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Soulstrology Posts

Solar eclipse in Leo August 2018: The Last Roar

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy Thursday!

This Saturday 11th August 2018 at just before 3am PT there will be a partial solar eclipse New Moon in Leo (adjust for your timezone).

It will fall at exactly 18 degrees of Leo and will be the last solar eclipse of the Leo/Aquarius set of eclipses.

It will open a cosmic window of opportunity which will wrap up with the Leo lunar eclipse in January 2019.

As such, Soulstrology tells us that this lunar eclipse is 'the last roar' in relation to shifts in the Leo ruled parts of our charts and therefore lives, which were activated last August 2017 when we experienced two Leo new moons in the same month, one of which was the famed total solar eclipse.

Let us turn now to the specifics of this solar eclipse and what we need to know in order to best work with the energies, not only over this next lunar month, but over the next six months and the corresponding Leo Lunar eclipse.

Now, I probably don't need to tell you that good ole Mercury is in retrograde motion (making a total of SEVEN planets in retrograde, gah!).

Mercury is actually retrograde in Leo and not only that, he is actually conjunct this Solar Eclipse!

This means his retrograde energies are very much part of this Leo solar eclipse and forces us to stop and do everything RE.

To reflect, review, reconsider, reset, reconcile, restart, redo in relation to the Leo ruled life areas - both in the natural zodiac and in our unique charts.

Soulstrology tells us that it is no cosmic coincidence that Mercury is retrograde in Leo and conjunct this solar eclipse, when this eclipse is the last in the set of solar eclipses for the Leo/Aquarius axis.

The cosmos is giving each of us an opportunity to consider whether what we have been trying to achieve over the last year or so in the Leo ruled parts of our charts is what we truly want (in terms of our soul truly wanting it) and if the manifestation of these goals is truly for our highest good.

Leo as you all probably know is a fire sign and is also a fixed sign.

This fiery sign can therefore be very fixed in its approach to what is is trying to achieve.

Leo can be incredibly stubborn refusing to realize that sometimes the universe not delivering is the universe saying - not now, it's not the right time, it's not for you or just plain ole 'NO'.

Not taking no for an answer is often viewed as being a good thing, as a strength, and it absolutely can be/is - in certain circumstances.

But we need to know when not taking no for an answer is self-sabotage and is keeping us from our true destiny.

Now each of us are on different parts of our soul's journey and it may be that for some of us this Leo solar eclipse is asking us for one final push to achieve certain goals or milestones in the Leo ruled part of our lives.

Either way, wherever you are on your journey, be less attached to the exact goal and more focused on the vibration you want to experience in your life.

Remember in the natural zodiac Leo rules our hearts - what we love.

How we have fun and enjoy life.

Our unique self-expression.

Our passions - hobbies and loved ones.

Our love lives and romance.

Children - whether children in our lives - ours or others (or children we want to have in the future) or our inner child.

So when you are looking at the goals in relation to the Leo ruled parts of your unique chart and life (which of course will differ for each of us) remember to tune into your heart.

Tune into what brings you joy, what you are passionate about, what lights you up from the inside and makes you glow on the outside.

Follow your heart but don't be too fixed on how your heart's desires will be fulfilled.

It may take longer than you think, or manifest in a different way, or take you off track on a different route.

But ultimately all that matters is that your heart's desires are fulfilled and that it truly serves your highest good.

Just as Leo rules the heart, so too does Leo rule bravery.

So in the dark moon as la luna disappears from the skies and leaves a blank canvas do not be afraid of the darkness, of a void or any funky eclipse vortex feels which you may be feeling.

Embrace the darkness and any eclipse mass retro feels like a courageous Leo braveheart.

Dig deep, go inwards and do all the Mercury retrograde self-reflection to review the shifts which have taken part in the Leo ruled parts of your life over the last year.

At this solar eclipse we have a powerful trine between Neptune and Jupiter which shows that the manifestation of goals infused with spiritual consciousness and for a greater good will be aided by the cosmos.

Saturn trines Uranus offering energies of both inventiveness and creativity alongside a solid structure and realism. Combining innovation and tradition and marrying the two (yes really!) to get us to where we want to be.

Jupiter squares Mercury reminding us to be mindful as to how we think about our goals and our visions for the future.

We are asked not to be overly proud or arrogant (both Leo shadow traits) but instead to adopt humility, to learn from the lessons of the past year and to be measured and grounded in our approach to our goals and ensure we are thinking about them realistically and practically.

Listen to the Leo solar eclipse Soulstrology podcast and ask yourselves the following questions and answer them honestly.

What have I achieved?
What have I failed to achieve or am I struggling to achieve?
What goals do I need to let go of trusting that by letting go I am making space for the manifestation of what truly serves me, even if I don't yet know what that is?
What goals do I have which I am no longer so passionate about?
How can I reset those goals to reflect my true passions?

Once you have tuned in to your heart having gone inwards and considered all the cosmic aspects at play, make your manifestation list and let it be your last roar to help you manifest a big shift come the Leo lunar eclipse in January 2019.

Roar loudly and bravely knowing that the cosmos is always on your side (even when it doesn't feel like it is!).

Soulstrology Scopes general mantras and personalized mantras coming tomorrow :)


Ambi x