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Soulstrology Posts

Solar eclipse in Cancer July 12/13 2018: Every end is a new beginning - the magic in the message of the mess

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy nearly solar eclipse in Cancer!

This solar eclipse in Cancer takes place on Thursday 12th July 2018 at 7.48pm PST (adjust for your timezone) and falls at 20 degrees of Cancer.

You can check your charts to see if you have any planets between 18 - 22 degrees of Cancer as these will be directly pinged by the solar eclipse.

Generally speaking however, for the purposes of this eclipse, all we really need to know is where Cancer rules in our unique charts.

I say this because this week's solar eclipse is the first solar eclipse in Cancer since 2009 and marks the start of the Cancer/Capricorn set of eclipses which will take us through to 2020.

So for the purposes of our cosmic coaching, all we really need to know is the life areas which this eclipse is activating and which will be activated over the next two years.

So as long as you know what Cancer rules in your unique chart, you are good - you don't need to get too caught up in exact degrees etc for this eclipse.

Cancer/Cancer risings and Capricorn/Capricorn risings - this is a very fated couple of years coming up for you guys - life will look very different come 2020!

But regardless of our zodiac sign, as always with eclipses, they bring much needed change and transformation to the area of our lives ruled by the eclipse sign.

In this case it is watery, emotional Cancer who is ruled by the moon herself.

As many of you will know, in the natural zodiac (which applies to all of us) Cancer rules the fourth house of home, family, domestic life and the private/domestic us, as well as all the other areas of life that naturally accompany the themes of family and home.

Whenever an eclipse occurs in a set of zodiac signs, it means that the collective consciousness - aka the world at large - will be dealing with the polarity and finding balance between the two areas of life which are being 'eclipsed'.

In this case, over the next two years we will see big changes globally with regards to family life, homes (houses and house ownership in particular) and career/success, power, governments and the patriarchal powers that be.

These two areas of life oppose each other in everyone's lives with home and family being at the bottom of our chart (denoting our private selves) and our careers/status being at the top of our charts (denoting our public selves) 

I think it is fair to say that we all seek to find balance between home/family life/our private selves and our careers/status/our public identities (or is just me?!)

However over the next two years the collective consciousness is going to be dealing with this and I believe we are going to see many big changes in terms of how we all 'do life' - both home and work, and much needed changes are afoot - amen to that!

So what does this mean for this eclipse and each of us?

The first in the new set of eclipses (such as this one which sees the beginning of the Cancer/Capricorn set of eclipses) is considered to wipe the slate clean and to push us into a new chapter.

A solar eclipse is of course a New Moon and New Moons are traditionally about beginnings and a solar eclipse has the power of several New Moons rolled into one (hence why we tend to set goals to manifest for the six months ahead with a solar eclipse).

However a solar eclipse also often points to endings.

Just as the Sun gets eclipsed from sight of earth, so too something ends in our lives or someone leaves our lives to make space for a new beginning.

In this particular case this energy of endings - death - or loss of some sort - is amplified by the position of powerful Pluto, who sits in Capricorn opposite the Sun and Moon in Cancer, and brings tension to this eclipse - and indeed an ending of sorts.

Because Pluto is 'death' and especially in a harsh opposition aspect he signifies a 'death' or ending of sorts for transformation and a rebirth (he rules both of these themes too).

I cannot explain to you how utterly aligned it is that Pluto is in this position at the time of this first eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn set!

Each of us will of course be experiencing different energies in our lives at this particular time.

As a result we will feel this eclipse differently according to where we are on our soul's journey and what is happening in our lives at this time.

However, whether we see it this month or not, whether we are celebrating or commiserating, the fact is that we are all experiencing one season of life ending so that a new one can be born.

Now for some this may well be celebratory but that doesn't mean there is no ending, or even 'loss' of sorts.

To share an example - one of our beloved community wrote me on our Facebook Members only group to say that she is getting married to her Cancerian beloved on the eclipse (talk about cosmically aligned!).

So she is clearly experiencing a celebration and a new beginning, but it also signifies an ending and in some ways the 'death' aka ending of at least some aspects of her life as she knew it.

Now this is a good, happy thing but nonetheless it signifies an end of sorts and a beginning.

Life is a circle and every ending is a new beginning.

And every new beginning comes from some other new beginnings ending...

As I always say, change is the only constant in life.

The lunar windows and cosmic cycles are simply here to help us navigate those changes and to work with the energies to let what is decaying die, and to allow for the new beginnings to be embraced.

At this Solar Eclipse there are beautiful harmonious aspects in place which soften the tenseness of the Pluto opposition and shows us that in fact, even if we are experiencing some kind of angst, loss, sorrow or tension, in truth - as per the Soulstrology theme for this Solar Eclipse,

there is magic in the message of any mess we experience.

These harmonious aspects occur between Venus and Saturn (stability for love and finances) Venus and Uranus (freedom, innovation and much needed change with regards to love and finances) and finally, but perhaps most importantly, Saturn and Uranus - offering stability in times of change and helping us to navigate the changes of eclipse season properly.

With four planets in retrograde motion this eclipse may feel different than other eclipses, in terms of the immediacy of changes/shifts.

We may not experience all of the changes immediately, we may not even realize which seeds of change were being planted this month, but we will certainly see them flower over the next six months.

Our job at this eclipse is to adopt cosmic consciousness to whatever is happening in our lives right now, as well as the life areas ruled by Cancer in our lives.

That may mean allowing what is decaying to die, this may be people, relationships, situations, even our own patterns of behavior and psyche.

It may mean allowing loss or death of sorts for a new beginning, or rebirth.

It may mean joyfully embracing a new chapter knowing that it also signifies an ending of sorts.

It may mean complete destruction and a muddled mess, but if that is the case you just need to ride out the eclipse waves knowing there is magic in the message of the mess and knowing you are being supported and aided in making these positive changes in your lives.

You just need to allow what happens to happen and look for the lessons, the messages, the magic in any mess and know that muddled times create miracles just as much as smooth seas.

Your Cancer Solar Eclipse Soulstrology Scopes are coming on a separate post and I hope that they help you navigate this eclipse with cosmic consciousness for your unique sign (don't forget to read for both your Sun and Rising sign).

Happy Solar Eclipse!

Wishing you all sweet new beginnings and magic and miracles to arise from the ashes of any messes or muddles.


Ambi x