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Soulstrology Posts

Full Moon in Gemini November 2018: Mind over matter

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy almost Full Moon!

On Thursday 22nd November 2018 (Thanksgiving for those of us in the US!) we have a Full Moon in Gemini which takes place at around 9.39pm PT.

This Full Moon falls at zero degrees of Gemini and marks the beginning of Sagittarius season which formally starts on Friday 23rd November 2018.

As always, the Sun (at zero degrees of Sagittarius) opposes the Full Moon, creating a tension in the Gemini and Sagittarius ruled parts of our lives and asking for us to find healing, release and ultimately balance and harmony.

Check the Soulstrology zodiac guide below to see where this Full Moon falls in your chart and as always check too for any planets you may have around zero - four degrees of Gemini as these will get activated by this Full Moon.

Turning now to the celestial aspects at play at this Gemini Full Moon and the Soulstrology theme of ‘Mind Over Matter’.

As you all probably know by now, Jupiter is in Sagittarius (yay!) and is in his very early stages of his transit of Sagittarius.

At this Full Moon he sits very close to the Sun who is at zero degrees of Sagittarius, whilst Jupiter is at 3 degrees of Sagittarius.

This is known as a conjunction and basically means that Jupiter’s energies will blend with the Sun who opposes the Full Moon, meaning the cosmic miracle maker’s energies is very much part of this Full Moon.

However, an opposition - as you all probably know by now - is a tense aspect.

Just as the name suggests, an opposition creates a tension and polarity between two opposing energies.

When we have an opposition in our natal chart, or are experiencing it in a transit, it can mean we have to work with tense polar energies and it can be difficult to find balance.

This is why Full Moons by their nature are tense times, because at a Full Moon there is always an opposition between polar opposite zodiac signs.

But, oppositions aren’t to be feared.

They can force a redressing of issues and a finding of balance which can bring great success and even miracles!

That is why at times, Full Moons will be celebratory, when things come to fruition and completion leading to a celebration!

This Full Moon in Gemini versus Sun and Jupiter in Sagittarius opposition is one which really is about our minds.

Our human minds (our ego selves, the smaller mind which likes to overthink, think it needs to be able to work everything out, think it needs an answer for everything, focuses on the little details, logic and reasoning) and our higher minds (our higher self, our soul, our intuition, the more elevated spiritual mind which we each have).

This tense opposition is really asking us to look at the Gemini (and Sagittarius) ruled areas of life in our unique charts and see where we have something which needs to be healed and/or released and apply the higher mind thinking to these situations.

Gemini is the sign of the thinker.

It is a sign which is ruled by Mercury (along with Virgo) and is a very intellectual sign.

This sign loves to think, think, think.

And often ends up over analyzing which leads to what I call ‘spinning out’ when one’s mind can’t stop thinking and not in a good way.

Gemini gets all caught up in the details, often to its detriment.

Regardless of our sign, we all need to look out for this tendency in our lives and of course at this Full Moon where it may bubble up even more.

Now, Sagittarius is also the thinker.

But Sagittarius is the philosophical thinker.

The one who looks at the bigger picture, takes a philosophical approach to ‘bad’ things happening and for whom the glass is not only half full, but they expect is soon to be topped up!

This is the sign of faith, hope and optimism.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is known as a miracle maker and in Sagittarius this is illustrated by the sign’s faith being rewarded by a miracle.

Put simply, if you expect a miracle, you often receive a miracle because the universe simply reflects back to you your vibration!

The other main aspect at play at this Full Moon is another tense aspect.

A square between the Full Moon (emotions) and Mars in Pisces (anger, but an oddly passive aggressive anger!).

Squares, as their name suggests, are tense aspects.

Aspects which see two areas of life which don’t naturally flow, squaring off at each other.

In this case it sees the Full Moon in Gemini (communication, the mind, our thoughts) squaring off against Mars in Pisces (anger, particularly repressed anger, conflict, passive aggressive tendencies).

So what does this all mean?

This brings me nicely to the Soulstrology theme for this Gemini Full Moon.

Mind over matter.

Our higher mind over whatever ‘matter’ we are dealing with in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of our lives (perhaps finding balance between those two areas of life) and/or whatever the Full Moon brings up for us.

Mind over matter means not getting caught up in the minutiae.

It means trusting (engaging that higher mind) in the bigger picture and that there is a bigger picture for all the situations in your life and that all is well in that bigger picture (no matter what things may look like on the physical plane right now).

It means engaging a philosophical and compassionate (both higher octaves of Sagittarius traits) approach to whatever comes up at this time whether that is within your own psyche or in communication with others (both Gemini ruled themes).

It means having the self-control (within your mind and communication) when it comes to any potential disagreements or conflicts (that the Full Moon/Mars square may bring up!)

It doesn’t mean swallowing your feelings (that isn’t healthy and can lead to passive aggressive Mars in Pisces behavior!) rather it means communicating in a way that truly serves you and others.

Interestingly for those in the US this is a time when families come together and that isn’t always easy for many, plus the holidays can bring up issues for those who don’t have families, or who are estranged from them.

Holidays can be a time when we really need to engage mind over matter.

And of course Full Moons are always a time when we need to engage our higher selves and minds so we can work with the energies present at this time.

La luna is still waxing to her fullness as I write this post.

So look at what is coming up for you.

Look at the Gemini ruled parts of each of your charts/lives and see where you are at in terms of your thoughts about those areas of life (hint, are you spinning out, as if so, you’ve fallen into that Gemini shadow and definitely need to engage mind over matter!)

I will be back with your Soulstrology Scopes and some cosmic coaching homework to help you work with this Full Moon.

Until then, take good care (and listen to that Mercury retrograde soundbath as Mercury is ruler of this Full Moon and he is here to help us RE think how we think and speak!)

Back soon.


Ambi x



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  • Taurus - your income, your possessions, your personal finances, your values (who and what you value in life) and your self-esteem

  • Gemini - your identity, the very essence of who you are, how people see you

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