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Soulstrology Posts

Mars in Cancer June 5th - July 21st 2017: The energy of emotion

Ambi Sitham

Mars the planet of energy, action and desire.

For the first time in two years, today June 5th the fiery red planet moves into Cancer where it will remain until July 21st.

Cancer/Cancer risings will feel the impact of this transit and the Martian energy the most.

Whatever your zodiac sign each of us has either houses and/or planets in Cancer so we will all feel the effect of this Mars transit in certain areas of our life.

In traditional astrology Mars is said to be 'in detriment' in Cancer.

This is because the energies are so contradictory.

Mars is autonomy and empowerment, having the confidence and courage to take action and go after our goals. 

It's a fiery, feisty energy that also has a shadow (arrogance, aggression, conflict).

Cancer on the other hand has a much more gentle, emotional energy.

The watery sign governs the past, our childhood, family, mother and our needs and emotions.

It is sensitive and nurturing and tends to be cautious in all pursuits, favoring security over 'success'.

The fire and energy of Mars is said to be dampened by Cancer's crab like, sideways crawling and (often overly) sensitive energies.

Whilst Mars traditionally charges ahead with confidence and courage, Cancer often crawls from side to side, taking far longer to get to where it needs to go, occasionally crawling back in it's shell when it's feelings have been hurt or it gets scared.

Soulstrology says that whilst this is not the easiest of transits each of us can harness these energies for our highest good. 

In order to do so we need to understand the energy of emotion and how to harness them properly.


  • Use your intuition as your guide. Connect to your higher self, listen to your gut and let it guide you
  • Take action. Particularly regarding your home and/or family (and the Cancer ruled parts of your unique chart)
  • Revisit the past. Sometimes we need to go backwards before we can move forwards. Past relationships and/or situations may need to be revisited (and the emotions around them felt and healed).
  • Connect with your inner nurturer. Regardless of our gender this is a time to connect to the divine mother energy that resides in each of us and to infuse that nurturing energy into our lives, relationships and goals.
  • Fight for what you believe in. Channel your most passionate emotions (Cancer) into constructive action (Mars).



  • Passive aggressive behavior. This comes from a lack of confidence and courage to tackle what needs to be dealt with directly. It is self defeatist and unhelpful in (all) relationships.
  • Drown in your emotions. We have to feel to heal but this does not mean wallowing in emotions. No pity party allowed!
  • Moodiness/irritability. Such feelings arise from not taking full responsibility for our emotions, processing them and transforming that energy. If you feel off, you're off. Get aligned!
  • Procrastinate or move sideways. Avoid this Cancer shadow which will simply keep you stuck and frustrated.
  • Allow your heart to rule your head. There are times over this transit when it is best to be unemotional, logical and practical (adopting the traits of Cancer's zodiac opposite Capricorn)



Below is a Soulstrology guide for each sign (read for both your sun and rising sign) identifying the life areas that will be experiencing this Mars in Cancer transit.

Try and apply the do's and don'ts as set out above to these life areas over this cosmic window.

  • Aries: Your childhood, family, home (past present and future) and domestic life, emotions.
  • Taurus: Your mind, communication, your 'voice' in all formats (and related projects), siblings, neighbors, your local community and short trips
  • Gemini: Your income/personal finances and possessions, your values (who and what you value) and your self-esteem
  • Cancer: Your identity, autonomy and personal goals
  • Leo: Your subconscious mind, healing, work you do behind the scenes, secret projects, the hidden you
  • Virgo: Your tribe - friendships, groups you belong to, causes you support. Your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future
  • Libra: Your career/status and success. Ambition, goals and the public you.
  • Scorpio: Your personal spirituality/religion, higher learning/education, legal matters, travel, long distance trips, publishing
  • Sagittarius: Your joint projects and finances, merging with others in all ways and transformation
  • Capricorn: Your close partnerships of all sorts, platonic, professional and romantic
  • Aquarius: Your day to day routine/lifestyle, work and service to others, your health-mind/body and soul
  • Pisces: Love and romance, children (yours, others and your inner child), fun, hobbies, self-expression and creativity