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Soulstrology Posts

New Moon in Pisces March 2018: Our wounds contain gifts, but we must heal in order to receive them

Ambi Sitham

Win inside, then win outside...

Win inside, then win outside...

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly New Moon!

This New Moon takes place tomorrow, Saturday 17th March 2018, at 6.11am PT (adjust for your timezone) and will be at almost 27 degrees of Pisces.

This Pisces season has been tough for many (yours truly included) and I have to say that this New Moon has a full Moony feel to it.

This is because of various celestial aspects which have been building up to this New Moon and come to a head at this lunar event.

The Sun has been moving through the Pisces ruled part of the zodiac and at this New Moon he joins Chiron who sits at 28 degrees of Pisces and whose energies are therefore closely blended with this New Moon.

Chiron as many of you will recall, is known as the wounded healer.

In mythology he was a centaur (half human, half horse!) and was rejected by his mother due to how he looked (harsh mama there!) and then was the victim of an accident where he was shot with an arrow causing a wound which would never fully heal.

Yet Chiron decided to work with what life had thrown at him and delved into his pain, understanding it, owning it and in doing so became a leader and teacher to those who were also wounded.

His curse became his gift and his legacy.

Where Chiron is placed in our natal charts, both in terms of planet, house and the aspects made by Chiron, will explain to us where we are likely to experience wounds in this lifetime, but also, where we have great potential and wisdom for overcoming and becoming victors, rather than victims.

Soulstrology says that through transformation of any wounds in our lives, we not only obtain wisdom, but we also create a certain energy which becomes the fuel for our soulful success!

It is no cosmic coincidence that the astrological glyph for Chiron is a key as he teaches us that our wounds hold within them the keys to our success and happiness.

We just need to find, and use that key...

But back to this New Moon and the specific role of Chiron at this time.

Since 2010, Chiron has been in Pisces and in each of our charts (based on both our sun and rising sign, so read for both when you look at the Soulstrology zodiac guide at the bottom of this blog) has been bringing up wounds in the areas of life under Chiron's spotlight.

Pisces in the natural zodiac rules the twelfth house, which is often referred to as the house of undoing, and rules everything from dreams and spirituality to secrets, what is submerged, isolation and the subconscious mind.

So a big part of this Chiron in Pisces transit has been about healing what is hidden.

To this end Chiron has been bringing to the surface the wounds of our subconscious minds, the wounds we keep hidden from others, what we may even keep hidden from ourselves and avoid looking at, our dirty secrets, the ways in which we self-sabotage, psychological wounds and so on.

It's been INTENSE.

The kind of deep, soul cleansing, healing which brings up every ugly demon to be exorcised (or is that just me?!)

Chiron is now in his final stages of this transit, as he gets ready to depart the Pisces ruled part of the zodiac mid next month and move into Aries, returning to Pisces for a small retrograde motion in the Fall.

But as always, Soulstrology tells us that the cosmos has a (sometimes sick!) sense of humor, and so before Chiron is done with us (in one area of life, anyway) he decides to shine brightly alongside this New Moon, just to rub a little bit of extra salt in those wounds to check if we have really healed them.

Fun? No.

But necessary? Yes. Absofuckinglutely.

Because here is the thing and the reason why I chose the great quote above for this blog (which I found on Pinterest).

We cannot manifest anything in our lives without first creating it spiritually, within our consciousness.

We cannot receive our cosmic dues and the gifts which are meant for us, or step into our destinies when we have gaping holes and wounds within our psyches.

We cannot force something to happen on the physical plane if we are unprepared to simultaneously create the space for it energetically and do the work spiritually.

It simply will not happen. We will meet brick wall after brick wall. Karmic lesson, after karmic lesson.

So given this and given the role of Chiron at this time, what do we need to do for the purposes of this New Moon and the next lunar cycle?

We need to be honest about where we are facing wounds in our physical lives.

Where are we facing blocks or barriers, or even brick walls.

Where we experience conflict, disharmony or chaos.

Where we experience a recurring theme, which isn't a good one!

And then we need to take a long, hard deep look within and be prepared to dive deep to transform the wound internally, to create a shift energetically and in our consciousness, and to allow the manifestation of our desires and our cosmic dues, to take place.

Too often we try so hard, hustle to manifest, push and force, all whilst refusing to have the humility to understand the lessons the universe is trying to teach us (or is that just me?!) to help us to heal, to be whole, so we can RECEIVE.

At this New Moon, think less about your to do list and the physical manifestations and more about your soul, more about your spiritual to do list and making the space to receive rather than to actively manifest.

I know it seems illogical to push less on the physical plane, but at this time, that is what is asked of us.

To instead channel that energy we usually put towards doing and divert it into being and into allowing.

Take advantage of the New Moon Soulstrology Soundbath meditation below to allow your soul to tell you what needs healing and clearing, what needs to happen within, so things will shift externally.

Depending on where you are in your unique spiritual journey and where your soul is at, you may well find the New Moon and the next lunar cycle miraculous as the aspects made to Uranus and Mars at this New Moon are very much about liberation, sudden change and manifesting.

But wherever you are in your journey, just know that the key to your success is within.

It always has been, it always will be.

It all begins and ends with you.

New Moon Mantras

I know that the key to success lies within and that success starts and ends with me, and me alone

I know that being, is as important, as becoming

I trust that any darkness in my life has a duality meaning it also contains gifts

I focus on creating space for the miracles I desire, not worrying about the how, or when, but focusing on being ready and open

I embrace healing as a manifesting tool over this next lunar cycle and beyond

I am wishing you all a healing, transformative and miracle making New Moon.


Ambi x


Aries: Healing, psychological matters, work you do behind the scenes/in private, secret projects

TaurusFriendships, groups and organizations. Your soul tribe. Your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.

Gemini: Career, success, status and ambition. Your soul's legacy.

Cancer: Higher education, spirituality, foreign places or people, travel, legal matters, publishing

Leo: Joint finances, sex, transformation and merging

Virgo: Close partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Libra: Daily lifestyle, work and routine. Health - mind/body/soul

Scorpio: Love, dating, romance, fun, self-expression, creativity, children

Sagittarius: Home, domestic life. Who and what you consider home/family.

Capricorn: Your mind and communication, your voice in all formats and associated projects. Siblings, neighbors and your local community

Aquarius: Your personal finances and income, possessions, your values and self-esteem

Pisces: Your identity, appearance and how others view you