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Soulstrology Posts

Mars in Leo: July 22 - September 5 2017: Courageous, heart centered action

Ambi Sitham

On June 22nd, the day before the first of two Leo New Moons, Mars the planet of courage, ambition, action and leadership moved into Leo.

Mars is well placed in Leo, they are much more compatible bedfellows than Mars and Cancer.

The fiery energy of the red planet goes well with the fiery energy of Leo. 

Leo and Leo risings, the next six weeks is a VERY powerful time for you.

You not only have the zodiac manifestor in your sign but you also have two New Moons (one of which is a solar eclipse) in your signs. It's all about YOU, Leo/Leo risings!

For those of you with your natal Mars in Leo, you are experiencing your Mars return so it's also a super potent cosmic window for you as you sow the seeds for success over the next two years of your life.

See my earlier Ask Ambi Q+A (Mars Return) to understand what the return of Mars means for you, regardless of your Mars sign.

Whatever our zodiac sign, each of us has the ability to harness the power of this six week transit to take heart centered, courageous action in the Leo ruled parts of our charts/lives, to express our true, highest selves. As this transit coincides with eclipse season it's a powerful time in the cosmos!

Although Mars in Leo can be very positive and powerful as always there is a duality to all signs and transits and with this one it's about too much energy or too much fire which can result in an explosion, or someone getting burnt (literally and figuratively).

We must be mindful to avoid the shadow of this transit and burning out or getting burnt!

Consciousness is key as is channeling the energies properly.


  • Listen to and follow your heart. If you really tune into your heart, you will tune into your higher self and what you need to do over this transit
  • Be courageous. Adopt the consciousness of courage. Courage doesn't come easily to everyone but remember that courage is a muscle which is strengthened by use. 
  • Be confident. The key themes and traits of both the planet Mars and Leo are confidence, autonomy and leadership. Be bold over this transit. Fortune favors the bold!
  • Enjoy life, love and romance. Leo rules fun, hobbies, love and romance. Mars rules sex. You get the picture! 


  • Let your ego get the better of you. The shadow of confidence is arrogance. The shadow of enjoying the limelight is being narcissistic and hogging the limelight. With both Mars and Leo being all about self-expression and leadership, we must be mindful to not take it too far. Our ego is not our amigo!
  • Be aggressive. The shadow of Mars is aggression, conflict and war. The shadow of Leo is to be over the top, in your face, and yes at times to be too much. Too much of anything can be abad thing. Don't let your enthusiasm or over excitement boil over...
  • Be impulsive.  Both Mars and Leo have an impulsive shadow. Remember what is done in haste is often regretted at leisure.
  • Overspend.  Leos are known for their generosity but this can sometimes be too much in theme with the over the top, impulsive shadow referred to above. Careful of burning through your money during this time.
  • Get burnt. Literally and figuratively. What's the downside of the sun? Sunburn. Sunstroke. Be careful of how much physical and energetic sun you expose yourself to. Burns and fire hazards are two things to watch out for during this transit. Also, remember Icarus who flew too close to the sun and melted? As above, too much of anything can be a bad thing!


Below is a Soulstrology guide for each sign (read for both your sun and rising sign) identifying the life areas that will be experiencing this Mars in Leo transit.

  • Aries: Your love life - romance/dating, fun, hobbies, self-expresion, creativity and children - whether yours or others, or your inner child.
  • Taurus: Home - who, what and where means home to you, family, your childhood, the private/domestic you and your home life.
  • Gemini: Your mind, communication, your 'voice' in all formats including related projects, neighbors, siblings, short trips
  • Cancer: Your personal income and finances, your possessions, your values (who and what you value in life) and self-esteem
  • Leo: Your identity, appearance, how others view you, autonomy and leadership.
  • Virgo: Healing, isolation, your subconscious mind/psychological issues, self-sabotage and hidden enemies, work you do in private/secret projects and closure/endings
  • Libra: your tribe - friends, groups you belong to and causes you support, your soul tribe and your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future
  • Scorpio: career, ambition, goals, success and status, ultimately your soul's legacy
  • Sagittarius: spirituality/religion/higher learning, teaching, publishing, foreign people and places and legal matters/justice
  • Capricorn: joint finances (debts, loans, inheritances, investments, taxes) and projects, sex, merging and transformation.
  • Aquarius: close partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic (covering friendships, mentors, bosses, business partnerships and marriage/serious relationships)
  • Pisces: your daily lifestyle and routine, work and 'service' to others, your health - mind/body/soul