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Soulstrology Posts

Soulstrology Guide to Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse 2017

Ambi Sitham

Quote from the screenplay for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by Eric Roth, screenwriter

Quote from the screenplay for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by Eric Roth, screenwriter

Hello lovely ones and HAPPY nearly New Moon Solar Eclipse!

In an earlier post on the Membership section we talked about the double date with destiny of Leo season and the two Leo New Moons, the second of which is a total (yikes!) Solar Eclipse which will take place on Monday August 21 2017 at 10.21am PST.

As I mentioned last week in the Soulstrology Guide to this Mercury retrograde at this second Leo New Moon, this very powerful Solar Eclipse, the themes of Virgo (both in the natural zodiac and in our unique natal and solar charts) are at play.

So, here is the little Soulstrology Guide for this Leo Solar Eclipse which takes into consideration both the Virgo and Leo themes which are in the cosmic spotlight.

As always, please read for both your Sun and Rising sign.

Also, remember that as this is a Solar Eclipse we want to be thinking about setting intentions not only for the next lunar cycle/month but also for the next six months and the next eclipse season!

So, having read the Soulstrology Leo Solar Eclipse blog please make two manifesting lists.

One for this next lunar month and one to come to fruition by next February 2018.

Happy Manifesting and New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Aries: Think carefully about your daily routine and lifestyle, your health -mind/body and soul, and how this impacts upon how you have fun, socialize and express yourself, how you love/date/enjoy romance, and any children in your life - whether yours, others, or children you want to have. How can you find balance between both these areas of life, assisting you with manifesting in the latter?

Taurus: Focus on how you have fun, your hobbies, your love life - who and how you love, how you express yourself and any children in your life - whether yours, others or children you want to have. How do these areas of life impact upon goals you may have to do with private, domestic you? With who, what and where you consider home and family? Think about jointly manifesting in BOTH these areas of life with a focus on how the former plays into the latter.

Gemini: Your mind, communication, your voice in all formats (including related projects) is in the cosmic spotlight...but how does your early childhood, early education and family life play into how you are, or not, manifesting in these areas in the solar spotlight? Think carefully about bringing harmony into both these areas of life, allowing you to manifest more smoothly in the former.

Cancer: How does your mind and the communication you have with yourself (arguably the most important conversation of all) impact your self-esteem, your values and as a result how you earn your money? Think about projects you may have that are essentially do with your 'voice' (in all formats) which are directly linked to your personal finances and how you make money.

Leo: What and how can you heal parts of your psyche, perhaps letting go of secret self sabotage so that you can be seen as your true self and truly autonomous and manifest as your highest self? What have you been working on behind the scenes, or what part of yourself do you keep hidden which you now need to share with the world at large so everyone can experience the true you? It's a total reset for you Leo and your time in the cosmos!

Virgo: With the eclipse solar spotlight on healing and isolation and laying low you need to look at how working quietly behind the scenes, resting and healing is manifesting and will ultimately allow you to be more autonomous, independent and will empower you, allowing you to both be your best self and for others to view you as your true self.

Libra: The solar spotlight is on your tribe and your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future but the cosmos is also asking you to delve deep into your psyche and look at how you your own wounds may be preventing you from enjoying your true tribe and preventing your dreams from manifesting. Focus on healing in order to receive.

Scorpio: Look at your career goals and what you consider 'success' to be. How are these aligned with your most cherished goals for the future? A review of your personal goals for the future will assist you in manifesting in your chosen career and enjoying soulful success all round which truly satisfies you.  Align both your personal/private and public/career goals.

Sagittarius: With the solar spotlight on spirituality, religion, learning, teaching, travel andpublishing you are asked to consider how these areas play into your career goals, status and success. Understand the connection between the two and find a way of merging themes from the former into goals regarding the latter.

Capricorn: Joint projects and finances, merging and the transformation which comes from merging are in the solar spotlight. You are also being asked to consider the link between these areas of life and higher learning, your unique spirituality, foreign places and people, publishing and travel. Find the connection which allows you to manifest in both areas.

Aquarius: Your closest relationships and partnerships of all types are in the solar spotlight along with how you merge and double up with others, whether in a personal arrangement such as marriage/joining finances or a professional such as a business partnership. Aim for harmonious manifestation and transformation in both these areas of life.

Pisces: In the solar spotlight is your daily work, lifestyle and health - mind/body/soul. You are asked to focus on how close partnerships of all kinds could benefit these areas of life. Whether it's pairing up with a partner at work, or getting help from a professional to benefit your mind, body and soul, think of how you can find the connection and harmony between these two areas of life.