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Cosmic Alchemy + My Journal - Post Here

High Fives! October 2018's five faves

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy October!

I am full of beans because it is my favorite season and time of year - Fall, as my lovely Americans call it, or Autumn, as I grew up calling it.

I am getting cosy and doing all things hygge regardless of the fact that the California climate isn’t always co-operative with my Fall feels…

Onward, here are my high fives from the last lunar cycle…..

  1. I’m in the 1%! In Human Design….

    You may have heard about Human Design which is a system which explains how we were built and how best we respond to the world as it’s having quite the moment in the wellness world right now. Five years ago an astrologer friend of mine told me about it and informed me I was in the 1% in Human Design as a ‘Reflector’. I didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to it, I was too busy studying astrology and developing my own cosmic coaching - Soulstrology. However this year I found myself increasingly drawn to understand my Human Design better (it’s not just about being one of the design types, there is a whole lot more to each of our unique charts). By complete cosmic synchronicity at the same time my path crossed with a wonderful soul, Amanda. She recently read my Human Design chart for me and it was eye opening. A lot of what she shared I knew intuitively, but much of it was so helpful in understanding myself better, and specifically how I live day to day and operate my business. After our reading she also took a look at my husband’s chart and oh my goodness, she was SPOT ON about him too! My reading with her has proved to be a real turning point. As a result of it I am now digging deep into my Human Design type because I feel that the more I understand about my Reflector design, the more I can help other fellow Reflectors. More on this soon but in the meantime if you are interested in a reading to understand your Human Design, I cannot recommend Amanda more highly. And p.s I am very choosy about who I will ever open myself up to energetically for any kind of reading, whether it is tarot, psychic, numerology, energy work etc…

    Check her out and let me know what your design is and how you are working with it, I’d love to hear from you!

  2. Phone free bedroom!

    I don’t know about you guys, but unless I enforce strict boundaries with myself, I find myself on my phone way too much. And it just doesn’t make me feel good. Plus, it annoys my loved ones. My husband is much better with his phone than me. In fact, he is actually rubbish with it in some ways as he doesn’t respond to his friends and families messages for days! (luckily for him he was never like that with me, otherwise he wouldn’t get to call me his wife now!)

    One of his few ‘rules’ for our marriage/home was that he wanted a phone free bedroom and I did not adhere to this for the first year of marriage.

    I used the excuse that we used my phone as an alarm clock (which we did, after I threw out his annoying digital alien green eyes light alarm clock).

    When we moved (I am sooooo in love with our new home by the way, I feel like I have fallen in love with LA all over again!) we decided we wanted to start afresh and reset ourselves in so many ways.

    This cutesy little vintage style alarm clock has changed my life. I have started to turn my phone off. Not airplane mode. Not ‘only’ looking at it a few times. But OFF. Out of the bedroom, out of the lounge, in the office, OFF! Most evenings I turn it off between 8 and 9.30pm and it stays off for 10 - 12 hours. I don’t turn it on again in the morning until I have completed my morning ritual (if I am doing it, I don’t do it everyday, I see how I feel and adapt accordingly) or I am ready to look at it (at least 45 minutes after I wake up). I cannot tell you how this has changed my energy levels, focus and general well being. I recommend this clock because even though it’s not super fancy, it is cute, it is very affordable and doesn’t have an annoying tick tock sound or a sleep disturbing light, but it does have a little button you can press if you need to shine a backlight to check the time. Major win. Major shift.

  3. Seasonal shifts - swimming with the seasons

    I have learned (the hard way) that when the seasons change, I need to adapt my beauty regimes, what I eat and how I live to help me best adapt. This is what swimming with the seasons means to me. At this time of year I often find myself getting weird cold/flu like allergies/lurgies. Step in this homeopathic flu medicine which I got prescribed (with a vitamin cocktail injection in my butt, but that’s another tale!) years ago when I was en route to a girls weekend in Vegas and suddenly got struck down with the flu. Not a good combo. But this cold and flu med stopped it in its tracks. As I am not a huge fan of popping pills for ailments, this tends to be all I use to fight the seasons changing lurgies (aside from some home made medicine in the forms of soup, smoothies and tonics). I am also using this healing balm on my cuticles, lips, and my heels and elbows, all of which I have found have got increasingly dry and cracked in the last couple of weeks. Oh and flaky seasons shifting dryness can extend to my scalp…and result in scalp flaking - aka dandruff. Which when you have jet black hair isn’t that easy to disguise (it can be really embarrassing!) Step in this organic neem shampoo and conditioner which are staples in my Fall/Winter beauty regime. I also find myself wanting to smell different scents with the seasons shifting and this woody incense invokes all the Fall feels….if you are lucky enough to have a real fire, you can throw it in there. Otherwise just burn it (safely!) and enjoy the hygge vibes…

  4. A juicy read #fashionvictim

    I love supporting friends and I love that I get to shout out talented friends and their creations. My friend Amina Akhtar wrote this book which is getting all the rave reviews. I bought it and I LOVED it and I cannot recommend it more highly.

    *It’s also going to be made into a TV series too! #proudfriendmoment

    On this note I have to say I take pleasure in spending some of my cash to support others efforts and achievements. Don’t get me wrong, I love freebies (who doesn’t?!) and I am grateful for them and will shout them out if I genuinely love them (and ONLY IF). But when my friends work hard, I have zero expectations or entitlements to freebies and am more than prepared to part with some cash to support their work. Having known Amina for several years I have witnessed some of her journey to get to publishing this book and am so proud of her and cannot wait for the series to come out!

  5. Saying NO and the Universe saying YES

    As this season of life gets fuller I find myself having to say no more these days and for a recovering people pleaser it isn’t easy. But it is oh so necessary. I had to re-listen to my own episode on Boundaries and the magical manifesting power of NO (lol, the irony!) and remind myself of how saying NO meant saying YES to myself, my family and my passions. So I started to say a loving but clear NO. To people and situations. And the Universe responded witha big YES in many other areas! To be discussed further in time to come…until then I did say a big YES to being a guest on Spirit Guides Radio and the Superficial Magic podcast. I got to connect with some new wonderful, wise women and discuss all things boundaries, relationships and empaths. Check em out, they both have a ton of fabulous content which educates and entertains. Win/win right?!

So that’s my high fives for this last lunar month.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading and hope some of my high fives might help you in your life or act as inspiration for you to try and make some shifts for this new season.


Ambi x