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Soulstrology Posts

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 2018: Fate, destiny, free will and faith

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy nearly lunar eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius!

This Full Moon total lunar eclipse is the longest lasting eclipse of the century and starts at 1.20pm this Friday 27th July 2018 and lasts for 103 minutes...yikes!

Soulstrology tells us that for several reasons this is probably one of the most powerful cosmic events of the year....because...

It is a total lunar eclipse.

It is the longest lasting eclipse of the century.

It is conjunct Mars (retrograde) meaning it's energies are blended with Mars in retrograde motion (repressed aggression, frustration, tension).

Both the Sun and the Moon square to Uranus in Taurus creating what is known as a 'T-square' aspect which creates a knife edge tension and means things can happen very suddenly and abruptly.

The Moon is conjunct the south node (past life karma) indicating a fated element to events which occur around the time of the lunar eclipse (this can be in the days leading up or the days following).

This can seem like a punishment as though something fated (and beyond our control) happens which is 'bad' or 'sad' and in some cases will be.

The Sun is conjunct the north node (our destiny in this lifetime) indicating that there is a destined nature to events which occur around the time of the lunar eclipse.

Something that is destined for us in this lifetime (to have, to be etc) can happen which propels us into the next chapter of our lives and leads us towards our destiny. 

The Lunar eclipse Full Moon falls at exactly 4.44 degrees of Aquarius.

444 in angel numbers is a message that we are in harmony with the universe, that angelic forces are with us and importantly that we need to have faith that things are going in the right direction in our lives.

Which leads me nicely to the title of this blog and the Soulstrology theme for this Lunar eclipse.

Fate, destiny, free will and faith.

We often think of fate and destiny as the same thing and sometimes these expressions are interchangeable and the words deemed synonyms.

However Soulstrology tells us that even though in many ways these expressions are similar  - insofar as they relate to some type of predetermined future - in fact, as per the example of fate and destiny above vis a vis the North and South nodes, the two expressions have distinct differences which we need to understand for the purposes of navigating this lunar eclipse (and indeed, life generally!)

Fate refers to events which are predetermined, inevitable or unavoidable.

This is why our South node or South node related matters are often referred to as 'fated'.

Soulstrology tells us that these events, relationships or matters are predetermined and often arise from past life karma which we experience in this lifetime.

People often get frightened or put off by the term karma but karma isn't always 'bad', it can sometimes be extremely good/positive!

Nonetheless it is karma.

It is the result of previous actions or deeds which we may not have a visceral memory of in this lifetime (because it happened in a previous lifetime) but our soul has an imprinted understanding of on a much deeper level.

This can be 'bad'  - it can be downright upsetting, destructive and hurtful giving us something to work through in order to transform our previous karma and change our ultimate destiny.

It can also be 'good' - it can be something miraculous, magical or lucky happening which has a fated element to it and ultimately allows us to achieve our destiny.

Either way it's fate.

Destiny on the other hand is about our destination - the final outcome for us as such.

It is about where (and who) we are supposed to be in this lifetime.

In this sense, destiny can also be 'good' or 'bad'.

Whether we are destined for 'good' or 'bad' lives is in many ways dependent on how we handle our fate.

How we handle our fate with our faith and free will determines our ultimate destiny!

For some of us the cosmic energies may bring unexpected surprises and blessings.

For others it could bring sudden change in abrupt endings which could feel like a punishment of sorts.

This is the nature of eclipses and this is very much the nature of this eclipse with all the aspects involved as detailed above.

However, what this ultimately means for us is dependent on what we do in response to events (our free will), and whether our conscious is love based (which is essentially faith in action) - or fear based.

We cannot control external events.

We can only control our responses.

A blessing can become a curse and so too a seeming curse can contain a blessing and transform into a miracle.

It all depends on our responses and our consciousness.

As always, we are each at different stages of our soul's journeys with unique charts which are experiencing different transits.

It may be that for some of us we don't really feel this lunar eclipse, it is almost a non event, or a happy one.

It may be that we need this Soulstrology consciousness to be there for others in our lives who do get eclipsed in some way.

Or it may be that we are the ones getting eclipsed.

Either way we must know the difference between fate and destiny and the importance of our free will and our faith to help us ride out the cosmic waves, whether at this time - or in the future.

Soulstrology Scopes with Lunar eclipse affirmations coming soon...


Ambi x