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Soulstrology Posts

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: The Pre-retrograde shadow November 14/15 2017

Ambi Sitham

Mercury Retrograde DO's!

Mercury Retrograde DO's!

Hello lovely ones and happy Monday!

Early heads up for you lovely members of this community (I truly appreciate each and everyone of you!) that this week mischievous Mercury's retrograde in Sagittarius begins....the official retrograde starts on December 3 but this Tuesday/Wednesday (14/15 November) the pre-retrograde shadow starts...and this is where the muddles and mysteries of Mercury retrograde will begin...

Look at where you have exactly 13 degrees of Sagittarius in your natal chart and also if you have any planets in Sagittarius, specifically between 13 and 29 degrees as this will tell you to what extent this particular Mercury retrograde will impact you.

Remember DO NOT PANIC.

I say this knowing that this Mercury retrograde is falling on my Sun sign of Sagittarius at 13 degrees!

I plan to work with the energy of this Mercury retrograde to my benefit (although I am completely aware that I will be thrown cosmic curveballs) and so should you!

Mercury retrograde does not mean doom, gloom and disaster but what it does mean is that we need to take care.

Take care with our words, our actions, our commitments, our conversations, our online activities, our purchases, our travel plans etc.

Whenever a planet either enters retrograde shadow, stations retrograde, or stations direct, or leaves retrograde shadow is usually when significant events that relate to that retrograde occur.

So what that means is that we all need to take note of what happens this Tuesday/Wednesday.

It doesn't have to be super dramatic, it can be something subtle, but powerful.

Nonetheless what happens this week (but particularly around Tuesday/Wednesday) will give us a taster of what this retrograde means for each of us (and of course it will be different for each of us, depending on what else is happening in our chart and where we are on the journey of life).

I will be writing more on this retrograde to help you navigate through it, so expect to hear from me again on Wednesday (and again on Friday as we have a New Moon the next day!) but for now here are some dates for your diary.

November 14/15 Mercury retrograde shadow starts at 13 degrees Sagittarius.

December 3 Mercury retrograde officially starts at 29 degrees Sagittarius.

December 23 Mercury retrograde stations direct aka the 'official retrograde' is over at 13 degrees of Sagittarius.

January 10 2018 Mercury retrograde shadow ends at 29 degrees of Sagittarius.

Wishing you all a good couple of days and will write more this Wednesday!


Ambi x