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Soulstrology Posts

New Moon in Aries April 2018: The revolution is here. The freedom to be yourself and to flourish

Ambi Sitham

Aligning with your true self not only results in happiness but also means life aligns with you!

Aligning with your true self not only results in happiness but also means life aligns with you!

Hello lovely ones and happy nearly New Moon in Aries!

I hope this last week or so has treated you all well.

I may have said this before in a previous post but the combination of Mercury retrograde and Aries season has been INTENSE and fiery...thank goodness that we are slowly approaching a new cosmic chapter, on so many fronts.

This Sunday 15th April at just before 6pm PST (or Monday 16th April, depending on your timezone) we have a New Moon in Aries and we also see mischievous Mercury station direct.

This is possibly one of the most significant New Moons, not only of this year, but the last few years.

This is because Uranus, cosmic change agent and disruptor, is slowly coming to the end of his seven year transit of Aries which started in March 2011.

This is a seven year transit where the Aries part of each of our lives has undergone a complete overhaul, which at times would have manifested as total chaos, the rug being pulled out from underneath us - sudden change and endings - all turning our world upside down, but ultimately for our highest good.

There has been purpose to this process. The purpose has been to liberate us and for each of us to be (Aries rules the self) our true, zany selves (Uranus rules individuality and eccentricity) and for us to step into the future which is our destiny.

As you all probably know by now, Aries in the natural zodiac rules our the first house - the house of the SELF - being our identity, our appearance, how others view us, how we present ourselves to others, our personal autonomy, our individuality, and how we go about pursuing our personal goals and manifesting them.

Aries governs leadership and Soulstrology tells us that whether we realize it or not, each of us is a leader and has light to shine in our unique way, in a unique place.

For each of us in our personal natal charts this Uranus in Aries transit has been taking place in a different areas of life and has probably turned our world upside down but has also liberated us in the process.

Even though Aries rules different life areas in each of our charts what this transit (and now specifically this New Moon), is asking of us is to apply the natural zodiac themes ruled by Aries to the life areas governed by Aries in our unique charts.

I will use my chart as an example to help guide each of you to apply this Soulstrology consciousness to your own chart.

I am a Sagittarius sun sign and a Virgo rising.

In my solar chart (based on my sun sign of Sagittarius) Aries rules my 5th house of true love, children, creativity, self-expression, fun and hobbies.

In my natal chart (based on my rising sign of Virgo) Aries rules my 8th house of joint finances, sex, transformation and 'death'.

So, this Uranus in Aries transit has caused great upheaval in all the above areas of life but with a focus on my SELF (Aries) and my identity, autonomy, personal goals and how I pursue them in these areas of life.

I have experienced great chaos in ALL of the above areas of life but have now entered a brave new world where I can be my true self and own my personal identity and autonomy with regards to each of these areas of life.

Using the above as a guide (and using the Soulstrology zodiac guide to this New Moon which is at the bottom of this post) you will hopefully be able to see which life areas the Aries in Uranus transit has been impacting in your life and a la Mercury retrograde be able to REflect and REview them in order to REset them for a REvolution!

Because, here is the crazy beautiful cosmic synchronicity.....Uranus finishes his transit of Aries in April/early May and come mid-May he will start his transit of Taurus.

And at this New Moon he is at exactly the same degree as the Sun and Moon!

This means his energies of change, liberation and the freedom to step into our futures are fully blended with this New Moon  -the lunar cycle of which will take us through to the end of the Uranus in Aries transit  - so we can welcome the new Uranus in Taurus transit in May (more on this soon!)

It is like a gift from the cosmos that Mercury stations direct as we have this powerful New Moon that has rocket fuel from Uranus to create change, the kind of change we may have been working on for the last seven years but can now see come to fruition.

The Soulstrology theme of this New Moon is reflected in the title of this blog.

This really is a revolution. It is a revolution to allow us to be our true, unfettered selves.

And not only to bask in the joy that freedom that gives us but also to be able to flourish as our true selves.

This revolution has called for our evolution.

Many of us may look back to March 2011 and what was happening around that time or that year and think how much life has changed.

Perhaps it is in our personal lives, perhaps it is professional.

Either way, there will have been a revolution which called for your evolution.

Your evolution into your true self.

Not who you think you should be.

Not who your family think you should be.

Not who your peers or society or the media tells you that you should be.

But who you really are.

At this final stage of this revolution and over the next lunar cycle where each of us are thrust into a brave new world, we only need to do as Shakespeare so beautifully wrote in Hamlet,

"To thine own self be true"

It is as simple as that and Soulstrology tells us that if we are brave enough to do this, everything else in our lives WILL fall into place.

When we align with our true higher self, life aligns almost magically, things fall into place, the right people and opportunities present themselves, magic flows....

But, this does require us to listen to the whisper of our soul, it does require us to unshackle ourselves from the opinions of others, to discard the petty voice of our ego, to move beyond fear to faith.

The revolution occurs within and then the revolution occurs in your world.

During the last few weeks Mercury's retrograde may have brought the past knocking on our door.

It may have had us in deep REflection and contemplation, reviewing our lives and reconciling matters within our psyches.

In these next few days as the sky grows darker with not a trace of la luna visible, we must use this time to reflect further and to think carefully about whether we are being true to ourselves, to ask ourselves if chaos we are experiencing/have experienced in our lives is punishment or is the universe pushing us because we are living out of alignment and not being our true selves?

We must be brave, knowing that there is a beautiful bounty awaiting each of us as a reward for our bravery.

I encourage each of you to read this blog carefully, look at the Aries ruled parts of your charts, reflect on the themes of consciousness and on how life has played our and ask yourselves the questions above and answer them honestly.

The process of unbecoming who we think we were supposed to be, is the process of becoming our true selves.

Courage is always rewarded.

And freedom tastes oh so sweet.

So what are we waiting for?

The revolution is here. It just requires that final stage of evolution.

And then you can enjoy the beautiful bounty which awaits.

New Moon Mantras

I know that change is the only constant and that to change myself and my life is to be true to my self

I trust that it is safe to be my true self

I embrace evolving to the next version of myself and my life

As I embrace my true self I feel the support of the universe embracing my process of individuation

I trust in the process of evolution and know that it is a revolution which may bring bumps in the road but ultimately will set me free

I know that as I align with my true self, I will be rewarded with the manifestation of my desires

I am wishing you all the courage to evolve into your true self and the freedom to flourish in all areas of life.


Ambi x



Aries: - Your identity, autonomy, appearance, how others view you

Taurus: - Healing, the subconscious mind, psychological issues, secrets/what you keep hidden, including work you do behind the scenes and secret projects

Gemini: - Friendships, groups you belong to and causes you support, your soul tribe and your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future

Cancer: - Your career, status, success, ambition, ultimately your soul's public legacy

Leo: Spirituality/religion, higher learning, travel, publishing, legal matters

Virgo: Joint finances and related projects, merging, sex, death and transformation

Libra: Partnerships and close relationships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Scorpio: Your day to day work, routine and lifestyle, health - mind, body, soul

Sagittarius: Love, dating, romance, self-expression, creativity, fun, children - yours, or others

Capricorn: Domestic life, home and family, who, what and where you consider home/family

Aquarius: Your mind, communication, your 'voice' in all formats including related projects, neighbors, siblings, your local community

Pisces: Your personal finances and income, your values - who and what you value, and your self-esteem

This is a previously recorded New Moon Soundbath which you may like to listen to leading up to this New Moon.