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Soulstrology Posts

Mercury Retrograde in Aries March/April 2018: Changing ourselves, changing our lives

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy Wednesday!

I feel like I am writing to you all lots this week but hey ho, there is a lot happening in the cosmos this week and I do love writing these blogs for you all!

As you will know by now from my previous Mercury retrograde blog on March 13th, the first Mercury retrograde of 2018 officially starts tomorrow on March 22nd (although technically, if you are on PT, it starts tonight).

Now Soulstrology tells us that there is a specific theme for each Mercury retrograde and the theme of this Mercury backwards dance in Aries, is all about the essence of US.

Who we are now, who we want to be, and how we can change ourselves so we can experience the life changes that we desire.

Aries in the natural zodiac rules the first house of our identity, our appearance, our autonomy, how others view us and also how we pursue our ambitions and how we handle conflict.

Now in each of our unique charts Aries rules a different life area (check the Soulstrology zodiac guide for this Mercury retrograde below and read for both your sun and rising sign).

So for the purposes of this Mercury retrograde each of us needs to think about the natural zodiac themes ruled by Aries (as above) as well as the life areas ruled by Aries in our unique charts.

We need to think about these life areas and think all things RE - review, reconcile, reconsider, reset, recharge,  redo, repair, etc etc....

But most important of all we need to ask ourselves how we conduct the RE process to change ourselves, so that we can become who we are supposed to be and receive what we are due.

This Mercury retrograde is special because it coincides (but isn't really a cosmic coincidence, but more synchronicity) with the end of the Uranus in Aries transit which started in March 2011 and ends in April (apart from a small retrograde back into Aries later this year). 

As you all probably know by now, Uranus is a change agent. He tips our world upside down so that we can change and become who we are supposed to be, experience liberation and step into the future.

However he doesn't always do this nicely! He often pulls out the rug from underneath us so that we are forced to change.

He usually does this when we are trying to hold on too hard to the old version of ourselves...and we can feel like we are being punished, when in fact, we are being pushed....

I laugh when I look back at the last seven years of this Uranus in Aries transit as when it started it coincided (no cosmic coincidence!) with me deciding to take a three month sabbatical from my very established life and career in London, to come to Los Angeles for the summer.

That resulted in me deciding to move, and was the beginning of the end of my legal career and my relationship with the media and entertainment industry.

Uranus has indeed liberated me and pushed me into the future that was always my destiny but he undoubtedly turned my world upside down in the process!

Now at the end of his transit I am embracing the final stages of change, as my work and how I help people is shifting from less one to one work and more sharing in a way that can help several people all at once (hence this Membership, the podcast and me writing a book!)

I share some of my journey because it may help you think about your own process, and what this particular Mercury retrograde means for you.

As always, I recommend listening to the Mercury retrograde soundbath (which for ease, I have inserted below) and I also recommend that at the outset of this retrograde you ask yourselves the following questions.

1) What is it that I want to shift in terms of my identity, how others see me, or my ambitions? e.g. do I want a promotion? do I want to be self-employed? do I want to be in a relationship? do I want my relationship to shift to a different status? do I want to be single? do I want to be a parent? do I want to have a different career? etc etc

2) Where am I right now in terms of my identity, how others see me or my ambition (your answers/ambition in relation to the questions above)?

3) What do I need to change in relation to MYSELF so that I can transform and experience the shift in identity, appearance or personal goals that I desire?

4) What do I want in terms of the Aries ruled areas of my life in my unique chart?

5) Where am I right now in terms of these goals in the Aries ruled areas of my life in my unique chart?

6) What do I need to change in relation to MYSELF so that I can transform and experience the shifts I desire in the Aries ruled areas of my life?

Take your time to do this homework.

Mercury rewards us when we do things RE and answering these questions and conducting this review will help you navigate this retrograde and also help you focus your energies on something constructive.

I will be writing another blog for you all next week with some other Soulstrology coaching questions and more tips and key dates to watch out for during this retrograde.

Until then, happy start to this retrograde!

May it be mindful and not murky....!


Ambi x




Aries: - Your identity, autonomy, appearance, how others view you

Taurus: - Healing, the subconscious mind, psychological issues, secrets/what you keep hidden, including work you do behind the scenes and secret projects

Gemini: - Friendships, groups you belong to and causes you support, your soul tribe and your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future

Cancer: - Your career, status, success, ambition, ultimately your soul's public legacy

Leo: Spirituality/religion, higher learning, travel, publishing, legal matters

Virgo: Joint finances and related projects, merging, sex, death and transformation

Libra: Partnerships and close relationships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Scorpio: Your day to day work, routine and lifestyle, health - mind, body, soul

Sagittarius: Love, dating, romance, self-expression, creativity, fun, children - yours, or others

Capricorn: Domestic life, home and family, who, what and where you consider home/family

Aquarius: Your mind, communication, your 'voice' in all formats including related projects, neighbors, siblings, your local community

Pisces: Your personal finances and income, your values - who and what you value, and your self-esteem