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Soulstrology Posts

Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra: Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go

Ambi Sitham



Hello lovely ones and happy Tuesday!

We have just under a month of Jupiter in Libra left (boo) and less than three months of Saturn in Sagittarius (yay, but also holy sh*t because Saturn in Capricorn is going to be INTENSE..but don't worry you will get the full lowdown here and hopefully that will help you navigate it).

But back to these transits which are coming to a close, what does this all mean for each of us?

Jupiter has been gracing the Libra ruled part of each of our (natal and solar) charts since September last year.

Jupiter is known as the healer, giver of gifts and miracle worker.

He is, alongside Venus, the great cosmic benefic.

People wait years for certain Jupiter transits in order to make big shifts in their lives and as he takes a year to move through each sign of the zodiac, it will be another 12 years (2028 - 2029) before we experience another Jupiter transit in the particular area of our charts that the cosmic giant has been gracing since September 2016.

During this transit your unique natal chart may have been activated as Jupiter's transit pinged (for want of a better expression!) certain parts of your chart.

Also, you would have been experiencing other significant transits (aside from Jupiter) which also may have impacted on how you perceive the last year.

Regardless, Jupiter would have worked some magic.

And even if you don't see the fruits yet, the seeds would have been planted and will flower in time to come....this transit impacts the next twelve years of the Libra ruled areas of your chart!

And don't worry you don't need to wait twelve years to enjoy the blossoming!

I set out below some questions which I encourage you all to ask yourselves about the Libra ruled area of your chart which can help you eek out the goodness of this last month of this transit.

I also set out a Soulstrology guide for each sign to remind you of the areas ruled by Libra.

Then we move onto Saturn in Sagittarius after that!




  1. What growth, expansion and miracles (from the large to the little, they are all miracles!) have you experienced in the Libra ruled part of your chart since September 2016?
  2. What disappointments have you experienced in the Libra ruled part of your chart since September 2016?
  3. What have you learned about these areas of life and how do you feel you might limit yourself and how can you stop?
  4. How can you shift your consciousness for the next month to one of gratitude and expansiveness for any luck you have experienced (Jupiter is all about optimism) and humility (disappointments stop us from over expanding before we are ready - the shadow of Jupiter) in order to experience externally what is a reflection of your internal consciousness? (again, apply this to the Libra ruled areas of life in your chart)
  5. What one goal can you set yourself (or re-set because it is still Mercury retrograde shadow so all things RE are still on point!) for the next month in the Libra ruled area of your life before this transit comes to an end? 



*please read for both your SUN and RISING sign*

Aries: Partnerships of all kinds, professional, platonic and romantic

Taurus: Daily lifestyle and routine, health - mind/body/soul

Gemini: Love, dating, romance, fun, self-expression/creativity

Cancer: Home/family life. Who, what and where means home to you

Leo: Your mind and communication and all related projects. Your siblings, neighbors and local community

Virgo: Your personal finances and income, possessions, values and self-esteem

Libra: Your identity, appearance and how others view you

Scorpio: Healing, psychological issues, work you do behind the scenes/in private, secret projects

Sagittarius: Friendships, groups and organizations. Your soul tribe. Your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future

Capricorn: Career, status, ambition, your soul's legacy

Aquarius:  Higher education, spirituality, foreign places/people, travel, legal matters

Pisces: Joint finances and projects, sex, transformation and merging

Now onward to Saturn in Sagittarius - a transit which started in December 2014, had a brief respite between June and September 2015 when Saturn retrograded back into Scorpio and ends on December 20 2017.

Gosh, as a Sagittarius sun sign I have found this transit incredibly challenging yet also incredibly rewarding.

And that IS the essence of Saturn.

Saturn is the stern cosmic life coach headmaster caricature who zooms in on an area of our lives and decides we haven't set the right foundations or done our homework properly and then proceeds to kick our arses (as we like to say in England but you may prefer to substitute with butts!)

The Sagittarius ruled area of your life in your chart (and particularly if like me you have planets in Sagittarius) will have been subjected to trials and tribulations since the end of 2014.

But it's like an endurance race of sorts where you are tested beyond your wildest imagination, can feel a little depressed (the shadow of Saturn) but ultimately your stamina will be rewarded.

Because here is the thing with Saturn. He tests us during the transit but he rewards us when he leaves.

Rather like a headteacher who scolds us when we are late, scruffy or haven't done our homework properly -but then gives us a gold star when we get our act together, so too, Saturn will reward us.

But the extent of the reward is dependent upon the effort put in.

With just under three months of this transit left we still have time to do our cosmic homework and obtain stern Saturn's approval so that we can gain his reward before the end of this year!

I set out questions below which I encourage you to ask yourself and answer honestly and then do what is needed so you can receive your cosmic dues come the end of the year.

I also set out the Soulstrology Zodiac guide for Saturn in Sagittarius.

Make sure to read for your Sun and Rising sign.


  1. What challenges have you experienced in the Sagittarius ruled part of your life?
  2. Where have you felt stuck, or stifled?
  3. What have you learned?
  4. How do you limit yourself and how can you stop?
  5. What do you need to get in order/sort out/tidy up (whether emotionally, physically, practically or energetically) in the Sagittarius ruled part of your life in order to receive your cosmic rewards?



Aries: Higher education, spirituality, foreign places or people, travel, legal matters, publishing

Taurus: Joint finances, sex, transformation and merging

Gemini: Close partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Cancer: Daily lifestyle and routine. Health - mind/body/soul.

Leo: Love, dating, romance, fun, self-expression, creativity

Virgo: Home, domestic life. Who and what you consider home/family.

Libra: Your mind and communication and associated projects. Siblings, neighbors and your local community

Scorpio: Your personal finances and income, possessions, your values and self-esteem

Sagittarius: Your identity, appearance and how others view you

Capricorn: Healing, psychological matters, work you do behind the scenes/in private, secret projects

Aquarius: Friendships, groups and organizations. Your soul tribe. Your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.

Pisces: Career, success, status and ambition. Your soul's legacy