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Soulstrology Posts

Solar Eclipse Leo August 2018 Soulstrology Scopes

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy Friday!

Well here we are - the day before the last eclipse of 2018 and the last solar eclipse of the Leo/Aquarius set.

As you will see when you read the Soulstrology Leo solar eclipse blog, this really is the 'Last Roar'....

I advise reading the blog and listening to the podcast before reading your Soulstrology Scopes.

As what I did last time (with an affirmation/mantra for each sign) seemed to resonate with you all so well, I decided to do it again.

You can use these affirmations/mantras as part of your New Moon wish list and/or as part of your manifesting list for the next six months.

You could also try something different (which is something I have been playing with recently) which is to write down affirmations and then burn them and let the energy and desires contained within those words be released into the universe, to manifest in divine timing.

Of course you can also chose to just write a separate detailed New Moon/Six Month wish list and keep these mantras handy in your journal.

Remember to read the Soulstrology zodiac guide for this solar eclipse which is at the bottom of this blog.

Read for both your sun and rising sign to see which life areas are being highlighted by the solar spotlight and subjected to the changeable eclipse energy. 

And don't forget to listen to the Soundbaths and more (maybe the manifesting meditation) which will help you navigate this eclipse (and the mass retrogrades, argh!)


Ambi x



I embrace the opportunity to be my true self and to own and honor all aspects of my being
I trust that by honoring and expressing my true self I am aligning with my soul and allowing it to illuminate the path forward
I know that it is my birthright to experience deep joy and fun and so I embrace all the things which bring me such bliss
I let my heart lead me as to where, what and who is to be in this next chapter of life



Aries: I open my arms and heart to receive deep love and joy into my life. I embrace loving myself, others and life with a passion that reflects my true self. I embrace my inner child, my unique creativity and allow myself the gift of self-expression. As I love all that is, life loves me back.

Taurus: I trust that home is where my heart is. I follow my heart as to who, what and where means home to me. I put my heart and soul into my home, family and domestic life knowing that these areas of life want to and will bring me deep joy and love, to the degree that I am open.

Gemini: I know that when I truly speak from my heart, I speak in a way that serves myself and others. I choose to communicate and think in a heartfelt manner. I embrace expressing my true self and infusing all my communications (and related projects) with love, joy, passion and depth.

Cancer: I trust that when I truly love myself, life (and people) will love me back in equal measure. So I embrace self-love as the foundation for all I manifest financially, and otherwise. I embrace pursuing work projects from a foundation of self-love and deep faith, with joy and ease.

Leo: I revel in the solar spotlight and embrace the opportunity to allow myself to shine in all areas. I think carefully about  what I want to manifest over the next six months which reflects my true self, my joys, my heart and what lights me up from the inside out. I embrace life and life embraces me back!

Virgo: I infuse love and compassion into the parts of myself which still need healing. I take a heart centered approach to healing old wounds and  releasing old baggage. I infuse passion and joy into projects I work on behind the scenes knowing that my efforts to express my true self will be rewarded in due course.

Libra: I pursue goals which align with my heart and true passions in life. I know that the manifestation of such goals will allow me to be my true self and to experience the future which truly serves me. I seek out friendships and connections which bring me deep joy and allow me to be my true, best self.

Scorpio: I embrace career goals which reflect my heart's true desires and allow me to fully express myself. I tune into my heart as to what success truly means to me (as opposed to others) and allow myself to pursue what I love which in turn brings me joy.

Sagittarius: I tune into my heart and let it lead my mind, body and soul as to what I need, where I need to be and what I can do to expand my consciousness and be my true self. I pursue studies, publishing projects and trips which allow me to express myself better and be more aligned with my higher self.

Capricorn: I learn to find balance between my heart and head, between logic and intuition. I embrace the importance of honoring the whisper of my heart and the things which bring me joy, knowing that in truth the pursuit of love and joy will lead and serve me well. 

Aquarius: I infuse love into all of my partnerships, even those whom I am experiencing contention or dispute with. I ensure that I am able to express myself fully and be all of who I am in all partnerships. I seek partnerships based on love, passion and joy knowing these are my birthright. 

Pisces: I seek to bring fun and joy into my daily working life and lifestyle. I pursue a daily routine which honors the needs of my mind, body and soul and is heart centered and loving to all parts of myself. I trust that work can be play and I can be my true self and enjoy 'work' making work more like love in action.




  • Aries - love and romance, children - yours and/or others, fun, self-expression and creativity
  • Taurus- who what and where you consider home, family, your childhood, domestic life
  • Gemini - your mind, communication, your voice in all formats - including related projects, siblings, neighbors, short trips
  • Cancer - your income, your possessions, your personal finances, your values (who and what you value in life) and your self-esteem
  • Leo - your identity, the very essence of who you are, how people see you/your appearance
  • Virgo - healing and hibernation, secrets, your subconscious mind, secret projects, what you keep hidden (including the hidden you) endings and completion
  • Libra - your tribe, friendships, groups you belong to, causes you support, your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future
  • Scorpio - success, career, ambition, your status, your public legacy
  • Sagittarius - spirituality/religion/higher learning, legal matters, travel, foreign places and people
  • Capricorn - joint projects and finances, merging, sex and transformation that comes through merging
  • Aquarius - partnerships and close relationships of all sorts - romantic, platonic and professional.
  • Pisces - your daily routine/lifestyle and health - mind/body/soul