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Soulstrology Posts

Jupiter in Scorpio October 2017 - November 2018 Part 1: Success with intimacy, sex and money will come from soulful transformation

Ambi Sitham


Tomorrow, October 10 2017, Jupiter, the great cosmic benefic who brings luck, miracles and expansion, moves into the watery sign of Scorpio where he will stay until November 18 2018.

I will be writing a series of Soulstrology cosmic coaching blogs to assist you all (regardless of your sign) to make the most of this transit and harnessing both the light of Jupiter and Scorpio/Pluto to make positive shifts in your lives over the next thirteen months.

In the natural zodiac Scorpio is the ruler of the eighth house.

This house governs shared resources (often referred to as joint finances, so shared finances that come through inheritances, loans, mortgages, investors, trusts,  joint projects etc), sex and intimacy, death, rebirth and transformation.

Soulstrology says that the eighth house (a little like the twelfth house) is one of the most intense houses in our charts and lives, given it covers such emotive areas of life, like money, intimacy and sex.

Regardless of our sign Soulstrology says that the natural zodiac themes of life in each of our lives will be impacted by Jupiter in Scorpio.

Of course, in each of our unique charts, this transit will take place in specific life areas, based on both our sun sign and our rising sign, so you can use the chart calculator on my site to work out where this transit is falling in your unique natal chart and later this week I will provide a guide for the Jupiter in Scorpio transit for each sign (read for both your Sun and rising sign).

As Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, over the next thirteen months, as part of Jupiter bringing you blessings in the Scorpio ruled part of your life, he will also bring deep transformation and rebirth which often comes from 'death' and endings - all themes of Pluto.

As Jupiter takes just over a year to transit a different sign of the zodiac it will take him another twelve years to transit the part of your chart he is going to grace over the next year.

So you must think of this next thirteen months as a time in which you are planting seeds of success which will reap rewards not only over the next thirteen months, but will benefit from over the next twelve years.

Touching on this twelve year theme, as the first part of this Soulstrology cosmic coaching I want you to all look back to October 2005 - November 2006.

Whilst many of us would have been considered fully fledged adults and navigating adulting, others would still have been at school at this time and been juggling adolescence.

Regardless of your age and where you were at in life, look back and think about the themes that you experienced from October 2005 through to November 2006, looking specifically at the Scorpio ruled parts of your unique chart.

Then I want you to take some time to journal, recalling memories from that time, big events that occurred - 'good' and 'bad' and the 'ugly' and ask yourself and dig deep and answer honestly (all Scorpio energies) the following questions.

1) Where did I experience loss, 'death' and endings?

2) What, where and how did I transform?

3) Was there an area of life in which I was reborn, or experienced a rebirth as such?

4) Did I (and if so in what areas of life and with whom) experience any power struggles?    Remember that sometimes our biggest power struggle is with ourselves!

5) Where and how did I experience success and 'power' of sorts?

6) What seeds were planted during October 2005 - November 2006 which I can see allowed for evolution and transformation which unfolded over the last twelve years?

As part of preparing for the Jupiter in Scorpio transit it is important for us to look back and conduct a thorough review of the last transit as best we can.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Soulstrology Jupiter in Scorpio series!


Ambi x