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Soulstrology Posts

Sagittarius Full Moon Soulstrology Soundbath and Soulstrology Scopes

Ambi Sitham

Full Moon rising...

Full Moon rising...

Hello lovey ones and happy almost Full Moon!

Today is Memorial Day here in the US and I know it is a public holiday in the UK too but seeing as our Soulstrology tribe are scattered across the world I am not sure if you are all fortunate to have this day off.

Regardless I encourage each of you to engage in a Full Moon ritual of sorts.

With all this fiery Sag energy of the Full Moon and with us being in Gemini season (air element) it is important to harness both the elements of earth and water to bring balance.

Think a walk in nature (earth - very grounding element) and salt baths (water, cleansing).

And of course our usual burn and release ritual is even more on point given that the Sag Full Moon is ruled by fire.

Just burn your release list safely ;)

I recorded a special Soulstrology Soundbath exclusively for you all with the Jupiter gong (ruler of this Full Moon) and the Earth gong (grounding, clarifying) plus some quartz crystal bowls and chimes.

I did not record my usual intro and outro because I am playing around with these Soulstrology Soundbaths and wanted to see if you guys preferred to listen without yours truly chatting!

Always open to your comments and feedback, so let me know which you prefer!

The Soundbath link is below.

Please listen with your headphones to gain the maximum benefit and lying down if possible.

Finally, after hiking this morning (my pre Full Moon ritual) I channeled the following messages for each zodiac sign, consider them Soulstrology Scopes of sorts!

I hope you enjoy and that they are helpful to you in navigating this Full Moon!


Ambi x




Aries/Aries rising: Aries you were forced to work hard over the last few years on any matters regarding higher learning - whether formal education, self-study or otherwise. Your personal spirituality and belief system may also have been put through the mill. Projects involving publishing, import or export, foreign places/people or travel may have felt stuck. And legal matters may have weighed you down. But there was purpose to this process. Now is the time for you to unload any last baggage in relation to these areas of life. With Saturn having left this part of your chart and Uranus having finished his change agent magic with your sun sign, it is time to fly high - in all areas!

Taurus/Taurus rising: Dear Taurus what a time to be alive! Stern Saturn is done with teaching you karmic lessons about joint finances of all kinds (debts, joint bank accounts, loans, investments, inheritances and taxes) and more sticky matters about merging between the sheets - yep - you also learnt some lessons about sex... You experienced deep transformation and some losses/endings but now with change agent Uranus in your sign it's your time to revolutionize your entire life, as well as the above areas. You like the slow and steady approach and aren't always good with change but change is on the horizon! Be prepared to change and for change. It is the only constant and in this instance it truly will be for your highest good!

Gemini/Gemini rising: Gemini at this time with the sun shining in your sign you are in the solar spotlight and due to celebrate your solar return aka cosmic birthday. With tomorrow's Full Moon the lunar spotlight is firmly on you and your close partnerships of all kinds, -platonic, professional and romantic. You learned some very tough lessons about partnerships of all sorts and have experienced some loss and sorrow although some of you will have found your way to creating new structures in partnerships and be celebrating those successes. For the former, now is the time for you to release all old ghosts from the pasts, so you can have the best relationship with yourself which can also be reflected in all your partnerships.

Cancer/Cancer rising: Sweet Cancer you have rarely worked as hard as the last few years. You have put your nose to the grind but at the same time stern Saturn has shown you the impact of your daily lifestyle, work and service upon your health - mind, body and soul. The cosmos has spoken loud and clear that your daily routine must also serve your mind, body and soul and you need to work on this as much as you work on your actual job. It's time for a new season where you thrive both at work and in your mind, body and soul. What bad habits or self-limiting beliefs can you release so you can embrace this new chapter of a lifestyle that serves you and others?

Leo/Leo rising: Loveable Leo your love life has been tough for the last few years! So many of you experienced delays, disappointments and big reality checks whereas others found that love became more serious and enduring as it passed the tests of Saturn's hoops. Leos have also been tested with self-expression, creativity and fun - Saturn was not a easy bedfellow in this area of your charts. But now he has gone and he wants to reward you! Use this Full Moon as a chance to wipe the slate clean and make space for all you want to manifest - love, fun, expressing yourself - finding your groove and claiming your solar spotlight.

Virgo/Virgo rising: Virtuous Virgo you've had your home life revamped by Saturn but this revamp hasn't been without sorrow or stress. Whether it's your home or family, things will look very different than they did three years ago, but you may still have unfulfilled goals in relation to these areas of life whether it is to do with an actual physical home or a family you wish to have. Saturn is gone and with his departure is the space to receive. Your job is to get out of your own way and not try and micromanage the process. Worry less and wonder more. Home is where the heart is and as long as your heart is in the right place, success is guaranteed!

Libra/Libra rising: Dear Libra, you were put to the test with Saturn's transit of your mind and your voice. You may have felt a grey cloud hovering over your thoughts and even your voice over the last few years. This would also have impacted your interactions with siblings, neighbors and your local community. When he departed this area of your chart you should have felt the cloud lift and so too these areas of life should have experienced more of an ease and indeed flowed better. Use this Full Moon as an opportunity to release any remaining dark clouds so that you can manifest more effortlessly with projects related to your mind and voice and can experience more ease and harmony with siblings, neighbors and your local community.

Scorpio/Scorpio rising: Scorpio you were put through the wringer with your income and personal finances and taught some serious lessons. Structures in these areas of life which didn't align with your true values were shown to be unstable and in some cases perhaps destroyed. You were also shown how any self-worth issues could get in the way of your earning ability and the importance of truly loving and honoring yourself. As a result of Saturn's transit you should have much stronger foundations in place regarding your personal finances and income and would have seen how your own 'stuff' can get in the way of you experiencing personal abundance. Now with Saturn gone and Jupiter in your sign it's time for you to experience expansion, magic and miracles. Use this Full Moon to release, reset and perhaps you will even be celebrating!

Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising: Sagittarius what a few years you went through! Saturn in your sign was not a comfortable bed fellow but he taught you oh so much. How to do less so you could be, and have, more. How to restrict yourself so that you could focus. The importance of dotting the i's and crossing the t's. He put you through the wringer but he pushed you to become the best version of yourself and to create proper structures in your life which form the foundation of lasting soulful success. As a result you view yourself differently as do others. With your ruler cosmic benefic Jupiter due to enter your sign in November, success, expansion and miracles are on the horizon but with Saturn's solid foundations meaning they will be enduring successes. Use this Full Moon to review and release what no longer serves you as well as to celebrate how far you have come. The best is yet to be!

Capricorn/Capricorn rising: Dear Capricorn you are ruled by Saturn who is now transiting your sign. And after the last few years you are used to Saturn's energies showing you what is up, and importantly what is OFF. You have been shown where your own subconscious wounds or patterns make you your worst enemy and perhaps draw in real life frenemies or toxic relationships into your life. It hasn't been easy but it has been for your highest good. Now Saturn is done with the behind the scenes work he is focused on your identity, appearance and how the world at large views you. He is here to help you be and have the best in life. Success is yours for the making and taking. Use this Full Moon as an opportunity to conduct any final purges of old Saturn in Sag related issues so that you can operate (and receive) from a clean slate.

Aquarius/Aquarius rising: Aquarius, Saturn's tests came in the form of friendships - or some friend groups or organizations you support, or belong to. In short he reviewed your soul tribe and showed you where there were cracks which needed attention and work. You may have experienced some disappointments or delays with friends and groups as well as a sense of feeling stuck around your most cherished goals for the future. You should have felt a lifting of his heaviness over the last few months and this accompanied by the 2018 eclipses in your sign should have helped you feel less stuck in terms of manifesting your most cherished goals as well as feeling more easily able to connect to your true soul tribe. Use this Full Moon as an opportunity to examine these areas of life and see where you may need to conduct some final releasing and purging so you can reset. The future is bright!

Pisces/Pisces rising: Sweet Pisces, Saturn made you take a serious reality check about your career - including your goals and ambitions. He has made you look long and hard at what it takes to climb to the top of the mountain. It hasn't been easy and you've been tested in terms of your strength and appetite for success. He has forced you to see in black and white what needs to be done for you to manifest the career of your dreams. He has also made you form the proper foundation for success as well as enforce strong boundaries. You've changed and for the best. Now it is time to start building on what Saturn has created for you and to expect success to manifest. Use the Full Moon as a final purge and release of all and any frustrations or fears around success and the fulfillment of your soul's legacy. Remember if you can dream it, you can do it!



Light some incense or a candle, lie down, put your headphones on and let the sounds and vibrations wash over you.