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Soulstrology Posts

Full Moon in Taurus October 2018: Expect the unexpected....

Ambi Sitham

As far as Full Moons go, this is an intense one….

As far as Full Moons go, this is an intense one….

Hello lovely ones and happy almost Full Moon in Taurus!

This Full Moon takes place on Wednesday October 24th 2018 at 9.45am PDT (adjust for your timezone).

The Full Moon falls at 1 degrees of the earth sign of Taurus and is conjunct change agent Uranus who sits by the Full Moon at the critical degree of zero degrees of Taurus (Uranus went into Taurus in May this year and turned retrograde in August).

Hopefully you will all have read the Soulstrology insights into the Uranus in Taurus transit and how the transit of cosmic wild card change agent Uranus in earthy, grounded, fixed Taurus will shake up money and financial matters for each of us individually and globally, as well as of course shaking up the Taurus ruled parts of each of our lives….

Soulstrology tells us that even though Uranus moved into Taurus in May (in Taurus season) it is the events surrounding this Full Moon which will tell us what seed of disruption the cosmic change agent is planting in the Taurus ruled parts of each of our lives which will spark a revolution which will unfold over the next seven - eight years during the transit of Uranus in Taurus.

Full Moons as you all know by now, bring things to the surface.

It is as though matters which need to be brought to our attention are suddenly highlighted in the lunar spotlight.

Sometimes things can happen seemingly unexpectedly at Full Moons but really it is more of a case of things being revealed.

We can feel these issues on an emotional level (or others do) and things can boil up and bubble over in real life.

As a result we, or others, can feel blindsided and this can be an emotionally turbulent time.

Whenever you add the energies of Uranus into a Full Moon, it’s as though we are a lunar curve ball gets thrown our way at this time.

Soulstrology explains that whether this is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is dependent (as always!) on where we are on our soul’s journey, as well as how this Full Moon is impacting our unique chart.

*Note, the latter is not something we study in detail in our Soulstrology blogs as it would be impossible for me to download and interpret hundreds of charts, but it is something I hope that in time I am able to channel for you all so you can take your Soulstrology journey to the next level!*

Now, even though Taurus is an earthy grounded sign, it is also the sign of the five senses and rules all the physical sensations which accompany having a physical body as we walk this human existence in this lifetime.

I have my natal moon in Taurus and know this only too well!

Taurus is all about feeling those feels, whether it is visually, through sound, scent, touch or taste.

This can be a wonderful thing (enjoying physical life to the maximum) but can also be a very jarring thing, if what we are feeling is not grounded and solid (Taurus themes).

And, as I am sure we all know by now, Full Moons can often be anything but grounded and earthy.

In fact, they are a time when we need to get extra grounded and earthy in order to deal with the Full Moon feels!

With the cosmic curve ball of Uranus thrown into the mix of this Full Moon, it is undoubtedly a time where we should expect the unexpected.

Uranus rules change, disruption and the world turning upside down (the planet Uranus is on a unique axis tilt compared to all other planets!).

These are the themes which are at play at this Full Moon.

Added to this is the opposition aspect of Venus Retrograde in Scorpio who sits nearby to the Sun in Scorpio (the Sun is at 1 degree and Venus is at 4 degrees so they are close enough in the zodiac that we will feel this Venus retrograde themes and in some cases, lessons, at this Full Moon too!)

Oppositions, conjunctions and squares are all terms for tense celestial aspects which when at play during a Full Moon can make us feel that Full Moon (and the other planetary aspects) so much stronger than usual.

Venus Retrograde has been a doozy for many people.

It has brought up karmic tests, challenges and lessons.

In some cases it has made people realize how the past needs to be revisited and resolved before they can move forward.

Venus is almost halfway through her retrograde motion and therefore it is particularly poignant that she brings her energies to this Full Moon.

She is opposing both the Full Moon and Uranus and with this opposition we may have unexpected news regarding finances, creative projects, or our love lives at this time.

As I type this I can feel the collective groan as you all may read this.

But please remember that unexpected events are often necessary to take us to the next level of our lives.

If you have been on my email list for several years now (pre website, when I just used to send out an email manually) you will know that I have had several tough Uranus upsets in my life.

These have ranged from being blindsided, to having the rug pulled out from underneath me (resulting in me falling flat on my face) to having my world turned completely upside down.

It hasn’t always been pleasant…. but with the benefit of hindsight I can see how each Uranus upset had a purpose.

Even if it did throw my world into chaos, it ultimately was for my liberation and to change my life for the best.

You can expect these sort of themes to come up at this Full Moon.

Indeed, as the Soulstrology theme of this Full Moon says, to expect the unexpected…

Whether it is ‘bad’ or ‘good’ for each of us depends on so many factors (as mentioned above).

Regardless of what happens, we wouldn’t be wise to judge it as either, and rather would be better off taking a deep breath and being super grounded (think like a tree with its roots deeply embedded into the earth) and staying rooted until the Full Moon passes (by the weekend things should feel calmer).

We also need to take a much broader view of events at this Full Moon and understand that fundamentally what is happening is part of a bigger picture unfolding in our lives which will play out over the next eight years and lead each of us to completely different landscapes come 2026.

If we experience some type of loss at this Full Moon it is because through something ending, we are able to experience a new beginning.

Therefore it is a necessary loss, even if it is not one which we expected, or want.

If something comes to us unexpectedly at this Full Moon, it is because this thing (person or situation) is meant to come to us to switch the direction of our sails so we set sail on the right path, taking us to the shores our souls crave.

The Full Moon makes a beautiful grounding aspect to serious Saturn in Capricorn.

This is a good thing. A powerful thing.

It tells us that no matter what happens at this time, even if odd ball, out the blue, blind sided, curve balls or more, there is something to be gained - there is some structure to the chaos even if we can’t see or understand it.

Saturn in Capricorn is all about building strong foundations for lasting success.

With this can come seeming destruction of sorts (endings, losses) but as the saying goes, destruction is often the first step of creation…

Think about the themes ruled by Taurus in the natural zodiac as well as the life areas ruled by Taurus in your chart (Soulstrology zodiac guide is below, read for your Sun and Rising sign too if you know the latter).

Think about the areas of life in your unique chart which the cosmos is shining a light on and sit back, get grounded and simply allow the cosmos to illuminate what it wants you to know.

As always, the Full Moon feels are the most intense in the days leading up to the Full Moon (hello Full Moon insomnia, I have been up since 3am, argh!!) and this is the time to take extra good care of ourselves.

We must nurture and ground ourselves in soulful ways so that no matter what happens, we can stand firm and rooted like a strong Taurus tree and let the cosmic winds of change blow what it needs to our way….for our highest good and the greater good of all.

Soulstrology Scopes coming tomorrow, the day before the Full Moon.

For now, take good care of yourselves and get grounded!


Ambi x



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