that our most important relationship is our relationship with ourselves, which in turn has a knock on effect on all our other relationships.

This month we need to be wagging our fingers at ourselves and asking whether our actions reflect our intentions.

Been planning to get fit for a while? Been planning to change jobs? Or move? Start dating? End a relationship? Start a new business? End one?

Whether it’s beginnings or endings, old plans or new plans August is a month to sit down honestly yourself and check where you are at and whether you are all talk and no action (or all talk and misaligned action).

With a powerful new moon in Leo kicking starting August (more on this tomorrow!) we get a lot of assistance from the cosmos this month to help us with manifesting.

Mars is still retracing his steps after his retrograde and now moves out of Scorpio and back into Sagittarius. Soon Mars will conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius for most of the month making these blended energies the biggest theme of this month.

So what are these energies and what is the theme? Whilst both planets are about action their approach is very different. Mars is action, movement, direction, power. Saturn is achievement but more often than not through slog. Whilst Mars likes to thunder ahead, Saturn likes to take his sweet ole time. Mars is fast (and sometimes furious) whereas Saturn is slow, steady and serious making sure to do things by the book. Dotting those i's and crossing the t's.

The blending of these somewhat differing energies can be somewhat uncomfortable, however if you can find the balance between them it is SUCH a powerful  combination. The energy, drive and passion of Mars combined with the precision, patience, attention to detail and stamina of Saturn – that’s manifestation magic!

Each of us has Sagittarius as the house ruler on a different part of our natal chart so look at which house is governed by Sagittarius to get an idea of the life themes experiencing these energies.

As many of you know by now I like to work with exact degrees, so if you want to follow my method and get really precise then check online as to where 1 -12 degrees of Sagittarius can be found in your chart.

Harness these powerful manifesting energies to make positive forward movement in the life areas governed by 1-12 degrees Sagittarius.

Next month we enter eclipse season with a solar eclipse at the start of the month and a lunar eclipse mid-month.

Eclipse seasons are game changers. They come twice a year and help us shift and align ourselves and our lives in the right direction. If we are being stubborn or slow as to what we need to be doing then eclipses can be brutal.

They can seemingly 'suddenly' end the relationship or job that we have been holding onto past the expiration date.

Equally, they can just as quickly open doors as they shut them, propelling us into the next chapter of our lives.

The last eclipses occurred in March and therefore plans and matters in the spotlight at that time are coming to culmination or crystallization. In particular with regards to the life areas which these eclipses govern for you (Virgo and Pisces).

With Jupiter in his last steps of Virgo you want to harness his assistance this month because it will be another 12 years before you get the specific assistance you are currently getting from the great zodiac benefic in the Virgo ruled part of your chart.

Given the game changing energies of September and taking into account the energy boosting powers of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, August really is a powerful month to manifest magic!

But first off comes the reality check. The hardest person to be honest with is ourselves. We need to get REAL with ourselves. To sit down and look at to do lists we made maybe at the beginning of the year and/or six months ago. What were our intentions? To what degree have we manifested them? What do we keep talking about doing or wanting to do and to what extent do our current actions represent our supposed intentions and our words?

This review will show us in black and white whether our actions are matching our intentions and our words. We all know that all words no actions amounts to, well, nothing! Apart from often a great deal of frustration! And eye rolling from those who we keep talking the talk to (without walking the walk).

We have to meet the universe halfway to receive what it is that is intended for us and that we desire. The universe can only do so much. Our free will choices can change the course of destiny and what we receive.

Positive intentions need affirmative actions to create results.

So this month conduct your review and realign your actions with your intentions to harness the powerful manifesting energy which will propel yourself forwards to the game changing eclipses of September and the destiny you deserve.


Ambi x


June 2016: Patience and pragmatism



Hello lovely ones and happy start to June! Here we are in the middle of 2016 - a great time for us to all take stock and review where we and our lives are at and what we still want to create this year.

With all the retroARGH action and the resulting delays, confusion and perhaps frustrations, the title of this post may make you gnash your teeth but these words are the mantra for this month!

The month starts with Saturn in Sagittarius opposing the sun in Gemini on June 2nd and 3rd. An opposition is a tough aspect in astrology and therefore one that can feel 'hard' in real life. Look at where you have Gemini and Sagittarius (at 13 degrees) in your natal chart as it is these two house cusps which will be experiencing this aspect.

Saturn, as we know by now, likes us to get our s**t together and to be real. He is much needed realism but sometimes with a stern, sour taste. It doesn't need to play out as doom and gloom, it may just be that the universe gives a stern talking to or reality check through someone/a situation. Harsh realities are not always easy to digest but if we can keep your cool and take the lesson from any Saturn slaps at this time we can certainly reap the rewards in time to come.

Meanwhile in Retro-ARGH news there is a positive development as mischievous Mercury is direct and catching up with himself. By June 7th he will be out of the shadow period. By then life matters which he governs (in the Taurus ruled part of your natal chart) which may have been muddled since mid April will resolve themselves or come to some conclusion.

Mars continues his backward dance and has now moved into sizzling Scorpio. Look at where you have 23-29 degrees of Scorpio in your chart as the life areas governed by that house are where you will be experiencing the remainder of Mars retrograde. Also, think back to September 3rd -13th 2014. This is when Mars was in the same position and sign he is retrograding in now. Also, Saturn was transiting Scorpio then (literally I have shudders as I type those words!! Saturn in Scorpio was TOUGH -am I right, or am I right?!) and as Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio and as Saturn is all about karma it may be that themes and events from that time return for all things REtrograde and a karmic clear up.

On June 13th Neptune starts his annual retrograde. The outer planets retrograde action aren't usually felt as closely as planets such as Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter which are closer to earth but given that Neptune is in a cosmic tussle with Saturn - which in fact is the main astrological theme of the 2016 - we may experience his retrograde more powerfully this year. Certainly all Pisces/Pisces rising are likely to feel it as Neptune is their co-ruler. And for all us the Neptune/Pisces ruled part of our natal charts may see some introspection and review and resulting change in the months to come. More on this in time to come.

In terms of Soulstrology cosmic windows in which to manifest and release we have a really powerful new moon in Mercury ruled Gemini on June 4th and we also have the double act/finale full moon in Sagittarius at the critical last degree of this fiery sign on June 20th. I will write detailed blogs on both these powerful astro events nearer to the time.

Venus spends almost half the month in Gemini giving all Geminis and Gemini risings that Venusian glow as they enjoy the spotlight of both the Sun and Venus. She then moves into watery Cancer on the 17th. For all readers the houses governed by Gemini and Cancer will experience Venus's influence of beauty, love, attraction and abundance this month.

Later in the month on June 26th there is a powerful trine between Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo. Look at where you have Capricorn and Virgo in your natal chart as it is these house areas which will experience the positive, expansive, transformation and rebirth that the harmonious flow of energies of miraculous Jupiter and transformative Pluto will create.

Finally the month will end with Mars stationing direct on June 29th! It will take the red giant sometime to get back into full flow but nonetheless our plans will move ahead more quickly from July onwards and we will all (but particularly Aries/Scorpio suns and rising) breathe a sigh of relief as our energy levels, mojo and manifestation powers get back on form.

Back now to the title of this post and the biggest cosmic aspect this month. On June 17th Saturn in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. This is the second act of a tough aspect which first took place around Thanksgiving last year (November 26 2015) with the finale on September 10th 2016.

According to Soulstrology this cosmic theme is forcing us all to look closely at the house areas governed by Neptune and Jupiter in our natal charts and breaking down any rose tinted Neptunian illusions (or deceptions) and forcing us to see things in black and white (Saturn) and have a much needed reality check about the status of and/or our plans with regards to these two life areas.

Neptune for all it's higher octaves of spirituality and creativity has a murky shadow of fantasy over facts, escapism, illusions and deceptions. Saturn for all it's assistance in helping us get real and achieve with a practical plan of action and hard work, can also cause us to see the glass half empty and for us to feel unnecessarily heavy or pessimistic.

Neptune dissolves boundaries and Saturn creates them! On the world stage you can see how this has been playing out with the refugee crisis. Neptune as unconditional love, unbridled compassion and oneness manifesting as let's open all the doors, how can we turn them away - they are us. Saturn saying no, this needs to be dealt with properly with a practical plan, this needs documentation, what about X, Y, Z and demanding structure for the influx of refugees and realism about the necessary social integration required of these people into very different cultures from their places of origin.

Let's be honest, (this is my Sag straight talking) it's a bit of a shit show so far with no decent resolution and that is the Neptune/Saturn square playing out with the 'powers' that be attempting to essentially balance Neptune and Saturn (even if they don't realise this is what they are doing)!

But back to us and this Saturn/Neptune square. Looking at the life themes at play according to our unique natal charts we need to all find a balance between our creative or heart's vision and reality. Between boundaries and oneness. We have to ask ourselves where we are deceiving ourselves or being unrealistic by allowing our vision to float without form (Neptune) and instead give structure and reality by enforcing Saturn's positive aspects. Conversely some of us may need to stop being so Saturnite and gloomy and looking too much at the facts and figures and instead having spiritual faith that our vision (Neptune) will manifest.

Either way, in whatever areas of life this is playing out at for you or whether you are erring towards Neptune fogginess and idealism or being overly Saturnite there is WERK to be done with this energy.

With this aspect and Mars retrograde we are all being asked to be pragmatic and patient this month. Both patience and pragmatism may taste bitter in the moment but their fruit is oh so sweet.

I chose the namaste sand image for this post purposefully. Namaste is largely defined as meaning that the divine in me sees and bows to the divine in you. It is essentially acknowledgement of that spark of divine in each of us.

This month make pragmatism and patience your virtues and practice the essence of namaste not only with those that you encounter but also the situations that life throws at you. Choose to connect to the divine within you that acknowledges the divine in all situations, even ones that don't feel fair or easy.

With this consciousness and working with the energies of the cosmos and the powerful windows of opportunity we have this month we can all taste the sweet rewards of our work in perfect, divine timing.



Ambi x

May 2016: Mindful movement creates magic



Happy May lovely ones! May 2016 starts with five planets in retrograde motion. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Mars. Whilst the mere mention of the word 'retrograde' sends most people into a panic, it shouldn't!

Largely speaking planetary retrogrades are annual events and with the outer planets (those further from earth such as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) the reverse motion cannot always be felt so viscerally on our earth plane. So it follows that just because a planet is in retrograde does not mean that you put your life on hold or go into a panic! Otherwise you would spend your life in retroARGH motion and Soulstrology definitely doesn't advise or encourage that! Also, retrogrades are a great time for reviewing and redoing. By doing so we can actually manifest what is ultimately better for us in the long run than that which initially planned. I have actually witnessed (and experienced!) many miracles during retrogrades!

All said and done May is a unique month in the cosmos as it is unusual to see five planets in backwards motion at the same time. Mars only goes retrograde approximately every two years and as he, (like Mercury), is closer to earth we tend to feel his retrograde motion more.  Of course poor old Mercury usually gets a bad reputation due to the chaos that his retrograde motion can spew, but remember your consciousness creates your reality. If you are aware of the potential pitfalls with Mars and Mercury retrograde then you can actually work with these cosmic cycles and indeed benefit from them.

I wrote this Instagram post on Mars retrograde which gives a simple summary of this particular Martian backwards dance: -


Onwards (or rather backwards?!) to Mercury's retrograde (28th April-22nd May but in shadow until June 7th) which takes place in the earthy, Venus ruled sign of Taurus. Look at where you have Taurus as the house ruler/on the cusp of your natal chart and also see where Venus is placed. It is these houses/areas of life which will be impacted by this particular Mercury retrograde.

As always, remember ore refresh your mind as to the many DO's of Mercury retrograde which equate to conscious, mindful action and working with the cosmos. You can click here to read my Huffington Post blog: Mercury retrograde, make it mindful, not murky

Back to mindfulness and the title of this post. Despite the five planet mass retrograde there are many cosmic aspects this month which provide the opportunity for magic to manifest! We have a very powerful, beautifully aspected new moon in the earthy sign of Taurus on Friday 6th May. This is a great cosmic window for manifesting which I will write about in a separate post later this week along with some more detail on this earthy Taurean Mercury retrograde, so watch this space!

Shortly after the new moon on May 9th Jupiter - the great benefic of the zodiac - ruling abundance, faith, spirituality, miracles and expansion, goes direct. Whilst it may take him a little time to get back in flow we will start to feel and enjoy the perks of his forward motion this month.

On that same day Venus (in Taurus) will make a sextile (positive, supportive) aspect to Neptune in Pisces.

Look at where you have Jupiter, Venus and Neptune transiting your natal charts to see where you may experience these positive, creative, dreamy, spiritual and in some cases, abundant energies. Don't worry if you don't see anything 'big' happening on the day itself, just observe what happens as there may be a hint of what is to come for you in diving timing from these harmonious aspects.

The day after Jupiter goes direct, on May 10th, Venus (in Taurus) trines (a positive, harmonious, flowing aspect) Jupiter (in Virgo) which bodes well for matters of the heart and abundance. With Mercury retrograde in Taurus this actually suggests that something (or maybe someone!) from the past may return in the best possible way.

Towards the month's end we have a full moon in Sagittarius and this is the first of two consecutive full moons in Sagittarius...Given that Saturn (planet of achievement and status but also delays) is currently transiting Sagittarius (until December 2017) it is likely that many of us will have felt some of Saturn's energies in the house areas that Sagittarius rules in our chart. Perhaps slowing us down, perhaps making us feel a little heavy, delaying our plans - usual Saturn behaviour as he whips us into shape! These two Sagittarius full moons offer us an expanded cosmic window in which to release and heal and/or bring matters to fruition or completion in those life areas and can help us to slowly move forwards towards Saturn's ultimate rewards.

Finally, just before the month end we have Jupiter in Virgo squaring Saturn in Sagittarius for the third and final time in this particular planetary square off. This happened first at the start of August last year and again at the start of March this year, so look back to those times and see what was going on for you at those times as at this final square there will be resolution of sorts. Remember these Jupiter and Saturn squares have not been easy as they are such opposing energies. In simple terms Jupiter is about expansion/growth and Saturn restriction/time/delays. But the cosmos has not been playing silly buggers with us just for the sake of it! All these aspects are doing is asking us to find the balance between our desired expansion and the practical realities to make sure that we aren't biting off more than we can chew and so that we do things by the book - teaching us patience and that sometimes timing really is everything! Again, look for these transits of Jupiter and Saturn in your natal chart to understand where this slightly uncomfortable and odd, yet important and necessary push/pull, has been taking place in your life.

May will end with Monsieur Mercury going direct on the 28th. So despite the month starting with five planets in retrograde it will end with only three in reverse motion, only one of whom is likely to be a significant bother (Mars).

In summary Soulstrology says that this May we have the ability for magical manifestation with the sun in earthy, grounded, practical Taurus. We also have support from the cosmos to receive many blessings but the degree to which we can receive these is the degree to which we can be mindful rather than reactive to any seeming retrograde spanners in the work and instead look at what lays underneath. Where is the silver lining? How can being potentially blindsided actually be a blessing in disguise leading you to being re-routed (oh so mercury) on the right path? What do we need to redo, reconsider or renew? Again, never forget that our consciousness creates our reality. This month the more we can be mindful of the bigger picture at play and ensure that we do not let ourselves spin out into a negative, reactive spiral - and look for the positive in everything, the more we can manifest miracles...some of which we may not even have on our radar but are on the universe's agenda for us. Move forwards with mindfulness and in flow with the cosmos and let the magic happen.

I'm wishing you all a mindful and miraculous May.


Ambi x


April 2016: Awakening and aligning



Hello lovely ones and welcome to April 2016! After March's eclipses and the welcoming of a new season here we are at the start of the fourth month of the year.

How quickly time flies...

After so much activity in the heavens last month one could expect April to be full of change and forward motion in resonance with the new season.

In fact, the sun's move into Aries at the Spring Equinox marked not only a new season, but also the start of the new astrological year.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and in the natural zodiac is the ruler of the first house of the self; ruling our identity, how we interact with the world and our sense of autonomy and leadership.

With the sun in Aries for most of the month one can expect the spotlight of consciousness to be shining firmly on ourselves, who we are, how we operate with the rest of the world, our process of individuation and our own unique way of being 'leaders'.

However this spotlight may feel more internalized this month as April starts with two planets in retrograde - Saturn (lessons, reality, responsibility, time, karma) and Jupiter (spirituality, compassion, faith, expansion, abundance and good fortune).

Over the course of the month three more planets turn retrograde, meaning April ends with five planets in reverse motion. When planets are retrograde it isn't by any means all doom, gloom and disaster - however it does often mean that the energies of that planet are suppressed or internalized which can lead to frustration when people are trying to manifest on the external plane.

Mars (action, energy, drive, ambition) and Pluto (power, control, destruction for rebirth) both turn retrograde within two days of each other (17th and 18th April respectively). And the month's end sees Mercury (communication, technology, contracts, travel) begin its next retrograde (there are four mercury retrogrades this year instead of the usual three!) on April 28th.

It is ironic that Mars decided upon his backward dance at this specific time when this month is all about Mars energy. With the sun in Aries for most of the month, a supermoon new moon in Mars ruled Aries and a full moon in Scorpio (who is considered to be ruled by both Mars and Pluto) Mars is undoubtedly the main player on the cosmic stage of this month, yet his retrograde motion (which will see him travel through both Sagittarius and Scorpio) will means his energies will not be expressed at their highest capacity.

Please note that this doesn't mean that April will not see any achievement and manifestation. There are aspects (notably Mars conjunct Saturn for most of the month) that combined with the Aries 'do, do, do' energy will make us feel motivated to 'do' a lot. But in terms of taking action and actually manifesting I would recommend using the first two weeks of April, particularly between the 7th and the 17th (the powerful ten days after the Aries new moon which also happens to be a supermoon!) to do. After that, allow yourself to slow down a little and 'be'.

By taking time to just be we can truly awaken to changes the eclipses may have sprung on us in March. Whenever there are external changes (and particularly when they are unexpected as is so often the case with eclipses) it is to awaken us internally. Equally, whenever we proactively awaken and change internally, we can create the changes we desire externally. As most of us know there is a time and season for everything in life and as a general theme for April (and certainly in the latter half) our focus would be best served inwards. By exploring the awakenings on a soul level and understanding what the eclipses and new season have brought for us in terms of our identity, we can awaken and align the inner leader within all of us, (Pluto, Saturn) which in time will allow us the autonomy and drive, (Mars) for the expansion, (Jupiter) of what it is we wish to communicate (Mercury) to the world at large.

Of course everyone reading will have a different natal chart and unique transits, so this process and these retrogrades will play out differently according to your unique chart and your soul's journey. But remember the cosmic weather affects all of us (even if it doesn't affect us directly, it affects those in our lives and therefore impacts us by association) so I doubt anyone will be immune to April's mass retrograde. As always, we want to understand the cosmos so we can work with it. In April a sure fire way of telling if you are working against the flow of the cosmos is if you find yourself frustrated and trying to force things that don't seem to be coming together. Take the cosmic hint and stop trying to push and instead pause and go within.

I will write more on each of the major astrological themes in due course (both on this site, Facebook and Instagram) but for now I am wishing you all a very happy start to April.

Like the yogi in the picture above (clearly not me haha!) may we all find our aim and ground ourselves firmly so we can balance, awaken and align allowing us to be leaders in our unique way and have more of what we want in our lives.

Sending you all a ton of good cosmic juju


Ambi x