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Soulstrology Posts

Full Moon Chiron Soulstrology Soundbath meditation

Ambi Sitham

Happy Monday everyone!

It's an intense time in our world and my heart is heavy with the news of so much senseless violence and tragedy.

To add to this we have an intense Full Moon coming up this Thursday October 5th.

As many of you know I perform Soulstrology Soundbaths where I play a soundbath with planetary gongs reflecting specific astrological energies.

I have decided to record a series of curated Soulstrology soundbaths which are tailored at assisting with aligning with specific planetary energies.

My goal is to provide you lovely members of this Soulstrology community with monthly Soulstrology Soundbaths which you can listen to as a meditation and will help you align further with the cosmos each month.

I advise lying down and listening with headphones for maximum effect.

Here is the first Full Moon Soulstrology Soundbath.

I hope you enjoy.

And I hope that each of us turning our wounds into wisdom and healing ourselves in turn helps heal our world, and injects some much needed good energy into our earthly existence.


Ambi x