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Soulstrology Posts

Happy New Year! Your 2018 Soulstrology Lunar Calendar

Ambi Sitham

Hello lovely ones and happy New Year!

I hope the Cancer Super Full Moon treated you all well and you were able to purge and release anything from 2017 that you do not wish to carry into the New Year....

I want to try and make it easier for you to follow the cosmic cycles so I am creating a variety of different cosmic calendars (retrogrades!) with key dates for your diary for 2018.

We will start with the lunar cycles.

As you probably know by now, each New Moon is a great opportunity for all things new and for setting intentions and writing manifesting lists for the lunar month ahead.

Full Moons can often be a time of celebratory completion with things coming to fruition with the fullness of the Moon.

However, they can also be an emotionally intense time and Soulstrology encourages us to use Full Moons as a time for healing and releasing what does not serve us.

With that in mind, below is the Soulstrology Lunar calendar for 2018 showing the zodiac sign of each New and Full Moon whether it is a normal New/Full Moon or a Solar/Lunar eclipse.

You can use this lunar calendar to start plotting out your year, planning around the lunar cycles with reference to your own chart.

And don't worry if you feel you can't read your chart, I am going to start to teach you all on here (just working out best way to do so, probably by video) how to understand your chart properly.

For now, just print out this Lunar calendar and keep it somewhere handy or mark up the lunar cycles in your diary so you are starting to create some structure around the moon cycles in your earthling life!

More soon...


Ambi x