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Soulstrology Posts

Full Moon in Scorpio April 2018: Soulstrology Mantras and meditations!

Ambi Sitham

Yep! And my phases are synched up to the lunar cycles (unsurprisingly!)

Yep! And my phases are synched up to the lunar cycles (unsurprisingly!)

Hello lovely ones and happy Scorpio Full Moon!

Tonight (or in the early hours of tomorrow, depending on where you live) the moon will reach her fullness and the peak of the lunar cycle as we experience the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Hopefully you will have read the Scorpio Full Moon blog with the Soulstrology theme for this particular Full Moon.

I encourage each of you to engage in a Full Moon ritual today.

As always with Full Moons, and particularly because we are in Taurus season, I encourage getting out into nature. There is something incredibly grounding about being out and about in nature, whether it is a hike, a walk in a park, or being by a natural body of water (very apropros given this is a Water ruled Full Moon as Scorpio is a water sign).

You can also make the usual burn and release list to release all that does not serve you (do not underestimate the power of this ritual!) or, if you feel in more of a celebratory place you can write a thank you letter to the universe for all that you have received and for all you intend to receive.

I set out the general Soulstrology mantras for this Full Moon below with a link to the Soulstrology Full Moon Soundbath and the third eye soundbath.

I recommend reading the blogs, meditating, journaling and then engaging in your Full Moon ritual and of course using your mantras (I like to use my mantras whilst I hike, repeating them silently or out loud!)




I allow the lunar spotlight to illuminate what needs my attention at this time

I trust that if darkness is revealed, it is what needs to be healed

I know that healing is the first step to manifesting and I embrace healing to make space for my blessings

I trust that I am capable of regeneration, reinvention and a rebirth and that it is unfolding in divine timing

I embrace and celebrate all the tiny victories since last October and the start of this Jupiter in Scorpio transit knowing that these are simply a taster of what is to come and to unfold by this November

I release all that does not serve me or my highest good.

And so it is.


And so it is.

Wishing you all a peaceful, healing and transformative Full Moon.


Ambi x