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Soulstrology Posts

Soulstrology guide to Gemini season 2017

Ambi Sitham

Welcome to Gemini season 2017!

Every lunar month we will delve into the traits of the current zodiac season which will differ slightly according to the other cosmic aspects at play (which naturally shifts monthly and annually).

Gemini season officially started on May 21st when the Sun moved into the Gemini zone of the zodiac and will last until Thursday June 22nd.

We had a gorgeous New Moon in Gemini last Thursday 25th May.

As with all New Moons, the most potent cosmic window is the day of.

However the following seven days are still a very powerful time in which to harness the energies to sow the seeds for your desires.

So if you haven't set your intentions yet, don't fret, there is still plenty of time!

So, what to expect from Gemini season?

First off, if you are either a Gemini sun sign or a Gemini rising, then this is YOUR season with the cosmic spotlight shining brightly on you.

But regardless of your sign, the cosmic spotlight is shining somewhere in your chart.

Go online and cast a free chart to see which areas of life Gemini rules in your chart and are highlighted by the cosmos this next month.

Turning now to Gemini, a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury.

This sign has a changeable, dual nature which may infuse the life areas ruled by Gemini in our charts.

Mercury's energies and themes are communication, the mind and travel which is reflected in Gemini's chatty and sociable nature, love of travel and a mind that often works overtime!

As Mercury is now back to fine form as he is finally out of retro-shade we can expect these themes to run smoothly over this particular Gemini season, or at least, we are unable to blame Mercury for any mishaps in these areas of life and instead have to take responsibility ourselves!

So let's get down to Soulstrology's DO's and DONT's for this next Gemini lunation which reflects the light and shadow of this sign.




  • Plan short trips/travel. Go for that weekend get-away, day trip or grab that last minute holiday deal.
  • Feed your mind. Nourish it. Read, learn, take a course, try a treatment for the mind (I am delving into hypnosis!)
  • Socialize. Connect with siblings, your neighbors and local community
  • Write. Whether it is private journaling, or public blogging, or starting to sketch the ideas of a book you've always wanted to write. Get pen to paper or hands to keyboard and start writing
  • Communicate. Pick up the phone to an old friend/relative you've not been in touch with for a while, send an 'I'm thinking of you card', have a conversation that is overdue, express how you're feeling.
  • Explore and embrace your unique duality. Try something you've always wanted to do or indulge that part of yourself which you perhaps need to acknowledge. Embrace and integrate the different facets of your personality into your life.




  • Be superficial or flaky. Mean what you say, say what you mean and let this be reflected in your actions.
  • Gossip. Even if it seems relatively harmless. Words have energy and gossip is harmful to the person being talked about, the person doing the gossiping and the person listening.
  • Overthink or let your mind spin out. Be mindful, rather than having a mind that is full.
  • Be indecisive and drive yourself and others mad in the process (comes from overthinking)
  • Be Jekyll and Hyde or two-faced. Duality can be a great thing, but being a split personality, or two faced and insincere is not!
  • Be lazy. If you're going to do something do it properly with full attention. If something needs to be done, get to it, don't procrastinate and/or prevaricate!


Saturn, the stern teacher....

Soulstrology tells us that the Gemini ruled parts of our charts (and therefore lives) have had cosmic life coach Saturn 'in opposition' at some point since December 2014 when he entered into Gemini's opposite sign Sagittarius. (Note it may be that you have yet to experience this depending on the exact degrees and angles in your unique chart but either way it will happen by the end of 2017 when Saturn departs Sagittarius).

With stern Saturn sitting opposite the Gemini ruled parts of our charts we would have felt that pressure of the polarity between those two opposing life areas.

E.g. for some people this could be their rising sign and their seventh house of committed partnerships so it could be the tension between their autonomy and the compromise of partnership.

For others, it could be that the fourth house (home/family/domestic life) and their tenth house (career, status, success) themes have clashed and there has been a tough re-balancing act in these two areas of life.

Either way this energy (and again, once you work out the Gemini and Sagittarius ruled parts of your chart you will easily be able to establish where this cosmic duel has been taking place) will come to a head this month with the annual Sun/Saturn opposition.

This takes place on June 15th 2017.

Soulstrology tells us that what happens either on, or around this day, shows us the degree to which we have learned Saturn's lessons and done his homework!

If you feel restricted, limited, frustrated or sad around this day then know that it is Saturn and his karmic lessons. Never fear, you still have plenty of time to integrate his lessons and reap the rewards by the end of the year!

It may be that something comes to fruition at this time, that there is structure and stability and success. As always, whatever happens is dependent upon your unique chart (and other transits you are experiencing) the unique circumstances of your life and your soul's journey.

Remember, the stars impel but they do not compel!

Hoping you've all had a great start to Gemini season and wishing you a mindful, magical rest of this lunation where you step out of the shadows of this sign to embrace its light.


Ambi x