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Soulstrology Posts

Venus in Gemini April 25 - May 19th 2018: Walk your talk

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy Wednesday!

Today, Venus moves into Gemini where she will stay for three weeks.

I include at the bottom of this post last year's Venus in Gemini Soulstrology post so you can read the basic do's and don'ts but as this is the second Venus in Gemini transit I am writing about I wanted to now go a bit further with this Soulstrology cosmic coaching (which is ultimately what all of these blogs are about!) from beginner level basics and do's and dont's to more elevated cosmic consciousness.

So, the Soulstrology theme for this particular Venus in Gemini transit is asking us to walk our talk.

Venus, as you all probably know by now, is the planet who rules love, creativity, harmony and abundance.

Gemini in the natural zodiac rules the third house - our minds, communication, our 'voice' in all formats and related projects.

This Venus in Gemini transit is asking us to look at how we speak, specifically regarding the areas of life which Venus (love, creativity, abundance, beauty, socializing) and Gemini (our minds, our voices, communication) rule and to see whether our actions truly matches our words.

We are also asked to look specifically at the Gemini ruled parts of our charts and any planets we may have in Gemini (and therefore all the life areas which will be experiencing this transit) and to review what we say/how we speak about these areas of life and whether our words truly serve us.

The shadow of Gemini is to be all talk with little action/substance.

As a result this is the shadow which each of us may fall into in the Gemini ruled part of each of our charts. 

We may talk the talk, but not walk our talk and as a result we may not experience the true abundance and flow which we desire in relation to the life areas ruled by Gemini in our charts.

Soulstrology tells us that our words have so much power and create our reality.

Therefore we must make sure our words match the highest version of ourselves and that we take action to back up our words.

The Soulstrology zodiac guide is below as part of last year's beginner level Venus in Gemini post.

Read for both your sun and rising sign if you know it so you can see what life areas Venus is gracing in your chart over the next three weeks.

Also here are some key important dates for this Venus in Gemini transit for your diary.

May 7th: Venus (in Gemini) squares Neptune (in Pisces) - a harsh tense aspect which can be a real reality check if you have been less than upfront with your words/actions. On the flip side can be VERY productive for creative matters forcing change/resolution.

May 19th: Venus (in Gemini) sextile Uranus (in Taurus) harmonious, flowing aspect for the life areas ruled by Gemini and Taurus in your natal chart.


Last year's post is below! Don't forget to read for both your sun and rising sign when you check out the Soulstrology Venus in Gemini guide.

Also you Gemini/Gemini risings are set to enjoy the Venus filter.

Think the best most flattering beauty filter which makes the world go ga ga goo over you.

Make the most of it and enjoy!


Ambi x


Hello lovely ones and happy Thursday!

Today, Thursday 6th July 2017, Venus planet of love, peace, harmony, beauty, abundance and socializing moves into mutable air sign Gemini where she will stay until August 1st.

Look at where you have Gemini ruling houses in your natal chart as well as any planets you have in Gemini as this will give you an idea of the areas of life which will be infused with Venusian energies.

As always, Soulstrology reminds us that there is shadow and light and duality to each planet and sign.

Here are the Soulstrology do's and don'ts for this Venus in Gemini transit.



  • Engage in mental foreplay Venus in Gemini is all about communication and the mind. There's nothing sexier than a good conversation! Write a love letter. Express your feelings and seduce your lover with your words (your choice whether this is via old fashioned letters or online)
  • Arrange a date night where you actually TALK We've all seen those couples (and may have even been them at times) who eat an entire meal at a restaurant barely exchanging a word. Over this transit bring the art of conversation back into your love life/relationship.
  • Single? Make sure to mingle! Over this transit consider online dating (before Mercury shadow sets in) go out locally (Gemini in natural zodiac rules our 'hood) and keeping your options open by multi dating. If you are not in an exclusive relationship then keep your options open which leads me nicely onto...
  • Variety is the spice of life Venus in Gemini loves to socialize and craves variety. We can each harness this energy and infuse it into our social lives. Catch up with different friends/groups and aim for different activities.  Go on a spontaneous get away. This transit is perfect to escape on either a romantic weekend away or a fun trip with friends.
  • Find your creative voice Whether its a book, a blog, a podcast, or some other medium, find your voice and express it or re-start a project which relates to your creative voice.
  • Duality in your work/finances Think about how you can embrace different sides of your persona in your work and finances. Whether a side job to create another income stream or pursuing a passion project which could turn into your dream job, the key is duality.



  • Be flaky. The shadow of Venus in Gemini's desire for variety is to flake. Whether in social arrangements or with dating be mindful of being flaky.
  • Be all about small talk This transit can lead to us being somewhat superficial in our communications. Small talk has its time and place but be mindful of superficiality.
  • Equate monogamy with monotony. Venus in Gemini has a strong desire for stimulation and excitement in relationships which sometimes can lead to flitting from one relationship to another in search of that mental stimulation. Monogamy can provide this!
  • Commit to more than you can do The downside of the gift of the gab can be failing to deliver. Be mindful that you can walk your talk.
  • Be foolish in your pursuit of intelligence Sometimes this transit can lead to us trying to study or do something because we think it is the 'right' thing to do or it automatically makes us intellectually superior which of course is untrue and soul defeating!
  • Try do to it all Trying to do or have it all is unrealistic and self-defeatist. Pursue duality and adventure but with mindful realism and boundaries.


Gemini and Gemini risings this next month is your time to enjoy what Soulstrology likes to call the Venus filter! It gives a great glow!

Whatever your sign, you will be enjoying this transit somewhere in your chart and therefore life.

Below is the Soulstrology guide for this transit for each sign indicating which areas of life will be experiencing this transit and the Venus filter.

Read for your sun and rising sign and don't forget to check which planets you have in Gemini.

Try and infuse these life areas with the light of Venus - think love, harmony, creativity, abundance!




  • Aries - your mind, communication, your 'voice' in all formats and related projects, short trips, your siblings, neighbors and local community
  • Taurus - your income, your possessions, your personal finances, your values (who and what you value in life) and your self-esteem
  • Gemini - your identity, the very essence of who you are, how people see you
  • Cancer - healing, secrets, your subconscious mind, secret projects, what you keep hidden (including the hidden you) endings and completion
  • Leo - your tribe, friendships, groups you belong to, causes you support, your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future
  • Virgo - success, career, ambition, your status, your public legacy
  • Libra - spirituality/religion/higher learning, legal matters, travel, foreign places and people
  • Scorpio - joint projects and finances, merging, transformation that comes through merging
  • Sagittarius - close partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic (marriage too)
  • Capricorn - your daily lifestyle/routine, service and work, your health - mind/body/soul
  • Aquarius- love and romance, children - yours and/or others, fun, self-expression and creativity
  • Pisces - home - who what and where you consider home, family, your childhood, domestic life