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Soulstrology Posts

Eclipse season, and change, is around the corner!

Ambi Sitham

All the Eclipse season vibes!

All the Eclipse season vibes!

Hello lovely ones and happy Tuesday!

I hope life and the cosmos are both treating you all well.

2018 is about to pick up pace...

This week sees Mars move into Sagittarius this Saturday January 27th 2017 (log in this Friday to see what this transit means for your sign and how best to work with the energies).

And next week eclipse season starts with a lunar eclipse in Leo next Wednesday and a solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th.

Eclipse season brings change and ushers in a new chapter.

Sometimes this change can feel like the rug being pulled from underneath you and can appear to be unwelcome change with you being kicked out of one chapter of life in order to be kicked into the next chapter.

At other times eclipse season accelerates shifts which you have been working towards for some time. It can turn the tables very quickly, in a very positive way.

Either way, change is the name of this game.

Soulstrology explains that eclipse season can be triggered one month prior to the actual eclipses and one month afterwards, essentially covering a two month period.

Think back to what was happening right at the end of 2017 and as you welcomed in 2018 at the time of the Cancer Full Moon.

Pay close attention to what happens over the next week or so.

Sometime eclipse season changes are sudden and obvious (and this is more likely due to the fact that the eclipses are taking place in the Leo/Aquarius axis) and sometimes they are more subtle and you get a hint of the changes which are being ushered in one month post the eclipses (so around mid March and the Spring Equinox).

I will be providing you all with a Soulstrology zodiac guide to eclipse season along with zodiac mantras so you can navigate this time carefully for your highest good.

In the meantime make a concerted effort to be grounded which will help you during a time of potential upheaval.

Work on tuning into your intuition more, make a note of your dreams (which may be giving you messages) and of seemingly random (or more obviously serendipitous) occurrences.

And remember, change is the only constant and whether we realize it or not it is taking us to where we need to go so try and have a positive attitude of embracing changes and to flow with them, no matter how they are packaged and may seem at first sight.

I will be back on Friday with your Mars in Sagittarius guide so make sure to log back in then!