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Soulstrology Posts

Soulstrology Scopes Full Moon in Taurus

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones!

Well, the Full Moon is almost upon us and I am sure you can all feel it….

I hope you’ve read the Full Moon blog and are reviewing the life areas ruled by Taurus in your unique chart.

With this Full Moon I have done something a little different with the Soulstrology Scopes.

There are general Soulstrology Scope mantras which you can use at this Full Moon regardless of your sign.

Then there is some cosmic coaching homework - questions each of you can ask yourself about the Taurus ruled life areas in your chart (remember to answer these questions in relation to the areas of life ruled by Taurus for both your Sun and Rising sign).

Finally there is a channeled word for each sign (read for both your Sun and Rising sign and read them together/as one almost to understand the message/theme of this Full Moon for your sign).

As always, listening to a meditation helps…..I am inserting the Pluto Soundbath at the end of this post as I feel it is the most pertinent to the general energies of this Full Moon (change!), however depending on what is going on with you and what arises at this Full Moon, you may wish to also listen to the Chiron and/or Earth soundbaths (you will be able to find them in the Soundbath section).


I embrace the cosmic energies of change

I am open to the unexpected, and choose a filter of curiosity, over fear

I trust that anything that occurs at this time has its purpose in the divine bigger picture

I chose to be grounded and rooted and do not allow any sudden news or events to overwhelm me but instead focus my energies on remaining grounded and peaceful

I know that the universe has my highest good in mind and that sometimes an ending or loss may be necessary to push me into the next chapter of life

With this in mind, I choose to believe that whatever happens at this Full Moon is for ultimately my highest good and the greater good


  1. Rate your level of happiness/satisfaction in relation to the Taurus ruled parts of your chart - (0 -10)

  2. Rate your level of happiness/satisfaction regarding your personal finances, income and material possessions (whether the latter is luxury items, a home, car, etc) - (0-10) keep in mind whether or not you feel a sense of freedom end ease when you give this rating.

  3. On a scale of 0-10 how free and liberated do you feel in relation to the Taurus ruled parts of life in your chart?

  4. How much do you feel your values are reflected in the Taurus ruled parts of life in your chart?

  5. On a scale of 0-10 how would you rate your self-esteem in the Taurus ruled parts of life in your chart?

The purpose of asking you to answer these questions is to get you to dig a little deeper and identify what you might like to release/let go of at this time and what may need healing/clearing.

You can also then make a release list based off the answers to these questions and burn it either the night before the Full Moon or on the day of the Full Moon itself, whenever feels more appropriate.

Onward to the one word Soulstrology Scopes and don’t forget to read your Sun and Rising signs together as it may make more sense that way. And play around with the order of the words so that together they make more sense to you.


Aries: SEX

Taurus: YOU


Cancer: FUTURE



Libra: MONEY


Sagittarius: WORK

Capricorn: PASSION

Aquarius: HOME

Pisces: VALUE

I hope the Full Moon treats you all well and I hope you all have the strength to view any cosmic curveballs as a necessary part of your journey, which will ultimately liberate you and set you up for the next chapter of life.


Ambi x