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Soulstrology Posts

Soulstrology Scopes for Sagittarius New Moon

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy almost New Moon and ‘Mercury retro is nearly over’ !

So, let’s get manifesting with this New Moon.

Here are some cosmic coaching tips on making the most of this New Moon given the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit.

  1. Review the Sagittarius ruled parts of life in your chart (use the Soulstrology zodiac guide provided with the New Moon blog). *If you have any planets in Sagittarius think about the energies/themes of this planet and review these in your life - eg. Sun - essence of who you are, Pluto - transformation, rebirth, power, wealth - Mercury - your mind, communication (and all related projects), Neptune - spirituality, compassion, creativity - Mars - energy, drive, ambition, sex - Venus - love, creativity, abundance, Uranus - complete change, innovation, disruption, the future, Moon - emotions, family, motherhood, Jupiter - luck, miracles, expansion, wealth, Chiron - wounds, wisdom, healing, Saturn - structure, success, lessons, time.

  2. Think about goals you wish to manifest in the Sagittarius ruled parts of your life. Specifically ask yourself what big goal you want to achieve by this time next year when Jupiter is departing Sagittarius. Also think about what you want to achieve in relation to this one year goal, by the Sagittarius Full Moon next May. Then ask yourself what you want to achieve in relation to this goal by the March Spring Equinox and then beginning of Aries season. Next ask yourself what you want to achieve by the next New Moon in January 2019.

  3. The above could make you think ‘what’?! But here is the thing, this is breaking down your bigger goal into smaller goals and landmarks to achieve in relation to your bigger goal….it will really help you to focus and indeed to make progress with your bigger goal and actually achieve it!

  4. Make a list of the miracles you wish to experience in your life (can be across the board, not limited to the Sagittarius ruled areas of life). On a piece of paper make two lists with a line dividing in between. On one side make a list of the miracle (s) you wish to experience. On the other side make a corresponding list of the miracle you are prepared to be/create for others. This is working with the energy of Jupiter to be a miracle to create a miracle for yourself and others!

  5. Listen to the Jupiter/Earth Soulstrology Soundbath (link below for your ease) and meditate. Perhaps do your cosmic coaching homework after this, or whilst listening to it.

  6. On the top of your manifesting list you can use the wording (or something similar)

    I accept all of the below or something even better for my highest good and the greater good of all

Here are the general Sagittarius 2018 New Moon mantras:

I choose to believe in miracles

I choose to see and appreciate the small miracles in my everyday life

I know that by doing so I will see miracles multiply in my life

I choose to trust that any mayhem or chaos in my life is a necessary part of my process

And I have faith that this process is for my highest good and will ultimately unfold miracles in my life

I choose to plant the seeds of miracles now, knowing that some seeds will flower sooner than others, but they will all ultimately flower into beautiful blessings in my life

And so it is.

Below is your channeled theme for this Sagittarius New Moon. Read for both your Sun and Rising sign (and even moon if you would like!) to get a message for you to work with over this lunar cycle.

Aries/Aries rising The world is your oyster

Taurus/Taurus rising Expect magic from others

Gemini/Gemini rising Be the miracle in your partnerships

Cancer/Cancer rising Trust in healing and luck in your work and everyday life

Leo/Leo rising It’s your time to be loved and shine

Virgo/Virgo rising Home is where the heart, and magic is

Libra/Libra rising The miracle is nearby, look around you

Scorpio/Scorpio rising You can experience magic with money

Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising This is your year of miracles

Capricorn/Capricorn rising Your gift is in the hidden, dig deep

Aquarius/Aquarius rising Your future is golden

Pisces/Pisces rising Success is yours for the taking

Light a candle or incense, get cosy, put your headphones in and enjoy the sounds of Jupiter and Earth!