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Soulstrology Posts

Alchemy Member Gift

Ambi Sitham

Hello, lovely ones and happy Monday!

As you will know if you're signed up to my newsletter I'm on vacation until July 5th.

July's cosmic update will still post on the main site so please check there for the lowdown on what the cosmos has in store next month.

I will be back with Member posts next week to fill you in on the Venus in Gemini transit which starts on July 6th as well as fill you in on the intense Full Moon in Capricorn on July 8th.

As this is a very powerful Full Moon (due to the ongoing Pluto in Capricorn transit transforming the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our charts/lives) I will be writing a detailed a Member guide for each sign and how best they can work with this Full Moon.

In the meantime this week I wanted to gift each of you lovely members a little something special to help you on your path of alchemy....

As some of you may know, just over a year ago I took a long journey involving two planes, one car and a ferry to travel to a beautiful little island in Washington State called Lummi Island where I made my first set of Alchemy products.

There are three different sprays, Release, Manifest, and Connect.

Each aromatherapy spray contains flower essences and essential oils and is energetically charged in a crystal grid in the most magical forest (eco-certified, protected wildlife sanctuary) and then Reiki and sound charged by yours truly in Los Angeles.

They are such powerful, special sprays which I use myself and on clients and will be selling on my site.

Having sold out of them fairly quickly I have just had word that my next batch of sprays is about to arrive which is super exciting!

I wanted to gift each member a spray to say thank you for becoming part of the Soulstrology community and I hope your spray of choice will help you on your path of alchemy.

You can read about each spray on the shop section of my site and then fill this form out with your choice of spray and a mailing address so I can send you your spray upon my return from holiday!

There are no strings attached to this gift other than I would ask you to consider sharing the love in some way by maybe giving someone else a gift.

Maybe you pick up someone else's coffee for them or you buy someone in need a bite to eat.

Maybe it isn't a monetary gift but somehow you gift your time or love.

Maybe it's just going out of your way in some small way to make a positive difference to another person or for your community.

Either way, I think of my sprays as scents for the soul and so I would also like to feel that as each of you benefit from this gift, there is also a ripple effect.

I know the power in sharing our good fortune.

The more we receive, the more we share.

The more we share, the more we receive!

It's a beautiful cycle so thank you for letting me share with you and I hope you share the love!

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Ambi x