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Soulstrology Posts

Capricorn Solar Eclipse January 2019: Time to get serious

Ambi Sitham

Cap Solar Eclipse-4.png

Hello lovely ones and happy almost New Moon/Solar eclipse!

Yes, that is right, the first New Moon of 2019 is also a partial solar eclipse paving the way for us to start this New Year with a bang, and as per the Soulstrology theme of January 2019, starting as we mean to go on!

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse falls at 15 degrees of the earth sign of Capricorn and takes place on Saturday January 15th at 5.28pm PT (adjust for your timezone).

Now I don’t think I need to tell you all that the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our charts has been seeing a whole lotta action in the past year or so, thanks to our dear cosmic life coach Saturn.

But actually, since 2008, powerful Pluto has been ravaging his way through the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our lives, digging far beneath the surface and exposing what needs to be seen and dealt with, destroyed in certain circumstances, so that a new soulfully powerful beginning can be birthed.

Side note, if you read my bio on the main/public section of my website, or if you have listened to any of my ramblings you will know that Pluto’s entry into Capricorn in 2008 was the beginning of my spiritual journey and indeed the beginnings of Soulstrology! It’s been some journey!

Now we find ourselves with both Pluto the transformer and Saturn the stern teacher working together in the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our charts/lives so we should all have felt the intensity increase in those Capricorn areas of our lives since December 2017 (check the Soulstrology zodiac guide at the bottom of this post for the life areas Capricorn rules in your life).

By now, the Saturn in Capricorn transit would have showed us where we are going to get tested.

The areas of life which we may have experienced trials and tribulations, delays and disappointments, felt tested, or stuck.

We could have had a big reality check in these areas of life too, one that may have made us feel rather bleak, hopeless, even a little depressed…

But this is the job of Saturn. He is not punishing us, but rather he is pushing us.

We say we want X, Y and Z.

But are we prepared to see that we need to do A,B, C and the rest of the alphabet to get to X, Y and Z (and actually do it?!)

Are we prepared for the reality check which rather abruptly removes our rose tinted glasses of hope and optimism and instead forces us to look at the cold, hard, facts?

Upon seeing those cold hard facts, are we able to summon the inner steel (there is no steel like a Capricorn’s steel!) to say,

‘I won’t let this depress me, or send me into an emotional spiral, but I will instead harness this knowledge (Capricorn loves cold, hard facts!) to take logical, practical action towards my goal (s)?’

Are we then able to bear the wait, to have endurance (think of the Saturnite Capricorn goat climbing a cold mountain!) whilst we do what we need to do, to get to where we need to go?

Remember… a delay is not a denial.

The first time I used that phrase was four years ago when my green card took way longer than expected, and required so much more than my lawyers had initially said (and left me hanging with only a week left on my existing visa!) , pushing me to rise up to the challenge and then rewarded me with an approval at the very last hour.

That was Saturn at work and taught me that a delay is indeed not a denial, and that there is such a thing as a process, which required me trust that process and get on with it, rather than spinning out into a bleak emotional spiral.

Ultimately I was rewarded with success and a new ‘status’ as a permanent resident in the USA (in my own name/right with no company or spouse sponsorship, let me tell you, I don’t often toot my own horn but that was no mean feat!)

We must remember that Saturn/Capricorn is all about success, status, achievement and power.

So this dual combination of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn between December 2017 and 2020 is to help us destroy old shaky foundations (Pluto), see what work needs to be done to create new solid structures (Saturn) and help us transform an area of our lives (Pluto) and achieve the success we desire (Saturn) and be soulfully, powerfully reborn (Pluto).

Hopefully you will all have read the Soulstrology blog on the Nodes in Cancer/Capricorn.

If not a short reminder here that the Cancer/Capricorn ruled parts of each of our charts are experiencing a very fated couple of years with the lunar nodes having moved into them last November meaning the eclipses are now in the Cancer/Capricorn axis, triggering big changes in these areas of life.

Now much of the cosmic consciousness in the Nodes piece relates to the entire duration of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses, but right now we need to focus on the energies and aspects at play at this particular solar eclipse.

This Solar eclipse sees the Sun and Moon (who always join together at a New Moon) sandwiched between heavyweights Saturn and Pluto.

The cosmos is asking us to get serious and to understand that the degree to which we get serious about our lives is the degree to which we will be rewarded by the cosmic giants!

We need to hone in on what it is that we wish to create in the Capricorn ruled parts of each of our lives and to come up with a solid plan.

We must also remember that in the natural zodiac Capricorn rules success, career, ambition, goals, achievement and status/power and that we can also use this powerful cosmic combination to plant the seeds (with a plan to back it up!) for whatever we want/all life areas we choose in 2019, not just the areas of life Capricorn rules in our unique charts.

This is a POWERFUL opportunity to kick start 2019 off on the right note and to harness the transformative energies of Pluto and the stability of Saturn to plant the seeds of change.

There is also a harmonious sextile aspect between this Solar eclipse, Saturn and Neptune which helps soften the serious Saturnite/Capricorn energies and brings in a more divine feminine, intuitive energy that helps us get creative and deeply soulful about our desires as well as taking them ‘seriously’.

It truly is one of the most beautiful solar eclipse energies I have seen in a while!

And it feels so fortunate that it is at the start of this brand spanking New Year.

Remember that solar eclipses are not just normal New Moons.

They are extra caffeinated New Moons which pack a powerful punch.

I often talk about ‘getting eclipsed’ and what this means is when eclipse season starts and people experience sudden (often unforeseen) changes in their lives.

This is a result of the cosmic energies, sometimes forcing endings for a new beginning, at other times bringing opportunities seemingly out of the blue.

Sometimes it isn’t so much a big event on the physical plane, as much as it is an internal shift, which then creates a shift on the external plane.

We experience a shift in our energy, our emotions, our consciousness, and that shift triggers shifts unfolding in the physical plane - in our lives - over the next six months (and the corresponding lunar eclipse).

Eclipse season is an exciting time and this eclipse offers us the perfect cosmic window to kick off our 2019!

For now as the the moon continues to wane to become the ‘dark moon’ focus your energies on reviewing the Capricorn areas of your charts/lives as well as thinking about life generally and what you want your 2019 to bring your way.

Soulstrology Scopes coming soon and don’t forget on the day of the eclipse we will be having our first Soulstrology Members online get together via Zoom which I hope to record too so those of you who can’t join on Saturday can listen afterwards.


Ambi x


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