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Soulstrology Posts

Full Moon in Pisces August 26 2018: Dreams do come true...

Ambi Sitham

Really and truly, dreams do come true...

Really and truly, dreams do come true...

Hello lovely ones and happy almost weekend, and almost Full Moon!

This weekend, at approx 5am PT on Sunday 26th August 2018 (adjust for your timezone) there will be a Full Moon in Pisces.

This is a magical Full Moon which falls at exactly 3 degrees of the water sign of Pisces.

If you're a relative newbie to astrology and still finding your way with reading your chart and Soulstrology then please don't get too spun out as to the exact placement of this Full Moon in your chart.

Instead, just refer to the Soulstrology zodiac guide for this Pisces Full Moon (at the bottom of this blog) to work out the life areas being brought into the lunar spotlight at this time.

If you are a bit more of a veteran Soulstrologer, then do check where three degrees of Pisces falls in your chart, as well as any planets you have between zero - six degrees of Pisces as they too will be impacted by this Full Moon.

Now as you know sometimes at Full Moons the Soulstrology themes can be somewhat heavy and intense, whereas this particular Pisces Full Moon theme is considerably lighter, and more magical.

As you all probably know by now Full Moons are the highest point of the lunar cycle and as such they are intense times.

Sometimes these intense times involve something bubbling up in the lunar spotlight to be healed and released, hence why the focus of so many Soulstrology posts is about how we can transform, heal, release and align.

However, as Full Moons are also the highest point of the lunar cycle we can indeed experience great highs at these times, where things come to fruition and celebratory completion.

And Soulstrology tells us that due to all the aspects at play at this Full Moon it holds all the potential for magic to manifest and for dreams to come true...

As always, each of us will be at different stages of our souls journey and dealing with a unique set of circumstances at this time.

In addition this Full Moon will make unique aspects to each of our charts.

In some cases making tougher, more challenging aspects (hello Full Moon feels!) and in others, making harmonious, flowing aspects (hello things coming to fruition!).

As always I encourage you to read the Soulstrology blog (and Soulstrology Scopes which will come out tomorrow in advance of the Full Moon) and to take what serves you and apply it according to what is occurring for you at this Pisces Full Moon.

Turning now to the 12th sign of the zodiac who is at the center of this Full Moon...

Pisces is the sign of the dreamer.

The creative, spiritual, dreamer who sometimes appears to live in an alternative universe...

This sign has a deep spiritual connection to the cosmos, which combined with their innate creativity and powerful imagination can lead to them dreaming big dreams.

Do not underestimate the soft, sensitive souls who are Pisces.

They may be one of the kindest, most compassionate signs of the zodiac but they are also major manifestors and powerhouses (Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Sara Blakely and Jimmy Iovine are just a few examples).

The shadow of this sign (and something for each of us to consider at this Full Moon) is they are often overly idealistic (aka unrealistic) and choose to see the world through rose tinted glasses only to be upset when they get a reality check (and often then go into victim mode).

They also often have a serious lack of boundaries and find themselves floating around in dynamics where they take on the role of rescuer only to adopt the victim role later on when they feel their efforts haven't been appreciated.

All things for us to be thinking about and releasing on our Full Moon burn and release lists!

But back now to dreams coming true and the magical manifesting energies of this Full Moon...

As always at a Full Moon there is a Sun/Moon opposition.

The Moon in this case sits in Pisces. The Sun in Virgo.

This calls for a balance between these two signs and their traits.

The idealism and imagination of Pisces to dream, and the practical realism of Virgo to DO.

We also have what is known as grand trine where other planets make a harmonious formation to each other and the Sun and Moon, resulting in a kite formation celestial connection in the skies.

It's like a cosmic love fest with the planets highest energies working with each other, to our advantage.

At this Full Moon we have the Sun in Virgo making a beautiful trine to both Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus.

This aids the practical manifestation (Saturn) in the physical realm (the Sun) of many of our innovative ideas (Uranus) and is akin to genius shower ideas coming to fruition!

We also have the Moon (our emotions and intuition) making a sextile (another harmonious aspect) to Saturn (logic, reason and practicality) and making a sextile to Uranus bringing a harmonious accord between our emotions and our innovative ideas.

Heavyweight Saturn also makes a beautiful trine to Uranus blending the energies of long lasting success (Saturn) and sudden change launching us into the future (Uranus).

This powerful celestial combination can indeed result in dreams coming true around the Full Moon and magic being manifested!

For those of you whom this is a time of celebratory completion with things coming to fruition, congrats and enjoy!

Bask in that lunar spotlight and know that Full Moons can often be happy times and this is one of those celebratory Full Moons for you!

For those of you who don't feel as though you have much to celebrate, don't count yourself out too early...

Harness the powerful grand trine kite celestial energies to know that your dreams (and specifically those in the Pisces ruled parts of your charts) can come true.

It's all a matter of balancing positivity with pragmatism, dreams with action, tradition, order and stability with innovation and creativity.

It's all doable, it just requires a fine balancing act and releasing those parts of ourselves or our lives which do not aid us in finding this harmony between the different aspects of ourselves, and life.

Depending on where you are in your journey you may wish to engage in some, or all of the following rituals.

Look at the shadow of Pisces and release any of those character traits which you may be holding onto. Add these to your burn and release list and as the lists goes up in flames, feel those parts of yourself healing and those traits leaving you energetically.

Hone in on the Pisces ruled part of your chart.

What is disappointing you in relation to the life areas ruled by Pisces in your chart?

What dreams of yours do you feel have been dashed, or are failing to come to fruition?

Journal about it and tune into what you need to let go of.

Then ask yourself what is causing you pain or anguish in any area of life.

Meditate, visualize yourself letting it go as you watch the words in your release list burn and disappear into the ether.

Once you have done this, make a list of your dreams, focusing on the Pisces ruled parts of each of your charts (but feel free to include general dreams you have) and make that list and burn it too, allowing the energy of your dreams once again to go up in flames and be sent into the ether.

And if you're feeling celebratory perhaps engage in a gratitude ritual, writing to the cosmos - or a higher force you believe in, giving thanks to that energy source (and yourself) for the dreams that have already come true.

Most important of all remember that dreams do come true.

Magic and miracles happen all the time.

And you are as entitled to experiencing your dreams coming true and magic manifesting in your life as much as the next person.

Dream, believe, achieve. And listen to a Soulstrology Soundbath or meditation to assist you!

Soulstrology Scopes coming tomorrow...


Ambi x