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Soulstrology Posts

Ask Ambi: Mars Return

Ambi Sitham

Welcome to Ask Ambi - my new cosmic coaching agony aunt column.

Feel free to write to me at or reach out on Instagram or Facebook with a question about astrology, your unique natal chart, or a challenge you are going through.

I will write back via a blog which will be shared on the Membership section because the answer to your question, or the SOULUTION to your challenge, may well help others!

Please note that in certain blog responses (largely those dealing with very personal issues) I will often edit questions or omit details so as to protect the privacy of those who are seeking help.

Onwards to the first Ask Ambi Q+A which was a response to an Instagram post about the current Mars in Cancer transit.


I have my Mars in Cancer! What does this mean?


You are experiencing your Mars return!

In astrology the return of a planet is when a transiting planet reaches the same position in the zodiac (in terms of both sign and degree) as it holds in our natal chart.

The significance of each these planetary returns differs and I will probably explain more about these in future blog posts.

We all hear about our Saturn return because Saturn is a slower moving planet and its return, particularly the first return, is very much a rite of passage into adulthood.

No-one (whether they believe in astrology or not!) is immune to the impact of Saturn return!

However Saturn is not the only significant planetary return.

The return of Mars is powerful and will impact you for the next two years (as this is roughly how long Mars takes to transit the entire zodiac, dependent on his retrograde periods which occur approximately every two years).

Mars is the planet of energy, ambition and drive (and also rules sexual desire) so when you experience your Mars return it is likely your energy levels will be higher than normal.

This is an excellent time to plan for the future. What do you want?  What do you truly desire, lust after even? (can be a person, place, job, lifestyle, etc)

See where Mars is in your natal chart and therefore what life areas are governed by this house as this will show you which life areas are being highlighted by Mars energies over the next two years and where you are planting seeds for success.

Also, look at your solar chart (based on your sun sign).

Which house does Aries (and therefore Mars) rule in your solar chart?

As those life areas are also in the cosmic spotlight you ought to be thinking about what you wish to achieve in them over the next two years.

Notice events occurring around the time of your Mars return and the energies you are experiencing.

This will give you insights into the new endeavors that you will start in the next two years and what you will manifest.

Read my previous blog about the Mars in Cancer do’s and don’ts carefully and make sure you are harnessing the light of Mars in Cancer and steering clear of the shadows.

If you really wanted to go deeper in studying your Mars return you can also cast a Mars return chart which is very similar to a birth chart but shows you the exact astrological energies at the time of your unique Mars return.

Analysis of the various aspects made in the Mars return chart can help you identify key themes and dates for the next two year period in terms of the areas of life governed by Mars.

But this is isn’t a necessity and especially if you are a newbie to the cosmos, keeping things simple is best!

So in summary, look at your chart, see where Mars is placed, think about the life areas being highlighted (both in your natal and solar chart) and think about what you want (really really want a la Spice Girls!) and infuse your desires with the energy and light of Mars to manifest them.

I am wishing you a soulfully powerful, energized Mars return which brings you the fruition of your desires for your highest good and the greater good of all.


Ambi x