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Welcome to Soulstrology!

Soulstrology Posts

Welcome to Soulstrology!

Ambi Sitham

magic clap your hands

Hi everyone and welcome to the new Soulstrology general membership!

I have wanted to set this up for nearly two years now, however, the combination of a heavy workload/schedule and lack of technical prowess thwarted my desires…

But I am a believer in cosmic divine timing over my timing, so here we are, finally live and up and running, woohoo!

I wanted to write a little welcome note so that you know what to expect from the membership.

Most importantly and the foundation of all I do is my desire is to help others to help themselves.

Soulstrology is mind/body/soul cosmic coaching which can help you create alchemy in your own life.

And it’s a fun journey.

I am offering a complimentary trial period.  

Consider it a gift from the cosmos, and me!

If (which I hope!) you enjoy and benefit from it then after the trial period is over you can join as a monthly member for $11.11.  

Lastly, what should you expect in terms of content?

I will start off posting weekly blogs which will range from educational (simplifying Soulstrology so you can easily understand and apply it in your own life) to answering reader questions via Ask Ambi (as I have done on That’s So Retrograde before) and audio content - think mantras, meditations and more!

I may even introduce Soulstrology Scopes come Fall but for now, I am just starting slow and building (that’s my practical grounded Virgo rising, Taurus moon tempering my let’s do it all NOW Sagittarius sun)!

I will still be writing and sharing my usual new and full moon blogs on my site so even if you choose not to join Soulstrology in the future you can still access the monthly Cosmic Updates.

As I have been a busy bee in all areas you can expect the first Soulstrology Member post to go live early next week (post-Memorial Day) but for now, I hope you enjoy a little manifesting meditation I recorded last summer during the Arizona summer storms.

Happy New Moon and a big cosmic welcome!

Ambi x