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Soulstrology Posts

Your Jupiter in Scorpio Mantras! Soulstrology Zodiac guide

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones!

I hope this finds you well...welcome to Sagittarius season!

More on this soon but for now I apologize for not posting this around the Scorpio New Moon but I got a little poorly in the dark moon and decided to take a few days off to rest, recuperate and switch off....feeling a gazillion times better now!

So, yes, we are out of Scorpio season BUT as I think you all know by now....Jupiter is in Scorpio!

And will be there until next November 2018.

So we have a whole year in which to make the most of transforming the Scorpio ruled areas of of our lives (and remember the natural zodiac ruled areas of life by Scorpio come into play here and apply to each of us, so sex, joint finances, intimacy, transformation) and manifesting magic and miracles.

Below is a Soulstrology Zodiac guide of mantras for the Jupiter in Scorpio transit.

These are tailored to what each sign needs to transform and embrace over the next year.

Repeat these over the next year! And practice them practically!

Read for your sun and rising sign.


As I transform my relationship with money I transform my financial reality

I embrace true intimacy of mind, body and soul


As I transform my relationship with myself I transform my relationships with others

I embrace my personal autonomy and bringing this to all my relationships


As I transform my daily routine I find harmony and balance on a daily basis

I embrace health and wellness as being the alignment of mind, body and soul


As I transform my relationship with joy, I have more fun in all areas of my life

I embrace self-expression and creativity and expressing myself more fully


As I transform my relationship with my childhood and family, I transform my relationship with my family and my current domestic life

I embrace home life and the domestic side of myself


As I transform my relationship with my mind, I find my voice and am able to express myself more fully

I embrace my voice and expressing it in all formats


As I transform my self-esteem and love myself more, I transform my personal finances

I embrace loving myself as being the most important work I do


As I transform internally, my life transforms externally and I manifest blessings effortlessly

I embrace total transformation of my entire being and existence


As I transform my psyche, I transform my fears into faith

I embrace healing and retreat as powerful manifesting tools


As I transform my goals to be not just for my own highest good but also the highest good of all, I experience transformation in my manifesting abilities

I embrace new friends, groups and associations


As I transform my definition of success and status I transform my ambitions and find true success in my career

I embrace soulful success as being my legacy


As I transform my beliefs I transform my life

I embrace higher learning and travel as ways of expansion and growth