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Soulstrology Posts

December 2018 Full Moon in Cancer: Clearing the way and trusting your gut

Ambi Sitham

We have to make space to listen and be able to truly trust our intuition….

We have to make space to listen and be able to truly trust our intuition….

Hello lovely ones, happy almost Winter Solstice and almost Full Moon in Cancer!

Yep, that’s right this year the cosmos decided to make it a double whammy for us all…

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere we have the Winter Solstice this Friday December 21 which marks the darkest day of the year, where we experience the least natural light.

The Winter Solstice is actually the official start of Winter and also marks the beginning of Capricorn season as the Sun leaves Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn (officially on December 22).

The Full Moon takes place on Saturday December 22 at 9.49am PT (adjust for your timezone) at zero degrees of Cancer.

You can use the Soulstrology zodiac guide below to check where Cancer rules in both your solar chart (based on your Sun sign) and your natal chart (based on your rising sign).

If you have any planets between zero and three degrees of Cancer they will get activated by this Full Moon too so check them out for their themes and energies to see what is coming up for you at this time.

This is an INCREDIBLY powerful Full Moon for many reasons.

Firstly, whenever there is any celestial aspect at either zero or 29 degrees of a sign (the beginning or the end) it heightens the power of the celestial aspect and makes it extra potent.

Combine that zero degree Full Moon potency with the Winter Solstice (an extremely powerful portal for transformation so I highly recommend you all listen to the Pluto Soulstrology Soundbath) and the fact that we are about to enter into eclipse season as we embrace the New Year and the eclipses are in the Cancer/Capricorn axis!

Expect to experience huge shifts in the Cancer/Capricorn ruled areas of life over the next 18 months (if you haven’t read it yet, please do read the Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn post which should be in the cosmic events section of the Membership site).

Now you probably all know by now that in the natural zodiac Cancer rules the fourth house of home, family, domestic life, our early childhoods.

This sign rules our physical home, home life, the family we already have, the family we may wish to have and our most private inner selves - the ‘us’ that we only really expose to our families and those who know us well.

Cancer also rules our emotions and the fluctuations that we can feel with our emotions.

Just as the tides ebb and flow according to the Moon’s cycle (Cancer is ruled by the Moon) so too our emotions ebb and flow, as indeed do our lives.

This sign also rules motherhood and whatever our gender the theme of motherhood is also at play - whether that is how we were mothered (or not), the role motherhood plays in our lives (or not) and how we mother and nurture ourselves.

Regardless of our zodiac sign all of these themes are in the lunar spotlight at this time.

Which is beautiful cosmic synchronicity as we are in holiday season -a time which isn’t always easy, a time when childhood hurts, or family issues or dynamics can cause emotional stress.

This is such a powerful opportunity for us to purge and cleanse emotionally and energetically around all of these areas of life (as well as the areas of life ruled by Cancer in our unique charts).

But turning now to the Soulstrology theme of this Cancer Full Moon and some of the powerful and helpful celestial aspects at play at this time.

Venus (love, beauty, peace, creativity, abundance - RECEIVING) in Scorpio (sex, money, transformation, rebirth, power) makes a very positive trine aspect to Neptune (compassion, spirituality, unconditional love, creativity, intuition) in Pisces (dreams, intuition, spirituality, creativity, unconditional love).

As this aspect is so positive we are drawing in the higher octaves of all the planetary and zodiac players involved.

This can play out beautifully in our lives as a romantic, dreamy, spiritual, mystical aspect which has us feeling all the feels but in a divine, unconditional love kind of way.

We also have the Sun in Capricorn (who as always sits opposite a Full Moon) making a beautiful trine aspect to Uranus (who is currently retrograde in Aries) whilst the Full Moon itself makes a sextile aspect to Uranus.

This indicates some unexpected events (Uranus rules surprises and sudden changes) but as the aspects made to Uranus are harmonious it indicates it could be more of a happy, celebratory surprise than a rug pulled out underneath you type event.

Full Moons are the highest point of the lunar cycle with la luna being at her biggest and yes this can mean intensity and things bubbling to the surface which need healing and releasing.

However as Full Moons are a lunar high as such they are also so often a time of things coming to fruition and celebratory completion and with some of the beautiful aspects at play at this Full Moon it is likely that for many it will be a celebratory time!

Regardless of whether you are crying tears of healing or joy at this Full Moon all of these harmonious celestial aspects detailed above lead me beautifully to the Soulstrology theme of this final Full Moon of 2018 - Clearing the way and trusting your gut.

Cancer is one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac.

It is also one of the most emotional signs of the zodiac.

Trusting our gut and following our intuition is something we will often hear in the self-help world.

‘Trust your gut, it won’t lead you astray’

‘Trust your intuition, it will guide you on the right path’

But so often people ask, ‘how can I trust my gut, how can I tap into my intuition?’

‘What does it feel like?’

Feel is the operative word here.

Our feelings can be our guide to tuning into our intuition and trusting our gut.

But here is where it gets complicated.

Our human feelings mess with us tapping into our higher self’s feelings which in fact is our gut and our intuition.

So how do we know which is which?

By getting silent so we can listen.

No coincidence that the word listen is made up of the same letters as silent, because in order to listen, one must first get silent.

Our intuition/gut is not necessarily the intense feelings we have about something or someone.

It is the quiet knowing.

The quiet inexplicable knowledge and feeling of truth.

It has been said that you can know the truth by how it feels and that saying is spot on for tapping into your intuition and trusting your gut.

But in order to feel the truth, your truth, in order to tap into your intuition and be in a position to follow your gut, you first need to clear the way.

Clearing the way means using the intense double whammy Winter Solstice Cancer Full Moon feels to feel all your human feels, honor them and then, as the saying goes, ‘let that shit go’!

Once you have let that go and made space energetically, physically and emotionally you can tune into your intuition and gut and trust it to guide you, knowing you are listening to the feels of your higher, wiser self, not your human, lovely, but smaller self.

Our intuition is our super power.

It guides us to the people, places and situations which truly serve us and our highest good.

It makes us take that leap of faith which defies logic, because we just know it’s going to work out.

It helps us transition to the next chapter of life, to close certain doors and knock on others.

Our intuition is our north star.

It is the shining star of our soul, lighting the way forward.

If only we could hear it, if only we would tune into it, if only we could trust it, our lives would flow soooo much better.

We would be protected from the people and places not meant for us and guided to those who are.

As the year draws to an end, many of us will be thinking about our New Year and perhaps setting intentions and making plans.

That’s all good, but doing so without tuning into our north star - our higher self, is somewhat redundant.

At this Full Moon we can harness our intuition and use it for our highest good.

But first we must heal, we must release, let go, make space.

More on this and some rituals and cosmic coaching in the Cancer Full Moon Soulstrology Scopes which will be published soon.

For now, let these words sit with you.

Let them marinate, mull over them.

Listen to the Pluto Soulstrology Soundbath (and I highly recommend the third eye crystal bowl Soulstrology soundbath which certainly helps tune into your intuition!) and look at the life areas ruled by Cancer, both in the natural zodiac and in your chart and let yourself get quiet and see what you hear…

I will be back tomorrow with your Soulstrology Scopes.


Ambi x


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