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Soulstrology Posts

Mars in Aquarius May 17th - November 16th 2018

Ambi Sitham

MARS IN AQUARIUS May 17th - August 13th 2018.png

Hello lovely ones and happy Thursday!

I hope the New Moon and new lunar cycle is treating you all well.

I have created the Soulstrology Members only FB page and am slowly adding those of you who expressed an interest in joining.  Excited to chat more on there!

Onwards to more cosmic happenings - I know, I know so many updates but hey, it never rains and then it pours...

Today Mars moves into Aquarius where he will stay for a crazily long time (mid November!!) because of his retrograde motion.

Mars retrograde officially starts on June 26th and sees the cosmic manifestor move into Capricorn on August 14th where he will spend the last two weeks of his retrograde until he turns direct on August 28th.

However as the planetary mover and shaker will then have retrace his steps he will work back through Capricorn into Aquarius and will only leave Aquarius moving into Pisces on November 16th.

This means that the Aquarius ruled parts of each of our charts are going to be the areas of life which are impacted by Mars (and his retrograde) over the next six months.

I will write further blogs on this to guide you all but for now just know that the Aquarius ruled parts of each of your charts is going to feeling Mars energy in his usual forward motion for the next five weeks before he does his backward dance.

Most important advice? Make the most of the next five weeks!


Mars as you all know is the cosmic manifestor.

He represents our autonomy, drive, energy and ambition -  our joie de vivre for life - aka our mojo (and yes that can also mean between the sheets mojo!) and during his retrograde all of these energies will be suppressed somewhat.

It is far from doom and gloom.

It just means that the two months of his actual retrograde may feel and seem like a time when we aren't operating on our usual manifesting levels.

We may feel a little lower in energy, maybe even a bit lazy or we just don't have that get up and go.

This particular Mars retrograde coincides with the summer eclipse season so don't think that things won't be happening in life.

Far from it because as I think you all know by now, eclipse season always brings change and shakes things up.

However, due to Mars retrograde motion we may find some of our plans (specifically those related to the Aquarius ruled parts of each of our charts) don't manifest as quickly as we would like, or feel stuck in some way.

As a result we must all harness the energy of Mars in Aquarius over the next five weeks to, well, frankly, to get sh*t done, particularly in the Aquarius ruled parts of each of our charts (see the Soulstrology zodiac guide below to check which areas these are for your sign and don't forget to read for your rising sign as well as your sun sign)

Remember that the areas of life ruled by Aquarius in the natural zodiac (which applies to each of us) will also be impacted by this Mars transit over the next five weeks and the subsequent retrograde.

These areas of life are: friendships, groups you belong to, organizations you support, communities you are part of - your soul tribe and your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.

More on this Mars retrograde nearer to the time but for now check out the Soulstrology zodiac guide below to see where this transit takes place for your sign.

Back next Monday with your Venus in Cancer blog!


Ambi x


Aries: Friendships, groups and organizations. Your soul tribe. Your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future.

Taurus: Career, success, status and ambition. Your soul's legacy.

Gemini: Higher education, spirituality, foreign places or people, travel, legal matters, publishing

Cancer: Joint finances, sex, transformation and merging

Leo: Close partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Virgo: Daily lifestyle and routine. Health - mind/body/soul.

Libra: Love, dating, romance, fun, self-expression, creativity, children

Scorpio: Home, domestic life. Who and what you consider home/family.

Sagittarius: Your mind and communication, your voice in all formats and associated projects. Siblings, neighbors and your local community

Capricorn: Your personal finances and income, possessions, your values and self-esteem

Aquarius: Your identity, appearance and how others view you

Pisces: Healing, psychological matters, work you do behind the scenes/in private, secret projects