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High Fives! May 2019's five faves

Ambi Sitham

MAY High Fives (1).png

Hello lovely ones and happy post Full Moon!

Yep, I am writing this late.

It’s been SUCH A BUSY month, as you will see from my High Fives below, but hey ho, better slightly late than never!

Speaking of the Full Moon, if you are still feeling those Full Moon feels then as always feel free to check out the Soulstrology Membership with the latest Full Moon blogs.

This powerful Scorpio Full Moon actually inspired my latest podcast episode, another in the Alchemy of Relationships - the freedom of forgiveness… You can listen here or on iTunes or Spotify (search Alchemy with Ambi).

Onward to my High Fives from the last lunar cycle…

1.Baby Kavanagh joy!

I am ecstatic and oh so grateful to share that my husband and I are expecting our first baby this September! As I shared on this Instagram post this baby didn’t come without a journey and we were literally waiting to start our first round of IVF when we found out we were expecting. We literally had a Christmas oopsy miracle. So, so much more to say on this in time to come. But for now, I will say this, this pregnancy has been the most transformative experience of my life so far. At almost 23 weeks pregnant, I have never felt more empowered, more myself (this new emerging version of myself - more on this another time), more confident or more at peace. I am so excited for all the growth and blessings from creating life, growing a human and bringing them into this world! A privilege and such a journey…

Me at four months pregnant! I need to get more baby bump pics :)

Me at four months pregnant! I need to get more baby bump pics :)

2. Goop!

Yesterday on the day of the Scorpio Full Moon I had the honor of being part of the opening ceremony meditation at Goop’s In Goop LA wellness summit in front of 600 souls and then got to share Soulstrology Soundbaths in smaller groups. So many highs from this day including some comedy moments - me choking on a chia seed whilst explaining Soulstrology (this would only happen to me!) - heartfelt ones - a very sweet GP telling me how cute my baby bump was! (this baby is already getting so much love from the world!) and more baby love and getting to chat Soulstrology and Full Moon feels with the wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my long time sheroes whose book ‘Eat, Love, Pray’ changed my life back in 2008 when I had my spiritual awakening. Elizabeth is one of the most GENUINE and SWEET souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and talking with and in she gave me such good, honest, life and career advice. It felt such full circle to meet her eleven years into my journey when I am embracing a new decade (don’t believe all the bad hype, getting older is amazing, I LOVE my forties!) and when I am on the cusp of so many changes personally and professionally. Being part of this Goop summit was an unbelievable experience from beginning to end and I am looking forward to what is to come. But another ‘high’ for me was that this came from nowhere. Literally, they sent an email through my website to connect with me. I LOVE organic connections in that way and I love when things happen ‘randomly’ as it reminds me that where we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to be doing, will happen, we don’t need to push or hustle or force. We just need to do us, be open and let the universe do its thing…

She’s a Cancer. Which makes so much sense. Because her heart. My goodness. What a heart. Also, most of my favorite people are Cancerians!

She’s a Cancer. Which makes so much sense. Because her heart. My goodness. What a heart. Also, most of my favorite people are Cancerians!

3. Bring your Own Kombucha!

I connected with Erica of Bring your own Kombucha well over a year ago and we have been trying for that long for us to speak and me to get on her podcast. Finally the stars aligned and we enjoyed such a great (and candid) conversation which you can listen to here. It’s so fun to be interviewed and I really love being a guest on other people’s podcasts. I also LOVE Erica as she is a sweet soul who shares the best non toxic life tips with a focus on motherhood and babies.

4. Surrender and letting go of fear

No, I am not fearless. I probably never will be. But I will say this. As a #virgorising I have had my fair share of control and worry wart issues. But being pregnant has forced me to face many of my fears and to learn to surrender. In the first trimester, I felt like I was living on a knife edge. There were so many tests and scans (this is what happens when you are a geriatric mother (seriously that’s what you get called over 35, perhaps there is an even worse name for a 40 plus pregnant woman!) so many scary statistics and SO MUCH UNCERTAINTY. Even as we transitioned into the second trimester and continued to ‘pass’ the tests I found my mind wandering to a dark place…of the worst ‘what ifs’. But here is the thing. I am doing my best everyday for myself and my child and that is all I can do. I decided that one of the best things I could do for myself and my growing child was to surrender to this process and to let go of fear to the best of my ability. Pregnancy for me has been the biggest lesson in mindfulness and being present. I am told by parents that when your child is born is when it really hits you and you feel like your heart is outside of your body. I can’t quite imagine that as yet as the baby is inside of me and always ‘with’ me. But I will cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, surrendering and choosing to let go, choosing to be in the moment and to be joyful and optimistic has done wonders for my sanity and also personal growth.

5. Soulstrology love! is now live! It still isn’t fully finished…as we are yet to transfer the Membership over. This has been one of the longest gestation periods of my life, but I am sure, as with most good things, it will be worth the wait! But for now, you can use the site to check the daily movement of the planets, to enjoy daily free Soulstrology Scopes as well as mini free readings AND full, detailed paid readings which come at a fraction of the price of a private session! Check it out and I hope it helps your soul navigate yourself, life and the cosmos better!

Alright, that’s all from me for now. I am going to enjoy this rainy Sunday…I am wishing you all a beautiful day and hope that these High Fives and/or my latest podcast episode inspire or help you in some way on your journey.


Ambi x

High Fives! April 2019's five faves

Ambi Sitham

APRIL High Fives 2.05.03 PM.png

Hello and happy Full Moon!

I hope this finds you well and riding out these cosmic waves….yep today is the second consecutive Libra Full Moon!

As always, if you want to know more on this Full Moon, please feel free to check out my Soulstrology blogs which have all the details, customized rituals, mantras, channeled messages and of course Soundbaths to enjoy.

I have a new podcast episode up which is an Alchemy of Relationships x Empath diaries episode all about energy vampires….you can listen here or on iTunes or Spotify, just search Alchemy with Ambi.

Onward here are my high fives from the last lunar cycle….


I admire Michelle Obama so much and have devoured her autobiography which has made me weep, smile, at times cringe/shudder and struck such a chord in my heart. I am sure you have all heard about it and I have to say it lives up to the hype. It is SUCH a good read and has just made me admire, and indeed now adore, this wonderful woman even more. It’s been a true highlight of this last month and I am sad I have finished it as I will miss ‘hearing’ her voice and energy through her words. What a wonderful woman!

2.Being a whole person

My former student/mentor now friend and Soulstrology colleague Lexie Rollet, launched a podcast called Being a whole person and when she asked me to be a guest I readily accepted. My episode is called ‘Living in alignment’ and perhaps because I trust and respect Lexie so much and am so comfortable around her, I was truly myself, more vulnerable and open than perhaps I usually am and it felt really good. She is such a gem, a total old soul, and her astrology is a wonderful mix of practical wisdom and deep spiritual intuitiveness. I am always so happy to see others rise and follow their passion and purpose and proud to in some way play a small part in their process and it was an absolute highlight of my month to be on her and her co-host Rebecca’s podcast. I hope you will check it out!

3.Flowing not forcing…

In my last podcast episode the Alchemy of Authenticity, I talked about how I had stopped strategizing so much with my brand and business. Like most of you, I am ambitious and have many goals which require growth and expansion, but I have intuitively felt that strategizing and pushing wasn’t for me. Trying began to feel like forcing. And given my 2019 mantra was joyful abundant flow I didn’t want to try too hard as that felt like forcing and the opposite of my mantra! So I haven’t. In the meantime, well, let’s just say that it seems people have noticed little ole me plugging away and there are lots of exciting things that have come my way, none of which I have sought out (literally people have come knocking!) which I will share in time to come. This high has translated as me trusting the universe more and feeling validated by my decision not to push so hard! Aligning not hustling. Flowing not forcing. And still diligently working away. It all pays off!


4.Santa Barbara get away

The hubs and I love to get away for a long weekend every three months. There is something about getting out of the city which just does our souls good. The last time we went away was just after Christmas so it has been almost four months and I was feeling it! #firstworldproblems I know ;) Last weekend we went to Santa Barbara and had the most glorious few days. We stayed in the cutest little hotel with an ocean view room and enjoyed daily long walks on the beach, soaking in that salty sea air and really grounded and celebrated after what has been an eventful few months (more on that in time to come). Good food, fun times with friends and a total reset for us both. Plus we now know that we ought not to let our weekend trips slide to every four months…we are already planning our next mini getaway!

5.Our tree is back!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I post a bit more of my home/personal life in my stories rather than as posts and that I have been delighted that the gorgeous tree outside our place has blossomed over the last month. The greenery surrounding our place is one of the reasons we moved here last September. I was pretty upset when a month later it was tree trimming time. More like tree butchering time! I was reassured that the tree would blossom again in Spring and so it has. It reminded me (kinda silly I needed the reminder given the work I do with Soulstrology, but ya know, we all need reminders!) of the importance and power of seasons. Of accepting each season for what it is and being in it, trusting that seasons are finite and trees and life blossoms once again. It makes me so happy that this is a ‘high’ from this month as it reminds me that in spite of multiple businesses, big personal shifts and living in this crazy town called La La land, I am still enjoying and indeed thrilled by the simple pleasures in life…in the end the little things end up being the big things..

Anyway, that’s my high fives from the last month!

As always I hope you enjoy them and I hope they inspire you to take note of what your highs are.

The more ‘highs’ we notice, the more ‘highs’ we will get to celebrate!

Wishing you a wonderful Full Moon and weekend.


Ambi x

High Fives! March 2019's five faves!

Ambi Sitham

March High Fives.png

Hello and happy almost Full Moon Equinox!

The energies are intense at the moment as we prepare for a new season and chapter of life.

I don’t know about you but I am certainly feeling all the feels and ready to embrace all to come in this new season…

This last lunar cycle has been a powerful one for me in many areas with lots to celebrate as well as of course my alchemy highs. 

 Here are my March 2019’s high fives…

1. Spiritual Gangster love

Wearing one of my fave SG items, this cosmic oversized hoodie on a hike with one of my fave people

Wearing one of my fave SG items, this cosmic oversized hoodie on a hike with one of my fave people

Around five years ago (after life had turned upside down and hit rock bottom the year before) I was slowly picking up the pieces (and picking myself up off the floor!) when a friend saw a tank with the words SPIRITUAL GANGSTER on the front and sent me a picture saying, “you need this top, you ARE a spiritual gangster”. I wasn’t exactly flush at the time with money to spare on luxuries but they had a great sale and I bought my first tank and it reminded me of my friend’s kind words and that I was indeed a spiritual gangster and that I would rebuild my life and it would be a good one. Five years on and I am grateful to say life is pretty good. It doesn’t look anything like I imagined and yet is so much sweeter than I expected it to be. Over the years I have purchased a few items from Spiritual Gangster and gifted some to friends. I love their clothes and I LOVE that they give back (they donate a meal to Feeding America for every item sold). Last year, completely organically, I connected with some of the team at Spiritual Gangster and they very sweetly gifted me a bunch of goodies and we formed a connection and knew we would work together in some way. Now, I am proud to say that I am collaborating with them on a few different projects, including my podcast – which is all about being a Spiritual Gangster and alchemizing yourself and your life! It feels like a full circle moment and it just serves as a reminder that all along the path the universe is sending us little signs and synchronicities and winks that we sometimes only understand through that beautiful filter of hindsight. More to come on this collaboration but in the meantime if you fancy treating yourself to one of their goodies and at the same time feeding someone in need, then you can grab yourself a nice discount using my code AMBI20

 2. The wisdom of women and our health

A big part of my own journey to wellness has been to take care of my health and my physical body. Over the years I have struggled with many different autoimmune and hormonal issues and I have worked hard to get to where I am now where I find myself healthier (embracing my forties) and more aligned than several years ago. I swear I even look younger now than in my mid thirties when my illness was at its peak! So much of my journey has been external of course, with diet, supplements, herbs, acupuncture, exercise and lifestyle etc, but ultimately my recovery and creating true wellness and alignment has come from within and has been led by my inner voice and intuition. I think we women often forget our own wisdom, our inner knowing and our personal power. If we can reclaim this, we can heal ourselves, and also help lead and heal our world, in our own unique way. I am going to be sharing so much more on my journey in time to come but for now I wanted to share this book on women’s health which changed my entire perspective and taught me so much. I hope it helps  you as much as it has helped me.

 3. Keeping track = staying on track

It’s fair to say I love pink!

It’s fair to say I love pink!

I am such a geek and love order. I put this down to my #virgorising – ha! Every day I have a little daily to do list and I record not only what I do (personally/professionally) but also what I spend (and where it comes from – which account, cash, debit, credit etc). I find this simple practice of using a daily journal SO powerful. It helps when I need to look back or track something, but it also helps me maintain a clear head. I feel a sense of daily satisfaction which comes from ticking off items on my to-do list, knowing what I have spent (even if it does sometimes shock me, -gah!) and knowing what remains outstanding and I still need to deal with. I swear it helps me sleep better as well as run multiple businesses and juggle my personal life. I love using these beautiful, high quality, affordable journals which last for ages. This one is both suitably girly (I will be a pink lover forever) as well as feeling suitably aligned with this new season of Spring. I highly recommend this practice if you feel yourself getting spun out, overwhelmed, forgetting things or feeling disorganized. It takes just a few minutes each day and will make your life run so much more smoothly, plus if you have a beautiful journal to do it in, it makes it all the more enjoyable! 

 4.  Ginger love

 As well as loving hard on my redheaded hubbie, I have also developed a love of ginger in the last couple of months. I decided to reduce my caffeine intake even more and rather than wake up and have a green tea I instead wake up and make a hot ginger water with this organic ginger juice which I am obsessed with. Sooo good for your digestion, a great way to start your day and also tastes amazing when added to La Croix! 

 5. Bath foam fabulousness 

 With all the rain and cold weather which is only just beginning to shift here in LA, I have had bad allergies, the stuffiest (and snottiest!) nose and have been hibernating indoors a lot. Clearly my blood has thinned and I am no longer the hardy Brit who can tolerate 30 degrees and under! As many of you will know, I am a bath lover and I do LOVE good old plain Epsom salts which are usually my choice of bath treats but I also love a good bubble bath now and then (who doesn’t?!). This Epsom salt bath foam with eucalyptus has been a life saver over the last couple of weeks when my sinuses have been blocked and I have had a foggy head. I highly recommend using it if you are a bath lover who like me loves Epsom salts but also loves a few bubbles, and perhaps you too need a bit of a eucalyptus hit to clear your sinuses and head cold! 

So there’s my high fives from the last lunar cycle. 

I hope they might help or inspire you in some way on your alchemy journey or even just make you take a moment to recognize some of your highs from the last month.


 Ambi x


High Fives! February 2019's five faves!

Ambi Sitham

February High Fives.png

Happy almost Full Moon!

I am changing up the publishing of my monthly high fives to align with the Full Moon.

As the Full Moon is the highest point of the lunar cycle with la luna at her biggest and brightest, it is also a point at which we can reflect on the highs of the last lunar cycle since the last Full Moon.

So here are February 2019’s high fives….

1. Proud teacher…tribe vibes

As many of you may know, much of my work has been (and indeed still is, albeit in a different way) that of a teacher/mentor/coach and guide of sorts. As well as life coaching and mentoring, I have had a few reiki and astrology students. It is a humbling and heartening journey to be that of a teacher and one which has given me immense satisfaction over the years and even more so in the last few months. One of my former astrology students Lexie Rollet of Alexandria Astrology has flourished in a way that I always knew she would but is nonetheless delightful to witness. She has really stepped into being a teacher and guide herself, with her astrology offerings and now a podcast which explores what it is to be self-employed. Lexie was in full time employment when our mentorship started and a year later is very much self-employed and embracing the entrepreneurial path. For me, as a teacher, it is pure joy to see former students and mentees flourish and step into their light, their power and their true path. And what is even better in the case of Lexie is that she is contributing to my Soulstrology subscription with insightful posts. As Soulstrology grows I am feeling definite tribe vibes and am now having the vision of some of those I have taught and mentored over the years becoming part of Soulstrology. It’s amazing how life unfolds and I feel a deep sense of gratitude and awe for the burgeoning relationship with Lexie and for the vision of how things may play out with her and other students. A true high in all senses!

2. Non toxic nails

In my ongoing quest to live a cleaner, healthier, non-toxic life, I have been trying to clean up every aspect of life, to what I eat, as well as the products I use on my body. I absolutely love this seven free nail polish which has a lovely subtle sheen (add two coats if you want a deeper pinkish color) and this five free non toxic uber glossy top coat which gives you the look of gel nails, without any of those nasty toxins! Looking good and groomed is great, but not at the cost of putting toxins into your body and thanks to these polishes you can enjoy pretty, healthy, toxin free nails!

3. The life changing magic of not giving a f***

A few years ago whilst recovering from foot surgery I read this book and it CHANGED MY LIFE. It made me realize how much of a people pleaser I was and how poisonous that was to my life - both personal and professional. I recently felt the need to re-read it and it really made me re-think how I spend my time and energy. It made me really stop and take stock before agreeing to do something, or blindly following up on a get together. It stopped me from bending over backwards and contorting myself in the process. It also made me appreciate the people I love the most and redirect my time, my love, my energy towards them. I cannot recommend this book highly enough and if you excuse the continual profanity which I know turns some people off, the message is powerful and indeed life changing. A great one for those of you who like me perhaps have struggled with boundaries and saying NO.

4. Getting my vitamins on…

A lot of the time I have rushed to take supplements with the best intention that they will improve my health without actually looking carefully at what exactly is in them and where they come from. I recently switched out my daily multivitamin to these whole raw food vitamins and have felt a real difference ever since. It just feels cleaner and more ‘right’ that I am getting my vitamins from whole foods without any nasty additives or more in them. With LA experiencing unusually inclement weather (raining cats and dogs as we say in England) and a lack of sunshine, I have also been making sure to get my daily dose of vitamin D through these drops. So many of us are unwittingly deficient in Vitamin D as we cover up and/or avoid the sun (or don’t live in a sunny climate) and so too, many of us simply do not get all the vitamins and minerals we need for optimum health. Getting cleaner with my vitamins and making sure my Vitamin D levels do not drop in winter have proved key to me avoiding getting run down or overly sick (I did have the sniffles for a few days there) which has been an unexpected and pleasant high of this last month.

5. Our one year podcast anniversary and we are on Spotify!

It’s been a year since we started our podcast. I say we, because Jon is an integral part of this podcast and we truly are a team on it and other ventures. One year in I feel as though I have grown so much as a result of this podcast and as well as opening my heart, it has proved such an expander personally and professionally and brought me so many new opportunities which I am excited to explore. It seems fitting that on our one year anniversary we are now hosted on Spotify as well as of course, Soundcloud and iTunes. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to tune into the latest episode!

So these are some of my high fives from the last lunar cycle.

I hope some of my highs can help you to create more highs and alchemy in your own life!


Ambi x





High Fives! January 2019's five faves!

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely souls and happy Friday and almost Solar Eclipse!

In case you’re needing some New Year inspo, please check out the latest episode of my podcast which is all about setting up your 2019 for success and happiness.

If you live in LA or are visiting and need some New Year cobweb clearing out, come join me tonight at Wanderlust for my first Soulstrology Soundbath of 2019!

Onward to my five highlights from the last lunar month….

1. Eclipse season changes…

Eclipse season always brings change. And not always the rug pulled underneath from you or big happy yay kind of change. Sometimes the changes are more subtle, more of an internal shift which plants the seeds of change on the physical plane. Whether the changes are internal or external they have usually been bubbling under the surface and eclipse season simply comes and shakes them out of their hiding place.

This happened to me this week, on New Year’s Day in fact…

I have felt at a crossroads professionally. I didn’t have a podcast a year ago and my Soulstrology Membership was still relatively new and was a mere seed.

A year ago I had a lot less on my plate work wise, but the truth is that over the last six months or so I have felt like something had to give, that I couldn’t keep things as they were. I knew what it was but didn’t want to face the reality of what needed to happen because I didn’t feel ready to make the necessary changes.

But, as many of you will know, one of my favorite saying is, ‘You can do anything, but not everything’. This week all the feels bubbled into a decision and I decided to phase out the mentoring side of my business this year, freeing up some of my time, still allowing me to provide individual sessions for people, but without the time commitment that my mentorships require. It has been truly bittersweet. Bitter because my Mentees feel like my people. They are my people. Yes it is a professional relationship but it is also a deeply personal one. And although I have no doubt we will be in each others lives, professionally and personally for years to come, I know this marks the end of an era, and endings always make me a little sad. It has also felt uncomfortable in practical, financial terms, as it is willingly turning down tens of thousands of dollars worth of annual income. But sweet because I know in my heart it is the right thing to do, as ultimately it will allow me to help more people in a different way that better serves my lifestyle. My podcast has been a huge expander, is almost birthed. And I am ready for a new chapter and to birth newness into my life, both personally and professionally. I am excited and curious. I honestly have no idea how things will play out and life will unfold but this decision felt right in my gut, and I always trust my gut.

PS. If you are reading this and you were interested in being mentored by me, you can still apply by the end of January for my final Mentorship program for the foreseeable future and I am still going to be offering individual sessions in 2019 and beyond so feel free to reach out!


2. Vegas Baby, celery juice style….

To celebrate eighteen months of marriage and the year anniversary of our church wedding (we eloped six months before that and consider that our true anniversary, but ya know, it’s always nice to have multiple anniversaries to celebrate!) we headed to Vegas, which is where we eloped in June 2017. We ended up staying off the strip in Summerlin and had the most glorious long weekend. It was really fun to do Vegas differently and see the other (amazing) side of the city. Think hiking, horse back riding in the canyons, dining out and generally decompressing. It was an amazing way to end 2018 which was a full on year for us with a new job, move and lots of change (and some challenges). Now, as you guys may recall I jumped on the good ole celery juice bandwagon a month or so ago but I wasn’t having it regularly. But in the last half of December I was more consistent and I have to say, I really noticed a difference. In my energy levels, skin, digestion, you name it. I was a little concerned about going away and missing my celery juice (*insert suitable crying face/cringe emoji here*) and so my hubba of a hubbie suggested I make it differently using this travel friendly blender. And hey presto….I am SO glad he suggested this as I usually struggle with digestive issues when I go away and eat outside of my normal diet. I ate tons of gluten, sugar, some dairy sneaked in and I enjoyed wine every night yet my stomach was fine….I am crediting my daily celery juice with keeping inflammation at bay, but I am also glad to be back and eating normally again. I can guarantee you that travel friendly blender will be accompanying us when we go to Europe over the summer so I can maintain my celery ritual!


3. Embracing being basic

I read a fascinating article on the origins of the term being basic and I will confess I have been accused of being basic before…For wearing Uggs, leggings and horror of horrors - an Abercrombie sweatshirt - I didn’t realize it was such a fashion faux pas! I get that I wasn’t looking like a glampuss but I just wanted to be comfy and the sweater was eleven bucks on sale!

My style may have changed somewhat in the last few years but my love of Uggs has stayed firm. I tend to wear things until they really are on their last legs and I will admit that my Uggs were a bit scruffy. Both my Mum and my hubs (separately) helpfully said I looked homeless in one of my ‘casual’ outfits with my battered Uggs as my footwear of choice. Anyway… I decided it was time for a change and switched it up to these ‘same same but different’ Uggs which are actually much more in my general color palette and I think will hopefully withstand the wear and tear (and LA grime) to look better for longer. In choosing to purchase Uggs again when I get so much flack from my entire family about this choice of footwear was my way of saying, I am doing ME and I do not care what anyone else says! If I am basic, so be it! As I get older, I am less and less concerned with what others think and more concerned about what makes me happy. And this basic b*tch is very happy with both my lovely new Uggs, and life!


4. Human Design deeper dive.

Human design has featured before in my High Fives as my reading with the amazing Amanda of Intuitive Galaxy was such an eye opening (and life changing) experience…

I had a ton of questions after our reading and decided to book a follow up session to dive deeper. A little like astrology there is only so much you can download to a person in an hour so the follow up was necessary for my curious mind who wanted to really align further with my design type. All I can say is WOW. Amanda is an incredible channel who is not only deeply intuitive but speaks and deconstructs your unique design in a way which allows you to really understand the gems that will change your life. As we embark on a New Year (with the Human Design New Year around the corner!) we are all looking to create changes in our lives and manifest our desires but some may feel stuck. If you want to get unstuck, gain clarity and understand how much easier life can be once you align with your design, I highly recommend booking a reading with the lovely Amanda.

5. Crazy obsessed Ambi!

I loved Kevin Kwan’s book Crazy Rich Asians and devoured it in days. I dragged the hubs to see the film and we both loved it. But the books, oh my. His writing transports me into a different world and I feel like a gawping fly on the wall who actually knows his characters. The footnote have me snorting with laughter. The Washington Post sums up the second Kevin Kwan book perfectly, ‘As frothy as the egg whites on the sort of cocktail you should drink while reading Kwan’s books….Highly entertaining’.

I don’t know what it is about losing yourself in an albeit frothy, yet very well written book, but it always resets me and opens something up. It’s as though it does something for my own creative portal to be so absorbed in another world (as well as of course, to snort laugh, my favorite type of laughter!)

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my high fives from this last lunar month!

Wishing you all a happy solar eclipse and a beautiful lunar cycle ahead.


Ambi x

High Fives! December 2018's five faves!

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones!

I hope December is treating you all well so far…I can’t believe that we are almost at the of the year…

It’s feeling very festive in my household as our Christmas tree is up and twinkling and that beautiful fir tree scent is infusing our home…..happy days!

Speaking of happy days, here are my high fives from the last lunar cycle…..

  1. Screentime I finally said yes to the updates on my iphone and among all the new icons I noticed something called Screentime. So I decided to see start monitoring how much time I spent a day on my phone, and specifically how that time was spent. I was shocked to find that I spend five to six hours a day on my phone and that much of that is swallowed by random internet browsing and social media. So, I decided to set myself some boundaries as with screentime you can limit the time for certain apps. I limited the time for all social media and decided I wanted to try and aim for my phone screentime to get down to four hours a day (eventually three)….the latter is still a work in progress but the former has been a game changer. Yep, I know I probably sound like an old grandma but I honestly feel as though we human beings are spending way, way too much time on our phones and I don’t think it is healthy. I know I feel sooo much better when I spend less time on my phone and more time being present and this last week or so has just proved that less equals more for me. Plus, now I have a limited time for social media it makes me use it more effectively = less scrolling and more purposeful use. It has brought me back to why I use social media in the first place. To connect and to share. And these new boundaries via my new bestie screentime have helped me to enjoy it more. I highly recommend reviewing your use of your phone and checking in to see if it truly serves you. We are all different and what works for me may not work for you, but it is worth doing a review and checking in with yourself (and screentime!)

  2. Not all news needs to be read Another joyous feature I discovered on my newly updated iphone was that you can control which sites are accessible on your phone. Now I am gonna confess (not spilling all the beans as yet because I am saving the full details for a podcast episode) that there is a particular news website which I (as I suspect like many others) have had a strange fascination/hate relationship with but ultimately have had an addiction to. Whereas others may find their phone issues are with social media, my biggest foe was this website. I would find myself scrolling it far far too often, when in stuck in traffic (my bad, I know), waiting in line, and more. I knew with my rational mind that it was toxic and how I would feel when browsing this site and afterwards was enough of a sign, however addictions are such that they keep you, well - addicted! So, I banned the site from my iPhone and iPad and now I can only look at it when I am on my computer. The result? I look at it at most for ten minutes a day now, if that. I’ve realized that I wasn’t even that interested in it in the first place, I don’t miss it after all and it was just a bad habit that I needed to break. Yes by putting in a seemingly dramatic boundary like banning it from my phone, but hey, it worked! And the result? A much happier, energetically lighter and brighter, higher vibing moi!

  3. Celery juicing and bone broth Yep, I jumped on the celery juice bandwagon and nope, I haven’t been totally consistent with it but I have to say I like how it makes me feel. I am listening to my body much more carefully these days and honoring what it tells me and it told me to try this celery juicing out. And so far, so good. My body has also been craving hot broths and specifically bone broth and whilst I usually buy mine from Erewhon, this month I started making my own. My body is happy. I am happy. And when I eat a Kobe burger (with the most delicious toasted brioche bun, yep, sometimes I do cheat and eat gluten!), sip on a delicious cocktail, or a glass of my favorite red wine, or munch on donuts and homemade banana bread I am also honoring my body. I’m all about eating healthy but I also feel balance is KEY to a truly healthy life (and I am talking mind, body, soul healthy). And for those of you who follow me on Instagram where I post my daily alchemy on my stories, I have heard you - recipes are coming in the New Year!

  4. Supplement shout outs. In my ongoing journey to be healthier I have found that no matter how well I eat I need supplements to maintain certain mineral levels in my body and be in optimum health. I highly recommend these calcium and magnesium tablets which I take at nightime with a cup of steaming reishi cacao. I also take these fish oils (usually late afternoon, I like to give certain supplements time to be digested properly before consuming others). I also love this immune boosting selenium.

  5. Congestion free zone I love oil diffusing and at this time of year when colds and lurgies are a plenty, I am loving this eucalyptus oil which I diffuse every morning and evening using my fave Bamboo oil diffuser. It has certainly helped clear the air and keep me fairly congestion free (along of course with my fave homeopathic cold and flu medicine which is a winter MUST!)

So that’s some of my highlights from this last lunar cycle.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading about my high fives and I hope they help inspire you to check in on your highlights from the last month and keep track of your own alchemy journey.


Ambi x

High Fives! November 2018's five faves!

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy slightly belated New Moon!

What a full lunar cycle it has been….soooo many highlights, so much goodness, but at the same time I expended so much energy too.

I took the last week off social media and largely offline and took some much needed time to myself and intend to do lots more of this as I am starting to wind down for the holidays early this year…I am planning almost three weeks ‘off’ and am starting to wind down now rather than in five weeks time when I usually find myself absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed.

I say ‘off’ because when you are self-employed you are never truly off.

With three separate businesses (one of which is Soulstrology which has had the longest gestation period and I hope will be birthed by the Winter Solstice) and new projects brewing for 2019, the truth is that I have a lot on my plate.

It’s all good but full on and I know that the degree to which I can allow myself downtime, rest, recuperation and fun quality time with loved ones is the degree to which I will be able to juggle everything without losing my mind (and yes, I will still be working in some ways, but importantly not ‘on’ and available to all…big difference!)

I feel a podcast episode on this topic of juggling things, taking time out and the importance of rest coming soon….speaking of podcasts… my latest podcast episode is now up!

Another in the Alchemy of Manifesting series and all about the power of privacy as a manifesting tool.

You can listen via Soundcloud, iTunes (search Alchemy with Ambi on the app) or via my website homepage which always has the latest podcast episode up.

Onward to this last lunar cycle and my high fives…

Magic. Pure magic.

Magic. Pure magic.

  1. Living the process in Laguna and Wellspring desert deliciousness! I was away two weekends in a row for two very different but equally amazing weekends away. The first was for a weekend experience curated by the wonderful Robyn Berkley of Live the Process at the incredible Hotel Joaquin in Laguna Beach. My first time at Laguna Beach and I was utterly spoiled to stay at Hotel Joaquin….the weekend was full of pampering and renewal and connecting with some amazing souls. Chalk Board wrote all about it here and they are probably much more articulate than me at describing the wonders of the weekend. I can’t wait to be back at Hotel Joaquin, and this time with my hubs!

    The second was Wellspring in Palm Springs which was just so off the charts amazing in so many ways. The speakers, the workshops, the amazing conscious companies who took part. Wow. And most of all, the people I got to meet and hug. I had the privilege of sharing my Soulstrology Soundbaths at Wellspring and it was humbling and heartening. If you told me several years ago when I sold my couch so I could squeeze more people onto my lounge floor for soundbaths that one day I would get to hold space and facilitate healing for hundreds of people in one swoop, I would have said, ‘whaaat? naaah!’

    But life is always full of surprises..

    P.s I cried at the end of the last Soundbath of the weekend as I walked around with my chimes sprinkling musical fairy dust on all the attendees and beaming them with reiki. I was so utterly humbled at getting to do this work and so touched by all the love in the room… it was all just a bit too much, in the best possible way.

    This life. This love. This light…I hope the above picture gives you even a teeny taste of the energy….aaahhh.

  2. Breathing easy…

    It’s been almost a year since the devastating fires in SoCal which caused insane air pollution and had this Virgo rising in panic mode cleaning black soot from our blinds on a daily basis. Did you know that according to some studies air pollution is now a bigger threat to our health than tobacco smoke?! In my quest to live a healthier life, last year, prompted by the fires and the crazy smoke, I purchased this air purifier and allergen remover which has changed our lives. With three different settings and a ‘turbo’ ability, you can choose what to target to make sure you are breathing cleaner air. I also got this humidifier which is a must for those of us who live in the desert where things can get, well, a bit dry! I have had nosebleeds before during certain times of the year and that is no bueno. This humidifier and the air purifier changed our home environment, our sleep and dare I say, our lives. Breath is life. So make sure what you breathe is giving you good life!

  3. Get your cuppa on

    I think it’s fair to say that you all know by now that I am English and as a Brit, there is nothing more than I love than having a cuppa! At anytime of the year, regardless of the climate, I love a good cuppa. And I love all tea. A good english breakfast is a morning must, but I also love white tea, green teas, caffeine free teas, loose teas. You name it, if it is tea, I have probably had it and love it and will offer it to you if you come over! Years ago I discovered this kettle which is approved by this Brit tea lover. It is BPA free (important!) and has a number of different settings so whatever type of tea you want, this kettle will make it for you! If you are into tea, you need this kettle! I just had to replace ours after years, so thought it was a good opportunity to tell you all about it in case you want to get your cuppa on, BPA free!

  4. Missing mama and her scent…

    At this time of year I tend to miss my family a lot. It’s my birthday next month and of course Christmas and Boxing Day, which I don’t think is celebrated here in the US but is one of my fave holidays back home. Think eating Christmas leftovers in your pajamas and watching movies and napping. Heavenly. We aren’t returning for Christmas this year as we have just moved home in September and need to settle and be grounded here but we are hoping for a Spring visit to spend some time with my family. In the meantime when I really miss my mum I like to light these incense sticks. They take me back to my childhood and remind me of our prayer altar at our family home. It’s amazing how a smell can transport you back in time or to surpass time, space and motion and help you feel your loved ones. It is far from a hug and hang out in person, but I know that is coming….

  5. Winter skin alchemy

    It’s almost Winter here in LA and I have realized how my blood has thinned because I am sat here freeeezing when it is in the sixties! Honestly, I do not know what has happened to this hardy Brit who spent several years living ‘up North’ in the UK and survived several properly cold Winters. I am an LA lady now! But as the seasons change I do notice my skin understandably changes too. At the moment my hands and lips are just dry….dry, dry, dry. And this was exacerbated when I was away for Wellspring navigating hotel air conditioning and desert dryness. Led to unattractive dark blotches and chapped lips and dryer than dry hands. Yuck. I am slathering on this lip balm and hand cream - which comes in this mini travel version which you can slip in your handbag. Almost two weeks later and my lips are luscious again (my hub’s kisses may have helped..) and I am not embarrassed to shake hands with anyone for fear of them feeling as though I am sand papering them!

So that’s some of my highlights from the last lunar month and products I am using to help me create alchemy in my life.

I hope you enjoy reading, perhaps some of the products I share can help you and perhaps this post may inspire you to check in on your highlights from the previous lunar cycle.

Remember, what we pay attention to, grows, so focus on the good stuff!


Ambi x

High Fives! October 2018's five faves

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy October!

I am full of beans because it is my favorite season and time of year - Fall, as my lovely Americans call it, or Autumn, as I grew up calling it.

I am getting cosy and doing all things hygge regardless of the fact that the California climate isn’t always co-operative with my Fall feels…

Onward, here are my high fives from the last lunar cycle…..

  1. I’m in the 1%! In Human Design….

    You may have heard about Human Design which is a system which explains how we were built and how best we respond to the world as it’s having quite the moment in the wellness world right now. Five years ago an astrologer friend of mine told me about it and informed me I was in the 1% in Human Design as a ‘Reflector’. I didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to it, I was too busy studying astrology and developing my own cosmic coaching - Soulstrology. However this year I found myself increasingly drawn to understand my Human Design better (it’s not just about being one of the design types, there is a whole lot more to each of our unique charts). By complete cosmic synchronicity at the same time my path crossed with a wonderful soul, Amanda. She recently read my Human Design chart for me and it was eye opening. A lot of what she shared I knew intuitively, but much of it was so helpful in understanding myself better, and specifically how I live day to day and operate my business. After our reading she also took a look at my husband’s chart and oh my goodness, she was SPOT ON about him too! My reading with her has proved to be a real turning point. As a result of it I am now digging deep into my Human Design type because I feel that the more I understand about my Reflector design, the more I can help other fellow Reflectors. More on this soon but in the meantime if you are interested in a reading to understand your Human Design, I cannot recommend Amanda more highly. And p.s I am very choosy about who I will ever open myself up to energetically for any kind of reading, whether it is tarot, psychic, numerology, energy work etc…

    Check her out and let me know what your design is and how you are working with it, I’d love to hear from you!

  2. Phone free bedroom!

    I don’t know about you guys, but unless I enforce strict boundaries with myself, I find myself on my phone way too much. And it just doesn’t make me feel good. Plus, it annoys my loved ones. My husband is much better with his phone than me. In fact, he is actually rubbish with it in some ways as he doesn’t respond to his friends and families messages for days! (luckily for him he was never like that with me, otherwise he wouldn’t get to call me his wife now!)

    One of his few ‘rules’ for our marriage/home was that he wanted a phone free bedroom and I did not adhere to this for the first year of marriage.

    I used the excuse that we used my phone as an alarm clock (which we did, after I threw out his annoying digital alien green eyes light alarm clock).

    When we moved (I am sooooo in love with our new home by the way, I feel like I have fallen in love with LA all over again!) we decided we wanted to start afresh and reset ourselves in so many ways.

    This cutesy little vintage style alarm clock has changed my life. I have started to turn my phone off. Not airplane mode. Not ‘only’ looking at it a few times. But OFF. Out of the bedroom, out of the lounge, in the office, OFF! Most evenings I turn it off between 8 and 9.30pm and it stays off for 10 - 12 hours. I don’t turn it on again in the morning until I have completed my morning ritual (if I am doing it, I don’t do it everyday, I see how I feel and adapt accordingly) or I am ready to look at it (at least 45 minutes after I wake up). I cannot tell you how this has changed my energy levels, focus and general well being. I recommend this clock because even though it’s not super fancy, it is cute, it is very affordable and doesn’t have an annoying tick tock sound or a sleep disturbing light, but it does have a little button you can press if you need to shine a backlight to check the time. Major win. Major shift.

  3. Seasonal shifts - swimming with the seasons

    I have learned (the hard way) that when the seasons change, I need to adapt my beauty regimes, what I eat and how I live to help me best adapt. This is what swimming with the seasons means to me. At this time of year I often find myself getting weird cold/flu like allergies/lurgies. Step in this homeopathic flu medicine which I got prescribed (with a vitamin cocktail injection in my butt, but that’s another tale!) years ago when I was en route to a girls weekend in Vegas and suddenly got struck down with the flu. Not a good combo. But this cold and flu med stopped it in its tracks. As I am not a huge fan of popping pills for ailments, this tends to be all I use to fight the seasons changing lurgies (aside from some home made medicine in the forms of soup, smoothies and tonics). I am also using this healing balm on my cuticles, lips, and my heels and elbows, all of which I have found have got increasingly dry and cracked in the last couple of weeks. Oh and flaky seasons shifting dryness can extend to my scalp…and result in scalp flaking - aka dandruff. Which when you have jet black hair isn’t that easy to disguise (it can be really embarrassing!) Step in this organic neem shampoo and conditioner which are staples in my Fall/Winter beauty regime. I also find myself wanting to smell different scents with the seasons shifting and this woody incense invokes all the Fall feels….if you are lucky enough to have a real fire, you can throw it in there. Otherwise just burn it (safely!) and enjoy the hygge vibes…

  4. A juicy read #fashionvictim

    I love supporting friends and I love that I get to shout out talented friends and their creations. My friend Amina Akhtar wrote this book which is getting all the rave reviews. I bought it and I LOVED it and I cannot recommend it more highly.

    *It’s also going to be made into a TV series too! #proudfriendmoment

    On this note I have to say I take pleasure in spending some of my cash to support others efforts and achievements. Don’t get me wrong, I love freebies (who doesn’t?!) and I am grateful for them and will shout them out if I genuinely love them (and ONLY IF). But when my friends work hard, I have zero expectations or entitlements to freebies and am more than prepared to part with some cash to support their work. Having known Amina for several years I have witnessed some of her journey to get to publishing this book and am so proud of her and cannot wait for the series to come out!

  5. Saying NO and the Universe saying YES

    As this season of life gets fuller I find myself having to say no more these days and for a recovering people pleaser it isn’t easy. But it is oh so necessary. I had to re-listen to my own episode on Boundaries and the magical manifesting power of NO (lol, the irony!) and remind myself of how saying NO meant saying YES to myself, my family and my passions. So I started to say a loving but clear NO. To people and situations. And the Universe responded witha big YES in many other areas! To be discussed further in time to come…until then I did say a big YES to being a guest on Spirit Guides Radio and the Superficial Magic podcast. I got to connect with some new wonderful, wise women and discuss all things boundaries, relationships and empaths. Check em out, they both have a ton of fabulous content which educates and entertains. Win/win right?!

So that’s my high fives for this last lunar month.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading and hope some of my high fives might help you in your life or act as inspiration for you to try and make some shifts for this new season.


Ambi x

From London to LA with Love: Back to reality and the Laws of Love....

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely souls who read my posts…. please excuse the slight delay but here is the next installment of my 2012 blog which details the beginning of my love affair with LA in 2011.

It really is a trip to be re-reading this blog….AND for those of you who may be wondering about my book, the Laws of Love, yes I wrote it, but it ended up being a slightly different version of what I originally envisioned (focusing more on the spiritual laws of love than the legal)…

So, yes, I am sat on 70,000 plus words of life lessons about love and relationships, but more on that another time…

Until then, I hope you enjoy the latest installment!

I arrived back in London to grey skies and drizzle fairly typical of March in London but the kind of weather that would normally would send me straight into post holiday blues, yet I was quite happy.

No amount of rain could rain on my parade.

I was so beyond excited by my decision to go to LA for a few months and my mind was buzzing with all the practicalities I had to deal with, oh and of course telling my loved ones.

I was dreading telling my Mum. I knew she would think I had lost the plot. The only phone call with news my Mum wanted was that I had settled with a good guy and she could expect marriage and babies imminently.

This news was the antithesis and I could tell would lurch her into the mother of all lectures as well as a complete panic that I would end up being a spinster/would never provide her with any grandchildren.

I thought I would spare myself by telling my best friend Sal and my older brother first. 

Sal  (far right) and I on our dear friend Sam's ‘hag’ night (he is in the middle).   Sal is po faced as she was pregnant with her second daughter and had to sit and watch us all get plastered. And then drive me home. Ha!

Sal (far right) and I on our dear friend Sam's ‘hag’ night (he is in the middle).

Sal is po faced as she was pregnant with her second daughter and had to sit and watch us all get plastered. And then drive me home. Ha!

Sal and I have been best buddies since we were 11 years old and are more family than friends. I knew she would be excited for me and her enthusiasm would help me deal with my family or rather, my Mum. I called Sal as soon as I got into my flat. She was excited and ready to hear Oscar news and celeb gossip but was totally unprepared for me to instead go into a million miles an hour speech at how I had been in a rut for the last 18 months and was bored stiff of my life in London and was now going to LA for a three month sabbatical but possibly for longer.

As I finished my speech literally gasping for air, I waited for the congratulations, squealing and excitement and instead there was silence.

And then eventually in a teary, heavy voice she said, "I am happy for you, I think you are doing the right thing following your gut instinct - you have always done it before with big life decisions and it has always paid off - even when we all thought you were crazy....but, well I am gutted for me, I can't bear the thought of you ending up living on the other side of the world".

My heart sank. She was at work and couldn't really talk properly so we decided we would meet up to catch up properly.

More than just a bit perturbed by her reaction I then called my brother.

Thank goodness for my brother.

My clever, witty, kind, generous big brother/part time Dad, permanent piss taker (I think every girl with the potential to be spoiled needs a big brother to take the proverbial and make sure her feet stay on the ground) sometimes my banker (whoops) but always, above everything else, my best friend.

Never judgmental, always practical and as cliched as it sounds the rock in my life without whom I would not be who, or where I am today. 

My big brother, by my side so I didn't fall as a toddler busy fake  conducting the orchestra to music only I could hear. The rest of the family just had to guess which song by my master conducting. FYI it was Grease, not sure of which track but I was (still am) obsessed with the  movie and entire soundtrack.

My big brother, by my side so I didn't fall as a toddler busy fake conducting the orchestra to music only I could hear. The rest of the family just had to guess which song by my master conducting. FYI it was Grease, not sure of which track but I was (still am) obsessed with the movie and entire soundtrack.

After the predictable questions (and him approving my answers) on practicalities and finances he said the golden words I needed to hear to go forward happily, "Go for it".

I could hear the half smile in his voice even on the telephone and I knew I had his blessing.

Next was Mum.

The phone call went as expected. She was upset and confused. And felt the need to remind me every two minutes that I was not in my twenties and if I ever wanted to have children I had better focus on finding someone and settling down; not gallivanting and taking a sabbatical.

I took it all on the chin but it's never easy to feel like you are upsetting or disappointing a parent.

And as certain as I was of my decision some of the things she said definitely pricked at my LA bubble and let little seeds of doubt seep in. After our call I sat drained, jet lagged and suddenly feeling a bit teary about everything.

My mum's words rang in my ears - what was I going to do in LA? Other than take a sabbatical, have a rest and explore a new city? And then it hit me.

For nearly two years I had been talking about writing a book. After yet another television appearance to talk legalities of the latest celebrity split my good friend Catherine (a best selling author and general cool chick) had said to me, "You should write a book on love and the law". Following her suggestion I had fleshed out the idea and even had a title "The Laws of Love" introduction and contents page, but not much else had happened. There was very little time in the grind of my London life to actually sit down and write. If I did ever have any spare time I was so exhausted and drained I could do little more than sit in front of the television or I would try and fit in a massage or facial. Partly because I worked so hard, partly because I loved to make time for everyone in my life (and there were probably too many people in my life but more on that later).

The end result was that I actually had very little time to myself: let alone time to actually start writing my book. But here was my golden opportunity. Suddenly I began to see that this LA sabbatical was a gift from above. In so many different ways..but more on that later.

Here is the introduction below to the Laws of Love in case you want to know a bit more...



Women are romantics. In our quest for true love we often turn a blind eye to any number of character defects. Nearly every woman over the age of 25 has had her heart broken at some point. It’s part of life. But as I, and my friends, got older I recognised that heart-break became the least of the relationship woes. In this age of internet dating and social networking, many of my friends have found that their privacy has been jeopardised by their potential partners. As relationships became more serious we often moved in with our partners — and found ourselves left with responsibility for his bills and a damaged credit rating when the love affair ended. Modern women who are in happy and loving relationships are faced with a host of issues that were unknown in earlier days. For instance, when a woman earns more money than her partner, it can save untold amounts of stress if they settle upfront the division of household labour and its running costs. When a relationship ends, either through a break-up or death of a loved one, the pain can be made worse by ignorance of the law.  I should know. Being the only lawyer in my circle of girlfriends I have been on the receiving end of more than a few teary phone calls.

When I first conceived the idea for this book I was 31 years old, newly single and nursing the very painful fallout post the break-up of a long term relationship. I decided that women need a book that points out the potential pitfalls of relationships — not just the emotional ones but the legal and financial ones.

Reading this book is not going to land you your knight on a charger, it isn’t a book littered with dating tips on how to date like a French woman, or to use ‘The Rules’ to snare your man etc. Whilst those books are entertaining and contain some valuable nuggets on playing the dating game that’s not what the book is about. What this book will provide you with are the Spiritual Laws and the Legal Laws of love for each stage of a relationship, the kind of wise and practical advice I wish an older me had given the younger me back in the day.

The Spiritual Laws are filled with pearls of wisdom I have extracted through my own experiences of life and love and that of friends and family. It includes advice and information handed down from grandmothers, mothers, aunts and elder siblings as well as relationship counsellors, therapists and religious and spiritual mentors. These may not be legal laws enshrined in statute or case law but they are well established laws of love which many of us wish we had access to many years ago. I have combined this advice to provide spiritual laws of the universe that I believe will equip you emotionally and spiritually to avoid the emotional damage that can occur in a relationship. From choosing a partner, to deciding where to live, whether to get married, or whether to stop working, women would be better off if they could keep these spiritual laws in mind.

The Legal Laws are filled with the information I have unfortunately had to give my girlfriends and clients all too frequently when they find themselves in sticky romantic situations. It’s the nitty-gritty about what you need to know to protect your privacy, your money, your health, your reputation and, by extension, your sense of self-worth.

Because some of the best lessons we learn are from each other, each section is filled with case studies. Some of them are cases that made it to court and set legal precedents and some are the true life stories of me and my friends.  I hope they’ll stick in your head and set off warning bells if a similar situation arises in your own life. I want women to go forth in their love life armed with all the information they’ll need to find fun, happiness, financial and emotional security and most of all, love.

Goldfaden MD

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy Sunday!

As many of you will know we are now partnering with some amazing brands on the podcast which is helping facilitate more episodes of the podcast to you lovely listeners.

What an honor it is to be partnering with brands whose values we share and whose products we love!

Step in Goldfaden MD, the first dermatologist developed, naturally inspired skincare brand.

This skincare line was launched by Dr Gary Goldfaden, who has been a dermatologist for over 40 years and has a passion for skincare, wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

His products are plant based, vegetarian and cruelty free and he uses a ton of fabulous ingredients which are truly effective but not harsh on your skin.

As we slowly transition into Fall I tend to find I need to switch up my skincare routine to suit the changing seasons and different climate.

I am particularly loving the detox clarifying facewash (it gives my face and pores a proper deep clean and the lactic and glycolic acids leaving me looking fresh faced), the Doctor’s Scrub (hello ruby crystal exfoliation) and the Skin balancing mask for a pick me up.

I am also obsessed with the fleuressence native botanical cell oil which I use as an overnight treatment mixed with my moisturizer, I have switched this up with the Wake up Call which is another overnight regenerative treatment and its resulted in me waking up with a nice glow (my husband actually commented on it the other morning!)

The bright eyes solution has done wonders for the dark circles which formed around my eyes after the last few weeks of a hectic move and an insane work load which meant less sleep and added stress.

Speaking of stress… don’t even get me started on needle-less which just as the name suggests is a needle free solution for smoothing away frown lines (which I may have formed when moving, because as happy as I am that we moved, moving is sooo stressful) and helped create a smooth, calm visage.

There is something about your face looking less frowny (is that a word?!) and more serene that makes you feel calmer. Sometimes the outside really does help the inside!

I can’t rave about Goldfaden MD products enough and for someone with sensitive, problem and ageing skin I can say that I have seen a marked improvement in the texture and appearance of my skin (and less breakouts) since I have been using their products.

If you want to try out any of their products then you can use the code Ambi20 to get 20% off your order and let me know which of their products you love most!



Ambi x


From London to LA with Love: Oscars weekend in La La land

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely souls who read my posts….so here is the next installment of my 2012 blog which details the beginning of my love affair with LA in 2011.

I have purposefully not edited this blog, so certain details or names may make you raise your eyebrows but for authenticity I am keeping them in.

And one day, I am looking forward to sharing so much more of my experiences of a crazy industry….but for now, I hope you enjoy the next installment.

February 2011

January and most of February slipped by in a haze of work, rain, grey skies and the usual grind and before I knew it I was a week or so away from the LA trip and was frantically searching for a suitably glamorous dress for Elton John's Oscar viewing dinner and party that wouldn't break the bank.

Somewhat of an oxymoron given my expensive taste but lack of budget to back it up. Luckily I found the perfect dress on Net a Porter but when it turned up I couldn't even get it over my head.

Confused by the Danish sizing I had inadvertently bought a teeny tiny size 0 equivalent.

This wouldn't have been such a disaster if it wasn't for the fact that it was Tuesday and I was flying to LA on Thursday.

The new, larger size dress arrived on the morning of my flight and I had no time to try it on.

I literally just stuffed it into a dress cover and scarpered to the airport.

Before I knew it we were taking off and I felt small butterflies in the pit of my stomach as though I was going to meet a long distance lover after months of separation (for the record, I wasn't).

Several hours of gassing with friends (no my dear yank buddies we were not passing wind, but talking), three movies, one glass of wine, two meals and several snacks later, we arrived.

And then the madness began. The next couple of days went by in a haze.

Highlights included dinner at Cut (sat at the table next to a very dapper Colin Firth and his equally gorgeous wife) where I met Wolfgang Puck (and several of his sous chefs) who came out personally to serve us our food and say hello (my bigwig friends always get insane seats and service, I just tag along) the Soho House Oscar party, discovering the Soho House photo booth (n.b. advance warning this blog is bound to end up littered with photos from there), lunch at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills (where I was so hungover that I spent most of it unashamedly gawping at the plastic fantastic ageing Wasps - seriously if someone lit a match most of the people in that room would have started to melt), nearly choking to death and then laughing so much I almost wet myself at my friend Nick introducing our friend Chrissy to his friend Patrick Cox saying 'Patrick please meet Chrissy Iley, she is a witch' (he then tried to explain Chrissy was a white witch and Chrissy then miaowed hissed - poor Patrick's face was priceless), Kevin Spacey's Oscar bash at the most gorgeous boutique hotel le petit ermitage, the yummiest Italian food at Robert de Niro's restaurant Argo, shopping on Robertson Boulevard (one of my favourite shopping streets in the world) a very special trip to my spiritual home further north on Robertson and of course my old boss Harvey Weinstein's pre Oscar party.

Fun, fun, fun.

But you know how they say you can have too much of a good thing?

But by the time the Oscars day itself arrived, I awoke grumpy.

I was all partied and glammed out and frankly utterly exhausted.

What I really wanted was a day in my PJs generally vegetating.

And then I realised that in the whirl of the last few days I still hadn't tried on my new dress!

So I literally tore off my PJs and put the dress on and was so relieved that it actually fitted perfectly - see below. 


Taken by my crackberry. I am not a crap self portrait taker but rather a fan of headless shots. My friends get annoyed.

Taken by my crackberry. I am not a crap self portrait taker but rather a fan of headless shots. My friends get annoyed.


This cheered me up somewhat and I was further cheered up by the fact that we were having an early pizza lunch at Cecconis. Everyone who knows me well knows how over excited I get about pizza and the Cecconis pizza is particularly good.

After stuffing my face with pizza I got ready excitedly and before I knew it I was sipping champagne in the sunshine. And posing as per below.

Grainy crackberry photo….at EJ’s viewing party

Grainy crackberry photo….at EJ’s viewing party

It was a great evening and I had a fantastic time (I am not going to spill all the beans on the evening, I am saving that for my memoirs!) but come midnight when I was being cajoled into party hopping, I decided to call it a night.

For someone who spent most of her time in Ugg boots and leggings/tracksuit bottoms I was done with being uber glam and my feet were over being in 5 inch heels for 9 hours.

Back at the hotel I replied to a message from my good friend and spiritual mentor back in London. She knew I had been down in the dumps for a while and was excited for me to have a fun weekend away and hoped I would return happier.

I sent her the following,

'Hey Chana, thank you, I have had such a great time but you know I am over LA/Hollywood/that whole scene - I think I have had enough of this town to last a lifetime! Feel like I have been here for weeks! And I am really looking forward to being back in London seeing friends and family including you! Lots of love xx'


I went to sleep at around 1am feeling really excited to return to London.

Then I had a dream.

THE dream.

I can't share all of the details right now because I am superstitious and don't want to tempt fate...but all I can tell you is that I woke up and sat bolt upright in bed at around 5am and said, "Shit. I have to move to LA".

It is the hardest thing to explain but it was such a strong gut feeling that I knew with every inch of my being that this was what I had to do.

Thinking back to my message to Chana I felt like a bit of a schizophrenic but this feeling was so strong and I had only ever had it a few times in my life before and it had always served me well.

Whether it was meeting a new friend who I knew was going to become one of my besties for life (and years later still are), buying and selling properties, or when I applied for my job at Schillings (then Schilling and Lom) and knew I would work there (despite the fact that it was one of the best media law firms in the country and competition was fierce, plus I wasn't exactly fighting off offers - I had been rejected from literally hundreds of law firms)or meeting a new guy and just knowing he would become my boyfriend.

All different but important life events, they shared a common thread.

I had that same, incredibly strong, gut feeling that often defied logic, yet was always accompanied by a feeling of absolute certainty.

So on Monday 28th February 2011 I decided I was going to take a three month sabbatical to LA.

I knew there were tons of practicalities that I needed to work out and I didn't have a clue how I would deal with those but I knew with absolute certainty that they would work themselves out and fairly smoothly. I was going to live in LA for a few months and it was going to happen soon.

And I had major butterflies for the first time in 2 years.

Anyone would have thought I had met my soulmate.

And in case you are wondering, no I didn't.

Not that weekend anyway.

HIGH FIVES! September 2018's five faves

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy New Moon!

What a lunar cycle this has been.....I am truly ready for the seasons to change and for a new season of life to begin....

Here are my high fives from the last lunar cycle...

1. New home, new adventure, new memories....

You guessed it, we moved! That was our solar eclipse gift/change that I alluded to last month. And I have to say I couldn't be happier. Our new home is only two miles away from our old place, yet couldn't be more different. It's the upstairs of a quaint 1920's style duplex. It's huge, with tons of character, amazing light and we have our own private patio which is officially our love corner. Insert heart emoji and visualize a cute little french cafe bistro style set up. Lots of sunsets, moon gazing and balmy al fresco dining. We are so happy! Now I say the patio is 'officially' our love corner because I discovered this via the amazing Meghan Wallace James, a modern feng shui expert and all round special soul who shui'd our place before we moved in and boy am I glad I did that! I am sure I will be writing about my feng shui experience with Meghan in detail in time to come, but in the meantime check her out, whether you've moved home or are just in need of an energetic shift in your current home (or office).

2. Cosy caffeine free cuppas

With the seasons changing soon and overcast cloudy mornings and the temperatures slowly dropping (although, let's see if we have that crazy late 'Indian summer' Fall heatwave like last year, I am praying not, but who knows with the insane global weather patterns!) I have been craving cosy drinks. I am obsessed with this delicious cacao reishi which makes for the most yummy hot caffeine free cuppa. Sometimes I like it espresso style, other times with a dash of vanilla hemp milk. It's low in sugar (only 2 grams per serving) and the reishi cacao mix really helps me relax (noticeably more so than just cacao and hot water or hot milk). It's  an alternative, healthy, yet delicious hot choccie. I can't wait for proper Autumn, or Fall as my Americans say. Cosy hot reishi cacao hot choccies, wrapping up in big sweaters and cardis, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Bring it on!

3. Silver linings and sweet memories

Every cloud has its silver lining and as much as packing was my low of the month (I find the packing part and physical move part of a new home sooo stressful) whilst packing and decluttering I came across many sweet memories. One of these was rediscovering an old journal the contents of which inspired a now defunct blog called 'From London to LA with Love' and re-reading and re-living some of the crazy journey I went on which resulted in the life I am now leading here in LA. I am republishing the blog in installments and the first installment 'London - stuck in a rut with you' is now up. So if you want to know how I found myself moving to LA then you can read all about it in weekly installments!

4. Natural white teeth!

When I first moved to LA I was dazzled by everyone's pearly smiles and so I had my teeth professionally whitened and I think they took it a little too far. With my dark complexion I looked like Ross from Friends when he his teeth whitening went somewhat wrong... but even worse. So I have steered clear of teeth whitening since. In the years that have passed my teeth have slowly become stained (my love of strong English breakfast black tea and red wine!) and I have been wanting to whiten them but I have also become a lot more conscious about what products I use/consume. I love this all natural charcoal whitening toothpaste which has really helped shift that tannin tea stain but is also all natural/good for you.

5. Virgo season feels. Turn wonder into worry.

Ah Virgo season. How I love it. If you follow any of my Soulstrology blogs or Instagram posts you will know how much I love to talk about my #virgorising ha! So I am reveling in Virgo season. But the shadow of Virgo is worry and with multiple things happening professionally and personally I will be honest I have been worrying more than usual, wondering how I am going to juggle everything, how things are going to work out and indeed IF they are going to work out. Step in my wise, beautiful friend Amber Rae who I met on a life changing weekend workshop over a year ago (I will be talking about this more in time to come). She wrote this wonderful book about turning wonder into worry and reading it and following her story has really helped me.

So that's my high fives from this last lunar month.

I hope you've enjoyed them and perhaps they can help you in some way.

As always I love to hear your highlights, whether it's trips you've been taking, life changes, or products you've been using- it's all alchemy!

Wishing you all a beautiful month ahead.


Ambi x

From London to LA with love: London, stuck in a rut with you....

Ambi Sitham

Hello dear souls who find your way to my website and find yourself reading this blog.

Times they are a changing and I am finding myself called to share more about my journey of alchemy and deep transformation which started over a decade ago in January 2008.

In truth I think I am writing and sharing more for myself as a form of self-expression which I have stifled for a long time but I am now unable to ignore.

I hope too that sharing my journey may also help others on their paths of transformation.

As I recently celebrated six years of living in the city of angels I stumbled upon an old blog which I started mid 2012 and documents my move to Los Angeles.

The blog was entitled 'From London to LA with Love' and was inspired by the emails I sent to a select bunch of good friends during my initial three month sabbatical in Los Angeles in the summer of 2011.

And this is the 'bio' of sorts that I wrote to accompany the (now defunct) blog.

A true story in real time. A seemingly sane (yet clearly cuckoo, that's moi!) professional young woman from London who after a random dream, decided to move to LA, uprooting her entire life in the process.

This blog documents the ensuing journey I went on (am still on) emotionally, spiritually, romantically and professionally and the transition from living in London to my new life in La La land.

I felt inspired to share it all with you and wow is reading it again bringing back so many feels...

So here it is...

Part One: London, stuck in a rut with you....


January 2011

Life in London was good.

But the truth is that something was missing and it had been for a while.

On the surface I could tick so many of the boxes that people regularly have as their checklist for happiness. I was healthy and financially stable. I had a wonderful flat near to close friends and family whom I saw often. I had a packed and fun social life.

I hadn't yet found that special person but I was having a lot of fun interviewing... and I had total faith that Mr X and that happy ever after ending would come at the right point in my life.

Things were good. Apart from this underlying feeling that something was missing and a restlessness that I couldn't shake off with a fun date or new crush, weekend break or a new course.

And the truth is that I had been feeling slightly off since September 2009 - a mere six months after I had bought my flat.

At a time when I was living the life I had always thought I had wanted I couldn't stop the little voice inside that told me that I wasn't living the life I should be.

I tried to quieten it by looking harder around me for people or things to get passionate about.

But I couldn't find the solution anywhere. So I carried on maintaining the status quo whilst always looking out for whatever it may be that I was missing.

However I couldn't help but feel like a hamster on a wheel and the truth is that deep down inside I was pretty miserable.

And then everything came  to a head in January 2011.

Unlike many people who find January a depressing month I always found the new year an exciting time; the whole year ahead of you, so many adventures and dreams to be discovered - a time to be planting seeds for everything you wanted your year to be.

But this year was different. I felt apathetic and jaded - almost unheard of for me.

As I stood on the tube sweltering in my winter coat I looked at the man in front of me who had taken his coat off and wore a t-shirt on with writing on the back that said, 'Been there, seen it, done it'.

At this exact moment the Stereophonics song 'Stuck in a Rut' came on my ipod. 


Excuse the grainy picture....taken by my then blackberry, or crackberry as I used to like to call it! Remember those?!

Excuse the grainy picture....taken by my then blackberry, or crackberry as I used to like to call it! Remember those?!

As I stared at the words on the man's t-shirt and with the words of the song in my ears I felt my face flush as my eyes pricked with tears and before I knew it I was 'that girl'.

You know that girl you see with tears streaming down her face on the tube with her earphones in and you presume is crying over some guy.

Well that was me.

Apart from the fact that I was crying, and dare I say mourning, for myself.

Here are the lyrics of the Stereophonics song: -


You make do with your lot,
You got a choice to make,
You gotta follow your gut,
Your heads in a state,
You're stuck in a rut,
You're wasting days,
Time don't wait so..

Make your choice either go or stay
What you got in your heart is dying every day
You're scared to let go though your mind is made
Just pack your soul and don't stay

You're feeling down and low
You're dreaming of how it should feel,
Staying will set your soul on fire,
You're stuck in a rut and your life is forgotten.

It's only a house don't make it a home
Are you a man or a mouse?
You gotta walk it alone
It's time to let go, get on with the show
The clock is ticking

What you've got is long gone
Draw a line in the sand
Your poker face is shot
I can see through your hand
Stop lying to yourself
Gotta make new plans
Time don't wait for no man

You're feeling down and low
You're dreaming of how it should feel
Staying will set your soul on fire


As I got off the tube, trying to hide my face in shame from the sympathetic glances of onlookers, I resolved that somehow I would shake my life up.

My mind raced from all range of possibilities from moving out to the suburbs and getting a bigger place, to going to Thailand for a month's working holiday with a charity, to a yoga retreat in Ibiza.

I was soon home (the joys of living a stone's throw from the tube station) and I sat down with a cup of tea and stared out at the Anthony Gormley statue which stood firmly on top of the building opposite my apartment complex and was my constant companion.

Gormley’s dark figure is entitled  You  and some commentators have said that he gives the impression to onlookers of being squeezed into a tight urban surrounding, perhaps a comment on London life....

Gormley’s dark figure is entitled You and some commentators have said that he gives the impression to onlookers of being squeezed into a tight urban surrounding, perhaps a comment on London life....

And then my phone buzzed. With a message from a good friend.

Would I like to join him and a bunch of our lovely friends for a fun long weekend in LA for Oscars weekend?

My flights were taken care of and all I needed to bring was my wardrobe of choice and my party mojo...

For the first time in ages I felt quite excited. This trip clearly wasn't the solution to my lost soul but maybe a fun, glamorous weekend away with this gang would give my mojo a much needed boost.

Little did I know what that trip would spark.

But you know what they say about things happening when you least expect it...

Part two is coming next stay tuned if you'd like :)

HIGH FIVES! August 2018 five faves

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely people! 

Wowie what a month it has been…..I literally feel as though it has been six months since my last (and first ever!) HIGH FIVES blog post.

That mid-July eclipse…woah! 

It’s been a month of twists and turns and ultimately GINORMOUS (I think that is a word, right, like a mix between giant and enormous?!) shifts. 

It has been a rollercoaster (and it continues, let's just say this next lunar cycle is going to be FULL!), but I couldn’t be happier and I am looking forward to sharing more in time to come…

In the meantime I am honoring the whispering of my soul to take some time out, to be truly present and engaged in this process of alchemy.

So I am taking a little time offline (I am actually aiming for no more than two hours per week on the internet/computer full stop during the next two weeks!) and a full Instagram break between the lunar cycles.

I will be back on the 'gram' on Friday August 24th :)

Onward, here are five of my highlights from the last lunar cycle.

1. Oh hi, Ojai…

On the day of the July solar eclipse we decamped to Ojai where we spent a few days eating the best food, drinking my favorite local red wine, cycling around the quaint little town, playing tennis (him) and bathing in the natural hot springs (me). It was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered and on point for the Cancer solar eclipse. I will be writing all about the trip some other time with all of my Ojai recommendations. Until then I leave you with this photo of me in utter bliss in the best hot tub nestled in the garden of Mother Nature.



2. Get your (V) steam on!

I used to have regular v steams for a while and found them deeply relaxing (with a kinda regal element to them!) and they helped regulate my hormones and my cycle. As per so many other things that are good for me, I somehow got out of the habit of going regularly but in the last month I have been twice and my body seems happier as a result. 

Yep, I know Gwynny gets a bashing for this and so may I, but who cares, this is my truth and it works for me and who knows, maybe it will work for you?! I go to Tikkun Spa in Santa Monica and make the most of their wonderful salt, clay, sauna and steam rooms to get my sweat on, detox and chill - pre and post V steam.

3. Honey, sweet honey

With all the crazy twists and turns I have been expending a lot of energy and have been fighting off fatigue. I am not a big caffeine drinker (literally only have two cups of black tea a day) so I couldn't rely on caffeine as a pick me up. So in true retro style I REverted to my old tried and trusted pick me up which is this delicious honey. This isn’t your average honey. It is created for the development of the Queen Bee (Bee not Bey, but I guess Bey’s equal in the bee world!) and is power packed full of B vitamins, antibacterial properties, enzymes  and is said to treat everything from asthma to hormonal issues, PMS, insomnia, fatigue and a whole heap of other ailments. I take a quarter to half a teaspoon one hour after waking before sipping on my first caffeinated tea of the day. I don’t put it in my tea because the heat is said to reduce the potency of the royal jelly plus I like how it tastes and have gotten into the habit of that little taster of honey before my tea. It’s helped me so much during this busy month and I swear my skin is looking better too….(apparently it helps produce collagen naturally - win win!)

4. Creating space

We are having a serious declutter. Putting things into storage. Donating. Recycling.

You get the picture.

This is not easy when you are married to a Cancerian hoarder but I am cracking my Virgo rising whip because I want our home (and our energy fields!) to be clutter free.

Clear, calm space = clear, calm mind - in my world.

As part of this decluttering process I am rereading this feng shui tidying up book. I read it a couple of years ago but I really needed to re-read it (in true REtrograde style!)

I know the author gets a bashing for some of her musings and approaches, but I say, take what resonates and works for you and leave the rest!

As we navigate the last eclipse, mass retrogrades and approach the last month of Summer I highly recommend a clean out/purge and this book really helps! 

5. Writing is therapy

I love writing. I find it so therapeutic and have done since I was a little girl. Although my grammar and punctuation is often way off, I feel I can truly express my heart through my words, even if it isn’t always as polished as I would like it to be. I have so many journals it is insane! I love buying them as gifts for people and I am always gifting myself new journals. I bought this journal for my fellow Sagittarian father in law and he loves it. I love the entire range of journals from this designer which are high quality, yet reasonably priced. Who knows, maybe one of these days I will actually dive back into the journal I dedicated to working through this classic by Julia Cameron. One day I will finish... I am a work in progress, as always....


I hope you’ve enjoyed my high fives and I would love to hear any of your highlights from the last lunar month - from the deep and meaningful to the simple and seemingly superficial - it's all alchemy!

Wishing you all a terrific Thursday and a peaceful couple of pre-eclipse days! 


Ambi x

HIGH FIVES! July 2018's five faves

Ambi Sitham

Hint - everything rose is giving me life!

Hint - everything rose is giving me life!

Hello lovely ones and happy Wednesday!

Now, I am embracing a different season of life and way of sharing alchemy so I have a new monthly blog which will will come out just before the New Moon each month, in which I will be sharing five of my highlights from the previous lunar month.

I hope that by sharing new things I am doing, or new products I have discovered, I am living out some of my alchemy journey with you in real time and it may inspire you on your journey.

So here are my HIGH FIVES of the last month!

1) Healing, receiving, and letting that shit go - literally

As many of you will know I am a Reiki master and energy healer but I formally stopped these sessions Fall. I have been embracing a new chapter of life since getting married a year ago and have felt as though my energy needed to be directed more inwards to myself, or to my immediate loved ones,  than externally.

This month I also realized that it was time for me to receive some healing too. So I went for it! In this space of three days I had a reiki session with the powerful reiki master and special soul Ali Werner, a mayan abdominal massage and v-steam with the incredible Marcia Lopez of Women's True Healing, and a 'closed' colon hydrotheraphy session with the amazing Nina (who did 15 minutes of reiki and crystal healing on me before the actual colonic) of Iyasu Colonics.

I literally feel like a different person. It's kind of insane! I have realized how much I also need to heal, receive and be energetically, physically and spiritually cleansed regularly. I cannot recommend the above ladies more highly. I am promoting them out of pure love, respect and gratitude - they are amazing and if you need to let some shit go (literally), some reproductive wellness and healing, or just to be energetically cleansed, aligned and filled back up - these are your ladies in LA! And if you don't live in LA maybe reach out to these ladies to ask for their recommendations where you live and/or let this inspire you to seek out your own healing and aligning journey.

2) Summertime reading

I guess a kind of polar opposite to the healing and cleansing is that I have recently felt quite turned off by self-help books. This is VERY unusual for me. Since my spiritual journey started 10 years ago, I have barely read anything but self-help, spiritual, religious, mystical, metaphysical books. But in the last month or so I have just not been feeling it. So in line with Cancer season I have been following my feels and the truth is that I have been craving some light fluffy entertainment which is also well written. Enter Kevin Kwan. I devoured this book of his - the first of a trilogy - which is a light but oh so fun and captivating read. The second part of the trilogy is on its way to me and I already can't wait to read it and then the final installment. My goal is to read them all before the movie of the first book comes out in August!

3) The heart wants what it wants

And my heart has been craving all things I have been honoring that and these are the products which have been helping me.

  • I am obsessed with this healing rose balm which works amazingly well anywhere on your body - lips, cuticles, dry patches - and is small enough to fit in your purse.

  • These rose incense sticks give me life. I used to use them in healing sessions all the time. I would light them before a client arrived to infuse the aroma of rose into my space and to set the tone for a heart centered healing session. Now I am using them for myself, when I wake up and write my morning pages.

  • I found these rose sandalwood incense cubes which also contain frankincense, Siam balsam, sandalwood, myrrh, iris roots, as well as rose oil. They smell heavenly and are a lovely alternative to traditional incense sticks.

  • These edible organic, non GMO rose petals and buds are going in everything from my smoothies, to my baths, I am making rose water and buckets of rose tea. I am basically soon to be a rose!

  • Finally, in this insane LA heatwave this cooling rosewater and aloe face spray is helping me stay fresh and calm. As soon as I smell the rose aroma I feel instantly calmer about my lack of air conditioning (yes really, we have no air con!) and it's a great toner. I am keeping it in the fridge so it is nice and refreshing when I spray it.

4) Bloom Yellow

I don't know if many of you know about the Yellow Conference but I discovered it in 2014  - after my annus horribilis of 2013 - and attended their inaugural conference in August of that year which was exactly what the doctor ordered. Think three days of inspiration from creative, conscious entrepreneurs - meeting the kindest souls, the best goodie bag and walking away feeling enthused and inspired about the solopreneur life and creative projects (many of which were ideas of mine back in 2014 but have taken until now to come to fruition!). I attended again in 2015 but skipped 2016 and 2017 - because - life. But the two times I attended I have felt like I have bloomed afterwards. I like the Yellow Co's tagline/hashtag which is #bloomyellow as it is on point.

This year I felt called to go but then talked myself out of it and then was still umming and ahhing but somewhat torn. I have no idea why, I think it's a bit like the receiving healing where I feel a bit indulgent and almost a bit guilty. My husband basically told me I was crazy and I should go. Not that I needed his approval, but his encouragement helped me stop faffing and get my ticket. So I will be going (it's in August) and I am so excited! Three days of empowerment, education and inspiration - for and by creative, entrepreneurial women to become agents of good. Yes please! It's so nice to have something to look forward to and I am so excited as to what inspiration I will receive not only for further creative projects but also for how I can give back even more (a huge theme of the Yellow Co).

5) Capturing moments forever

When we went to our friends wedding last Fall they had a mini polaroid camera and lots of film, the idea being guests could take pictures as momentos and stick some in a guest book with a little note for the happy couple. It was such a fun and sweet idea and we got loads of lovely pics of us from the day which we have put in the teeniest little frames and are dotted around our apartment. We borrowed their camera for our wedding and and it was SO fun for us and our guests. So we decided to get our own because as much as snapping photos on our phones are great there is something so fun about having a physical print as an immediate (and permanent) record of a beautiful memory. I realized how much I get out of looking at these little pictures of us and our family and friends and how much happiness it brings to me, it's just different than staring at images on a phone. There is something timeless and exquisite about a film picture, plus polaroids are just uber flattering without being filtered or edited. And who doesn't want that?! This is the camera we bought along with the cutest vintage style case. I am looking forward to capturing many sweet moments this summer and beyond. I will no doubt share many of them and have a feeling both my Instagram and future blogs will be peppered with polaroids going forwards :)

I hope you enjoyed reading about my high fives from this last lunar cycle and that perhaps it inspires you in some way to create some high fives in your life.

Maybe it's healing, maybe it's booking a course or workshop or trip, maybe it's reading something new or consuming a different product which your body needs, maybe it's working out how to document your life journey more permanently...

Maybe it's something completely different!

The most important thing is that you embrace the new lunar cycle and the opportunity to create some alchemy in your life over the next lunation.

From the deep and meaningful to the simple - it's all alchemy!

I look forward to hearing your high fives :)

Wishing you all an early happy New Moon - may your solar eclipse experience be sizzling in the best possible way!


Ambi x



Our first year of marriage....

Ambi Sitham

Happy one year anniversary to us!

One year ago, we eloped in Las Vegas...

In the oldest chapel in Vegas, we made our vows to love each other for the rest of our lives and formally became husband and wife.

And what a year it has been since...

Four weddings (two of them ours!), a funeral (my beloved Dad), a move (we only moved in together after getting married and I let go of my apartment), professional changes (me letting go of half my practice and starting a podcast and another new venture - him getting a new job), lots of trips, adventures, lessons and shifts...

It hasn't all been easy, by any means.

But the miracle and joy is that our love has deepened with each day and that with all the ups and downs we have not only gotten closer (which I didn't think was possible), but we've also managed to laugh and find comfort in each other on all of the ride...even the white knuckled, grit your teeth, stomach churning parts...

I will be writing more about the deeply transformative journey I have been on because even from the little snippets I share above, I am sure you can understand when I say that on a personal level this last year has been truly life changing...and hey, maybe me sharing my alchemy journey can help someone else reading...

Until then I wanted to share this little video reel from our two weddings and Hawaii honeymoon as well as the below quote (found on Pinterest)  which to me sums up the real love of a soulmate union.


They say love is blind. I disagree. Infatuation is blind. Love is all-seeing and accepting. Love is seeing the flaws and blemishes and accepting them. Love is accepting the bad habits and mannerisms, and working around them. Love is recognizing all the fears and insecurities, and knowing your role it to comfort. Love is working through all the challenges and painful times. Infatuation is fragile and will shatter when life is not perfect. Love is strong and it strengthens because it is real.

Cheers to this journey of real love...


Ambi x