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Soulstrology Posts

Mars in Scorpio: December 10th 2017 - January 26th 2018 Channeling anger into action

Ambi Sitham

Intensely powerful time but also fiery fury....

Intensely powerful time but also fiery fury....

Hello lovely ones and happy Friday!

I hope Mercury retrograde has been treating you well.

I am going to be honest I am finding this Mercury retrograde tough (it started at the exact same degree of my natal Mercury in Sag and finishes at the exact same degree of my Sun in Sagittarius, do we think the cosmos is trying to tell me something?!)

But practicing what I teach I am being super mindful around this transit knowing that the fact it hits my chart so directly and that Saturn is finishing up in Sagittarius means that it is a POWERFUL (albeit TOUGH) opportunity for me to really crystallize some of the lessons of the last few years and to really move forwards to shine (the Sun represents the essence of who we are) in the future.

Sharing this with you all because I want you to know that sometimes I too am totally frazzled by cosmic energies but I do my best to work with them mindfully and get the most out of them and usually the tougher the transit, the bigger the reward!

Onwards to Mars who this weekend moves out of Libra and into Scorpio where he will stay until January 26 2018.

Mars is well placed in Scorpio and if you have this placement in your natal chart not only are you experiencing your Mars return which is a super potent cosmic window for you as you sow the seeds for success over the next two years of life but you are also to enjoy a very powerful Mars placement ongoing! Lucky you!

See my earlier Ask Ambi Q+A (Mars Return) to understand what the return of Mars means for you, (regardless of your Mars sign you can wait until your Mars return to use this information).

But regardless of where our natal Mars is this transit offers each of us a powerful energy to work with in the Scorpio ruled parts of each of our charts (use the chart calculator on my site to work this out).

This is amplified by the fact that Mars will join Jupiter (who I think you know by now is also in Scorpio!) meaning the cosmic manifestor and the cosmic gift giver are joining forces to help each of us in relation to the Scorpio ruled parts of each of our lives.

Soulstrology says that even though this transit is powerful, like any transit, it has its pitfalls and the combined intensity of Mars and Scorpio can lead to anger issues and an explosion of energy which must be carefully channeled....into positive action!

Below are the Soulstrology Do's and Don'ts of this transit.


  • Take action. Mars in Scorpio is all about doing. Yes, Mercury is retrograde but that doesn't mean all activity needs to stop. This transit asks us to walk our talk and take action.
  • Take on a challenge. Especially in the Scorpio ruled part of your chart where this energy will be pushing you to rise up and pursue goals which you feel are challenging/outside your comfort zone.
  • Indulge in fantasy This is a very powerful transit to liven up your sex life which may have felt a little more zzzz than sizzling during the previous Mars tour of Libra. Mars in Scorpio brings sexy back.
  • Reinvent yourself. Scorpio is all about regeneration and rebirth. Mars is all about power, autonomy, ambition and manifesting. Jupiter in Scorpio brings you luck, whilst Mercury retrograde actually works in your favor to REinvent and RE present yourself to the world and enjoy a powerful REbirth!


  • Be too bossy. The shadow of Mars is bossiness and fiesty Scorpio this can lead to being too much of a force to be reckoned with (yes there is such a thing!) and being overly bossy and domineering which can lead to conflict which leads me nicely onto the next point.
  • Wage war. This placement can result in aggressive behavior (the shadow of both Mars and Scorpio) which can result in outright conflict. Mercury retrograde doesn't help with communication blips which can lead to fights. Watch your words and make them words of peace not war!
  • Manipulate. A by product of being bossy and domineering is manipulation. Be wary of emotionally manipulating others and indeed of being manipulated. Be grounded and fair!
  • Be a psycho Scorpio is one of the most feared signs of the zodiac for a reason. I LOVE Scorpios but when a Scorpio runs rogue it can get really ugly! We are talking psycho nation. The combination of Mars and Scorpio can bring out this side of each of us and others. Watch out for this!

Below is the Soulstrology Zodiac guide to this transit. Read for both your Sun sign and rising (if you know it)


Aries: Joint finances of all sorts, sex, intimacy, transformation and death

Taurus: Partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Gemini: Daily routine, work and lifestyle. Health - mind, body and soul

Cancer: Love/romance, fun, self-expression, creativity, hobbies, children - yours or others

Leo: Domestic/family life and home - who, what and wear means home to you

Virgo: Your mind, communication, your voice in all formats including related projects, neighbors, siblings, your local community

Libra: Your personal finances and income, your possessions, your values - who and what you value and your self-esteem

Scorpio: Your identity, personal appearance and autonomy, how others view you

Sagittarius: Healing, the hidden, your subconscious mind, work you do in private, secrets

Capricorn: Friendships, groups you belong to and causes you support - your soul tribe. Your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future

Aquarius: Career, ambition, success and status. Ultimately your soul's legacy

Pisces: Spirituality, religion, higher learning, foreign places and people, legal matters, publishing