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Soulstrology Posts


Ambi Sitham

Summer summer time.....and time for some Pluto Soulstrology Soundbath action!

Summer summer time.....and time for some Pluto Soulstrology Soundbath action!

Hello lovely ones, happy Thursday and happy Summer Solstice!

Today, June 21st in the Northern hemisphere, we experience the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year - with the maximum daylight.

The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of Summer and just after the Solstice the sun will move into the Cancer ruled part of the zodiac and Cancer season will begin.

Soulstrology tells us that the Summer Solstice is an opportunity to draw down on this physical light as energetic light to be infused into lives.

It is a time of enlightenment (literally!) by way of embracing our inner light and transforming any darkness in our lives into light - because that's all darkness is - light seeking an opportunity to be unveiled.

That is why I chose to debut Pluto for you all at this time and record a Summer Solstice Soulstrology Soundbath with him.

Pluto is the great transformer.

He is unafraid of diving deep into the darkness that lies within and is capable of transforming it into light.

He helps us to transform and to rebirth ourselves or an area of our lives.

He helps us to be soulfully powerful and allows us to experience great power and success on the physical plane but it comes with soul.

And things that have soul have a sweeter aftertaste...which is why I like to call the solstice SOULSTICE.

At the Summer Solstice I encourage you all to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Take some time to think about all the things that are 'light' and goodness in your lives and give thanks for them whilst thinking about other areas of life you wish to infuse with more light.

Then listen to the Soundbath and perhaps choose one area of life or yourself which you want to see transform by the Winter Solstice - don't think in terms of an actual goal, more like, an area of life or yourself which you wish to see infused with light which will naturally transform it and result in more effortless manifestation.

I hope you enjoy the soundbath as much as I enjoyed recording it for you!


Ambi x