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Soulstrology Posts

Soulstrology Scopes: Pisces Full Moon August 2018

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy almost Full Moon!

Here are your general Pisces Full Moon mantras as well as personalized mantras for each sign.

Remember to read for both your Sun and Rising sign.

Also, you can make a ritual out of these mantras and include them in your burn and release list, or can simply meditate using the general mantras or the personalized mantras.

As this Full Moon has quite a lucky, magical energy to it, I suggest listening to the Jupiter and Earth soundbath which I put out in May this year.

But as always, make sure to tune in to what is going on with you at this time and adjust your meditation accordingly.

If you feel you need deep healing (and to let that sh*t go) then the Chiron Full Moon soundbath will be helpful.

If you are feeling a powerful transformation going on then I recommend the Pluto soundbath.

As you know by now there are a selection of soundbaths (and other meditations!) at your disposal so just find what works for you at this particular lunar window.

Onwards to the mantras...



I take time to tap into my heart's desires and to see where my soul is being guided
I allow myself to pursue my dreams with confidence knowing that anything is possible
I let my intuition guide me as to the next steps I need to take in order to manifest my desires
I trust that any seeming blocks, barriers or delays to the manifestation of my desires serve a purpose and can be used as a tool for my personal growth which will ultimately aid my manifesting abilities
I make sure to balance optimism with pragmatism, and creativity with practical action




I trust in the validity of my heart's secret desires, and of projects I work on behind the scenes, or in secret. I know that I can bring these dreams to fruition and manifestation and I take steps to release what does not serve me or may be blocking me so that I can manifest all my desires, including those which I keep close to my heart



I review all of my goals for the future and make sure that these goals reflect my true innermost desires. I look to my friendships - my soul tribe - and as to how they impact my goals and how I manifest my desires. I let go of anything, or anyone, that does not serve me and the future I desire, trusting that letting go makes space for magic to manifest



I look to my career ambitions and ask myself honestly if my goals reflect my higher self and what I want my legacy to be. I let go of any goals which are not in true alignment with my values. I release all that does not serve me which may be preventing me from reaching the highest highs in my career and in life


I let my intuition guide me as to what my higher self needs so that I can expand my consciousness and so too expand my life. I allow myself to dream big when it comes to legal and educational matters, publishing and travel. I release self-doubt and self-sabotage trusting that by doing so I can manifest my desires



I allow myself the luxury of pursuing all of my dreams relating to joint financial ventures, merging with others, sex and deep transformation. I aim high knowing that I am capable of achieving all of my heart's desires in these areas. I release all that does not serve me so I may receive all that does.



I tune into what my heart truly wants in partnerships. I ask my higher self and intuition to guide me as to who are the best partners for me in all areas of life. I allow myself to fulfill my dream of healthy, fulfilling partnerships by first letting go of any emotional, physical or energetic blocks and barriers



I trust that it is possible to have the daily routine and working lifestyle of my dreams. I know that this includes balance for my mind, body and soul and serves both me and others. I seek guidance from my higher self and intuition as to what I need to release so that I can fulfill my desires daily


I tune into my heart's true desires in relation to my love life, how I experience joy and passion and my unique self-expression. I allow myself to dream big in these areas of life trusting that it is possible for my desires to manifest. I ask my higher self to guide me as to what needs to be released so that my dreams can come true




I trust that it is possible for me to fulfill my dreams in relation to my family and/or home. I allow myself to honor my most heartfelt desires in these areas of life and to pursue the manifestation of them. I go inwards and ask my intuition to guide me as to what must be released or healed for my desires to manifest




I allow my intuition to guide me at this time and allow my dreams to prevail even if I do not know exactly how I will manifest them. I know that allowing my mind the luxury of imagination and to dream is one of the biggest manifesting gifts I can give myself. I trust that by releasing limiting beliefs and the need to control I can manifest more effortlessly



I trust that it is possible for me to flourish financially and be abundant doing what I love which reflects my true values and benefits my higher self. I allow myself to dream big and to reach for the stars when it comes to my personal finances and income. I trust that by healing and release my shadow I can manifest beyond my expectations


I allow myself to dream a big dream. To aim for the stars, and being the best version of myself in all areas. To flourish and to be in effortless,  manifesting flow. I trust that by releasing any self sabotaging behaviors, and by backing up my dreams with action, I can manifest all of my heart's desires