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Soulstrology Posts

Leo season: A (double!) date with destiny

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and I hope Cancer season is treating you well!

Next weekend the Sun will move into Leo for the first of two Leo New Moons, one of which will be a solar eclipse!

The Leo ruled parts of each of our charts (so any houses with Leo on the cusp, or any natal planets we have in Leo) are firmly under the cosmic spotlight over the next two lunar cycles.

Consider it a double date with destiny which will come to fruition over the next 18 months or so, through to January 2019.

I will be writing more on eclipse season towards the end of July so you can all be prepared but in the meantime I set out the below guide to Leo for each sign (read for your sun sign and your rising sign) so you can start thinking about these life areas and what you wish to manifest in them at next weekend's New Moon.

The Soulstrology New Moon blog will be up on Friday 21st July so you can read it carefully then and apply the Soulstrology consciousness to the Leo ruled parts of your chart.

We each have a date with destiny.....let's make it a great one!


Aries: - love/romance, dating, self-expression/creativity, hobbies, fun, children - your own, others or your inner child

Taurus: - home - who, what and where you consider home, family, domestic life, the private/internal you

Gemini: - your mind, communication, your 'voice' in all formats including related projects, neighbors, your local community, siblings, short trips

Cancer: - your income, earnings, personal finances and possessions, your values - who and what you value in life and your self esteem.

Leo: - your identity, appearance, personal autonomy and how others view you

Virgo: - healing and isolation, closure and endings, work you do behind the scenes or keep private, psychological matters and spirituality

Libra: - your tribe - friends, groups you belong to and causes you support, your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future

Scorpio: - status and success, career and ambition, your soul's legacy

Sagittarius: - travel, foreign places and people, spirituality, higher learning, teaching, publishing, legal matters

Capricorn: - joint finances and projects, merging and transformation, sex and 'death'

Aquarius: - partnerships and close one to one relationships of all types - platonic, professional and romantic

Pisces: - daily work, routine and lifestyle, health - mind/body and soul

Get thinking about these areas of life ruled by Leo in your chart and whether you are really enjoying and manifesting in them..because if you aren't, you have the most incredible cosmic windows of opportunity to create great changes!

Happy weekend


Ambi x