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Venus in Cancer: July 3 - 27 2019

Ambi Sitham

Venus in Cancer.png

Beautiful and harmonious Venus is moving into caring Cancer on July 3rd and will remain there until July 28th. In this article, I want to give you a little lesson in compatibility, and you’ll quickly understand why I’ve chosen THIS Venus transit to talk about it ;-)

When it comes to compatibility between two people and two birth charts, one trick to take is to first identify the Sun sign (obvi) and then look at your own chart and see if you have any personal planets in your partner’s Sun sign, and vice versa. So for an example, let’s say you’re a Cancer Sun and your partner is a Leo Sun. Look in your own chart to see if you have the Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in Leo. And then look at your partner’s chart and see if they have one of those 4 celestial bodies in Cancer. 

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