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Soulstrology Posts

Venus in Virgo July 11th - August 6th 2018: Vigilance is a virtue

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy Wednesday!

I hope this finds you well and ready for the solar eclipse!

More on that soon... but first off on today's cosmic activity which sees Venus move into Virgo where she will be for approximately three and a half weeks.

I set out at the bottom of this post the Soulstrology do's and don'ts of this transit as well as the Soulstrology zodiac guide which will tell you where this transit is taking place in your chart (remember to read for both your sun and rising sign if you know the latter).

Turning now to the Soulstrology theme of this particular Venus in Virgo transit - that vigilance is a virtue which can help us in both love and with money.

Virgo is the sign of service, order and humility and in love and with financial matters this sign is prone to be cautious, diligent and virtuous.

Venus in Virgo brings all of these qualities to us over the next three weeks of her transit which also coincides with eclipse season.

Love and money are for many people two of the most challenging areas of life.

We all want both, right? We want abundance and we want love.

But how we go about seeking both does not truly serves us in our goals.

During this eclipse season where the cosmic seeds of change are being planted for the next six months (or the cosmic winds of change will blow changes in our direction) we are each asked to take a note out of virtuous Virgo's book.

To do this means adopting the Soulstrology theme of this Venus in Virgo transit - that vigilance is a virtue and to be vigilant and virtuous with matters of the heart and finances.

As I mentioned above, so often we want to manifest certain things emotionally, creatively or financially (all the domain of Venus) yet we do not necessarily have the right approach which means we can manifest these things.

We need to adopt the light of Virgo - the attention to detail, the humility, the care, the vigilance which means they don't take things for granted.

We need to adopt these traits with regards to our love lives (whether we are single or coupled up), our finances and creative projects.

Now these eclipses may throw a curveball at us but that is not something we can control.

However what we can control is our reaction.

And this is a key point as we need to respond rather than react.

What does this mean and how does this tie into the Soulstrology theme for this Venus in Virgo transit?

Being vigilant is defined as,

'the action or state of keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties'

It is also defined as,

'the quality or state of being wakeful and alert'

Each of us needs to be adopting both the definitions over the next few weeks but being mindful of falling into the shadow of Virgo worry wart fear when it comes to adopting the former definition.

This means in practice being PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE when it comes to the Virgo ruled parts of each of our unique charts (and our finances and love lives)

Being proactive means taking hold of the reins and steering the proverbial horse in the direction you want it to go in. It means taking action ahead of time to protect and/or preserve our finances, our creative projects, our love lives.

It also means that if anything does happen - aka the poop hits the fan with an eclipse curveball  - we do not react out of fear but rather we ground ourselves and steady our horse and then respond in time with a game plan.

Man I wish I knew what I know now years ago so I wasn't so blind and reactive and didn't get so badly bitch slapped by the cosmos, but hey, if I didn't go through it, I wouldn't have grown through it and I wouldn't be here now being a channel for Soulstrology!

But over to you guys - maybe this message can help stop you in your reactivity and instead be proactive and respond to life rather than react.

Maybe it will also help you think diligently with vigilance about the Virgo ruled parts of each of your lives as well as your love lives, finances and creative projects and help you to harness the power of the eclipses to manifest what you desire.

Vigilance is a virtue and it is a virtue which pays off...

Sending you all love and will be back tomorrow with your Solar eclipse blog and Soulstrology Scopes.


Ambi x

Ps don't forget to read on for the Soulstrology do's and don'ts and zodiac guide to this transit below!


  • Low key love. Venus in Virgo is somewhat shy and modest about their love (in contrast to the recent Venus in Leo transit). This placement encourages us to show and receive love in a more low key manner and to know that doesn't make the love we give or receive of less significance, or value.
  • Love is service. This placement displays love through service, by being helpful to their loved ones. Not for them is the big flashy gestures, but rather the little acts of service, which when you add them up equate to a whole heap of love. Think about how you can serve your loved ones better on a day to day basis during this transit.
  • Love is commitment. This earthy, grounded placement asks us to back up our feelings of amour with commitment. It enables us to be more grounded and connecting to the bigger picture of a romantic relationship, which is commitment. Give, and aim to receive, commitment during this transit.
  • Practical purchases. This placement is not into flashy, frivolous spending. Rather, it spends carefully, on practical items that are of service to themselves and others.


  • Be a nag or nitpicker. Venus in Virgo has an extremely high attention for detail and hold themselves, and others, to very high standards. This can result in unnecessary criticism and nitpicking. Be mindful!
  • Overanalyze or be a worry wart. This placement has exceptional analytical skills however the shadow is that it can result in us unnecessarily over analyzing our lives, our love lives, our finances. Be wary of this.
  • Be overly modest. This placement struggles with being the center of attention (the opposite of Venus in Leo) and as a result tends to hide behind others. During this transit we need to be mindful of being overly humble and modest which is in itself an expression of ego!
  • Forget to treat yo'self! This placement can tend to have us caring more for others than we do ourselves. Remember that self-love is the foundation of manifesting anything of significance in your life and that it is as important to take care of yourself as it is others.

Virgo/Virgo risings you can enjoy what Soulstrology calls the Venus filter, with the cosmic goddess gracing your sun sign/rising sign, giving you that irresistible glow! Enjoy it!

Whatever your sign, you will be enjoying this transit somewhere in your chart, and therefore life.

Below is the Soulstrology guide for this transit for each sign indicating which areas of life will be experiencing this transit and the Venus filter.

Read for your sun and rising sign and don't forget to check which planets you have in Virgo.

Try and infuse these life areas with the light of Venus - think love, harmony, creativity, abundance!



  • Aries - your daily routine/lifestyle and health - mind/body/soul
  • Taurus - love and romance, children - yours and/or others, fun, self-expression and creativity
  • Gemini- who what and where you consider home, family, your childhood, domestic life
  • Cancer - your mind, communication, your voice in all formats - including related projects, siblings, neighbors, short trips
  • Leo- your income, your possessions, your personal finances, your values (who and what you value in life) and your self-esteem
  • Virgo - your identity, the very essence of who you are, how people see you/your appearance
  • Libra - healing and hibernation, secrets, your subconscious mind, secret projects, what you keep hidden (including the hidden you) endings and completion
  • Scorpio - your tribe, friendships, groups you belong to, causes you support, your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future
  • Sagittarius - success, career, ambition, your status, your public legacy
  • Capricorn - spirituality/religion/higher learning, legal matters, travel, foreign places and people
  • Aquarius - joint projects and finances, merging, sex and transformation that comes through merging
  • Pisces - partnerships and close relationships of all sorts - romantic, platonic and professional.