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Soulstrology Posts

Full Moon in Libra March 31st 2018: Mind over matter.

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy nearly Full Moon!

What an intense few days in the cosmos it has been....all bubbling up to tomorrow's Full Moon which takes place at 5.37am PT on Saturday 31st March 2018 (adjust for your timezone).

This Full Moon falls at 10 degrees of Libra so check where this falls in your natal chart (you can easily use a free online chart calculator as mine is still not fixed, grr!) and also importantly what planets you may have around 10 degrees of Libra (use a range from 7-13 degrees because any planets of this range in Libra will be impacted by this Full Moon).

Also, use the Soulstrology zodiac guide below to see how what areas of life this Full Moon is highlighting in both your solar charts (based on your sun sign) and your natal chart (based on your exact time of birth and therefore your rising sign).

It is these areas of life that this Soulstrology theme of mind over matter applies to at this Full Moon and where you need to be focusing on to see what needs healing, releasing and bringing to completion.

As I think you all probably know by now, in the natural zodiac, Libra is the sign governing all our interpersonal relationships of all kinds - platonic, professional and romantic.

Soulstrology says that by default, Libra also therefore governs our relationship with ourselves and that at this Full Moon what we need to be focusing on is the relationship we have with ourselves, how this impacts actual relationships in the specific areas of life that Libra rules in our charts, and indeed the relationships we have with the themes of life ruled by Libra in our unique charts.

To make this clearer, I will use myself as an example, so you can see how this Soulstrology theme works in practice.

Libra in my solar chart (based on my sun sign of Sagittarius) rules my eleventh house of friendships, groups I belong to, associations I support - essentially my soul tribe, as well as my most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.

Libra in my natal chart (based on my rising sign of Virgo) rules my second house of my personal finances and belongings, so my income, my possessions as well as my values (who and what I value in life) and my self-esteem.

Therefore for me, this Full Moon is asking me to review all the relationships I have in those areas of life, the relationship I have with myself with regards to those areas of life, the relationship I have with some of those life areas (e.g. friendships, income, personal finances, values, self-esteem and my goals for the future).

Hopefully this helps you see how to apply the Soulstrology theme to your own chart and the life areas being illuminated for you at this Full Moon.

Turning now to the specifics of this Full Moon and why Soulstrology says this Full Moon theme is 'mind over matter'.

Mercury (in retrograde motion) opposes this Full Moon.

An opposition is a tense aspect which brings matters bubbling to a head.

At a Full Moon there is always an opposition between the Sun and Moon, hence why Full Moons tend to be intense and bring things up to the surface.

With Mercury sat by the Sun in Aries opposing this Full Moon our minds will be really drawn to the Libra ruled parts of our lives and the relationship themes mentioned above.

Saturn sits alongside Mars and squares this Full Moon.

This is another tense aspect, because Saturn as we know, is the zodiac taskmaster who sees things in black and white and who gives us a reality check that can sometimes be really harsh (even if based on truth!).

Saturn's square to the Moon can make us feel a sense of heaviness, sadness, anxiety or even depression about certain areas of life.

Mars making an almost square to the Moon can also stir up our emotions and make us feel angry, or argumentative.

And remember, that all these aspects are affecting others too, so even if we are fine and dandy, it may be that others are being impacted in a way which then has a knock on effect upon us (because after all this Full Moon's over arching theme is relationships).

Soulstrology tells us that all the celestial aspects here firmly place the focus on our minds.

Our minds are either are greatest foes or our greatest allies (you may have heard me say this before as it was taught to me by a mentor of sorts many years ago).

At this Full Moon, when there is so much focus on our minds, we are each being asked to perform the sometimes seemingly Herculean task of having mind over matter.

Soulstrology reminds us that there is always a duality to any celestial aspect, and therefore that the tense aspects of this Full Moon can help us to overcome certain matters in our mind, so that we can impact how those matters play out in the physical realm.

We can use Saturn's energy to see things for what they are and rather than being depressed about the state of affairs, to see what we need to do to make things as we wish them to be.

We can use the fiery force of Mars to give us courage and leadership, to help us to manifest what we need to, both in our minds and on the physical plane.

Remember courage isn't being afraid, or not having doubt, courage is taking action in spite of that fear or doubt.

We can use Mercury's retrograde and his intense opposition to force us to think about how we think and to RE-think how we think about things, because how we think about things, affects our feelings and how we feel affects our vibration and inspires our actions, which in turn creates our reality.

Henry Ford famously said, "Whether you think you can, or whether you think you can't, you are right".

THIS is the power of our minds and we can see this in real life examples all around us of people who overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve the impossible, to create a miracle.

We don't become or have what we want, we become what we believe.

And we believe what we think.

So we had better make sure we think in a way which serves us...

As always, this Full Moon will be impacting each of us differently, according to where each of us are on our unique paths.

There is no wrong or right here. It's just where we are each at.

For some of us this Full Moon may bring matters to celebratory completion, even if not on the physical plane, perhaps in our minds and our consciousness, which of course will result in a big shift on the physical plane.

For others this Full Moon may be a time when matters come bubbling up in the lunar spotlight, whether issues on the physical plane, or in our psyches.

I always recommend making a burn and release list using the wording,

"I release all of the below, because it does not serve me or my highest good, by releasing the below, I make space for new positive energy to come in and fulfill my heart's desires, for my highest good and the greater good."

For this Full Moon I also recommend asking yourselves the questions below and perhaps answering them and allowing those answers to guide your burn and release list.

If you are celebrating victories and achievements in your life then I still recommend writing a list thanking the cosmos for all you have achieved (list them) and asking for guidance for the next stage of manifesting in your life.

I like to burn this list too as a symbolic ritual to make space for the new.


Soulstrology Libra Full Moon cosmic coaching


  1. What relationships need healing or releasing in my life (generally but focus specifically on the relationships in the Libra ruled parts of each of our charts).
  2. What do I need to heal with my relationship with myself so I can manifest more in the Libra ruled areas of life in my chart?
  3. What is my relationship with my mind, how I think, what I think, and my beliefs about myself and life. How can I heal this so I have a better relationship with my mind so I can feel better and live better?
  4. What victories (even if tiny!) can I celebrate at this time with regards to the Libra ruled areas of life in my chart?
  5. What can I celebrate (dig deep, an attitude of gratitude will always give you more to be grateful for!) in terms of my relationships (including the relationship with myself)

Answer these questions today/tonight and do your burn and release ritual, or your burn and thank you ritual and take some quiet time to yourself, either to meditate (I include the Full Moon Soulstrology Soundbath below which was ironically recorded for the Full Moon in Aries, so we are full circle, and also reminds me of how many more I want to and will record for you all!) or take a salt bath, do some gentle yoga or take a walk in nature, all to help ground you during this powerful Full Moon.

Full Moon Mantras

I embrace the relationship with myself as the most important relationship of all

I trust that the better a relationship I have with my mind and thoughts, the better a relationship I will have with myself, others, and life

I relish the opportunity to re-think how I think and to think in a way which not only makes me feel good but also serves me and my life

I believe in miracles and know that the miracle begins with me in my mind before it manifests physically

I know that if I believe it to be true, it can and will be true. And so it is

I am wishing you all a healing, mindful, miracle making Full Moon.

May each of us have a better relationship with our minds and ourselves leading to the manifestation of magic and miracles in our lives and for our beloved world.

And so it is.


Ambi x



*Read for both your sun and rising sign if you know it*

  • Aries - partnerships and close relationships of all sorts - romantic, platonic and professional.
  • Taurus - your daily routine/lifestyle and health - mind/body/soul
  • Gemini - love and romance, children - yours and/or others, fun, self-expression and creativity
  • Cancer who what and where you consider home, family, your childhood, domestic life
  • Leo - your mind, communication, your voice in all formats - including related projects, siblings, neighbors, short trips
  • Virgo- your income, your possessions, your personal finances, your values (who and what you value in life) and your self-esteem
  • Libra - your identity, the very essence of who you are, how people see you/your appearance
  • Scorpio - healing and hibernation, secrets, your subconscious mind, secret projects, what you keep hidden (including the hidden you) endings and completion
  • Sagittarius - your tribe, friendships, groups you belong to, causes you support, your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future
  • Capricorn - success, career, ambition, your status, your public legacy
  • Aquarius - spirituality/religion/higher learning, legal matters, travel, foreign places and people
  • Pisces - joint projects and finances, merging, sex and transformation that comes through merging