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Soulstrology Posts

Jupiter Retrograde March 8 - July 10 2018: Transformation and miracles....

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and I hope this finds you all well!

This week Jupiter, gift giver and cosmic benefic, turns retrograde on Thursday March 8th at 23 degrees of Scorpio and he will continue his backwards dance until July 10th when he will station direct at 13 degrees of Scorpio.

Look carefully in your chart to see where you have 13-23 degrees of Scorpio, including any planets between those degrees of Scorpio (or thereabouts so widen it to 10-26 degrees) as the life areas represented by these houses and planets will be impacted by this retrograde (you can use the Soulstrology zodiac guide below to check which life areas Scorpio rules in your chart).

Also, look back to events which occurred around mid December, as the pre-retrograde shadow started on December 12th.

Even though the retrograde is officially over on July 10th it will take until October 6th for the post retrograde shadow to be over and for Jupiter to get back to 23 degrees of Scorpio (where his retrograde started) and for him to be in juicy flow of the final stages of his Scorpio transit.

Please do not be fearful about this retrograde. There is NOTHING to fear and EVERYTHING to gain.

It is not like Mercury's retrograde which can be oh so chaotic...but more on him in another post!

I was born with Jupiter retrograde in my natal chart and it certainly is not an unlucky placement although it does require you to go deep within and create internal transformation and adopt the light of Jupiter in order to manifest miracles on the external plane.

This particular Jupiter retrograde is asking each of us to look within and create deep internal transformation so that we can manifest more effortlessly on the physical plane and receive the blessings which are our cosmic dues.

Jupiter is all about spirituality, justice, compassion, expansion, optimism and miracles.

Scorpio's ruler Pluto is all about diving deep, beneath the surface, to dig up what is hidden or unseen in the darkness, to bring it to the light and to transform it.

To allow what needs to decay to die, to give truth and authenticity its rightful place and to transform ourselves and the world.

Think rebirths and soulful power.

During this Jupiter retrograde the cosmic benefic will be making beautiful aspects to Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, assisting us in the process of internal transformation and manifesting miracles.

I will be recording a Members only Soulstrology Soundbath specifically for this Jupiter retrograde which will hopefully help you navigate this retrograde better.

Stay tuned as I hope to get it to you all in the next few weeks...

For now, look at the areas of life which Scorpio rules in your unique chart as well as the areas of life which Scorpio rules in the natural zodiac (joint finances -debts, loans, mortgages, investments, sex, intimacy, merging and transformation).

Think carefully about these areas of life and how they are faring.

What do you wish to manifest in them?

Where do you feel stuck or stilted?

What is decaying which needs to die?

And most importantly, how can you transform internally so you can make the energetic shift to expand and manifest externally, on the physical plane?

More soon...


Ambi x


Aries: Joint finances of all sorts, sex, intimacy, transformation and death

Taurus: Partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Gemini: Daily routine, work and lifestyle. Health - mind, body and soul

Cancer: Love/romance, fun, self-expression, creativity, hobbies, children - yours or others

Leo: Domestic/family life and home - who, what and wear means home to you

Virgo: Your mind, communication, your voice in all formats including related projects, neighbors, siblings, your local community

Libra: Your personal finances and income, your possessions, your values - who and what you value and your self-esteem

Scorpio: Your identity, personal appearance and autonomy, how others view you

Sagittarius: Healing, the hidden, your subconscious mind, work you do in private, secrets

Capricorn: Friendships, groups you belong to and causes you support - your soul tribe. Your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future

Aquarius: Career, ambition, success and status. Ultimately your soul's legacy

Pisces: Spirituality, religion, higher learning, foreign places and people, legal matters, publishing