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Soulstrology Posts

Jupiter in Scorpio Part 2: Healing is the first stage of manifesting

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones!

I hope you found the Soulstrology Jupiter in Scorpio Cosmic Coaching questions useful and that you took the time to answer them fully and to review the last Jupiter in Scorpio transit and understand how it impacted upon your life.

Next up is Part 2 where we lay the foundations for the next thirteen months of the current Jupiter in Scorpio transit.

Jupiter is known as the great gift giver and the cosmic benefic.

As a result people expect miracles from a Jupiter transit and are sometimes confused when they did not manifest as much as they expected.

The reason for this is multi-fold.

Firstly, Jupiter doesn't simply deliver gifts.

He brings opportunities (often miracle making ones) but we need to take action in order to obtain the best outcome from them and receive our cosmic gifts.

Secondly, Jupiter expands the status quo.

In other words whatever is the current state of affairs in the Scorpio ruled parts of our charts (or the natural zodiac themes ruled by Scorpio which relate to each of us) is what will be expanded upon.

As a result we need to make sure that whatever Jupiter is about to expand, is what we want expanding!

Lastly, Jupiter is actually a great healer.

Often the 'miracle' of first stage of his transit is the healing process where healing alchemy takes place transforming any darkness into light and goodness which later in the transit the cosmic giant goes onto expand.

So Part 2 of the Soulstrology Jupiter in Scorpio Cosmic coaching is asking ourselves some tough questions about the Scorpio ruled parts of each of our charts and the natural zodiac themes ruled by Scorpio (joint finances, debts, loans, intimacy, sex, transformation and death).

Here are the questions I want you to ask yourself this week using the Soulstrology Jupiter in Scorpio zodiac guide to direct the questions to the areas of life being activated in your chart.

1) What wounds do I have in relation to the areas of life being highlighted by this transit? (remember, read for your sun sign, rising sign and consider the natural zodiac themes).

2) What healing needs to take place in relation to the areas of life being highlighted by this transit and how can I do this?

3) What do I need to allow to die which is clearly decaying? It can be an external tangible 'thing' or something more internal - a way of thinking, behaving, psychological matter.

4) What can be transformed and soulfully reborn?

5) What areas would I like to become more soulfully empowered in?



Aries: Joint finances of all sorts, sex, intimacy, transformation and death

Taurus: Partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Gemini: Daily routine, work and lifestyle. Health - mind, body and soul

Cancer: Love/romance, fun, self-expression, creativity, hobbies, children - yours or others

Leo: Domestic/family life and home - who, what and wear means home to you

Virgo: Your mind, communication, your voice in all formats including related projects, neighbors, siblings, your local community

Libra: Your personal finances and income, your possessions, your values - who and what you value and your self-esteem

Scorpio: Your identity, personal appearance and autonomy, how others view you

Sagittarius: Healing, the hidden, your subconscious mind, work you do in private, secrets

Capricorn: Friendships, groups you belong to and causes you support - your soul tribe. Your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future

Aquarius: Career, ambition, success and status. Ultimately your soul's legacy

Pisces: Spirituality, religion, higher learning, foreign places and people, legal matters, publishing