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Soulstrology Posts

Full Moon in Aries September 2018: Facing our fears

Ambi Sitham


Hello lovely ones and happy almost Full Moon…

Monday’s Full Moon falls at 2 degrees of Aries with the moon opposing the Sun at 2 degrees of Libra and takes place at just before 8pm PT on September 24 (adjust for your timezone).

As always, check where Aries rules in your unique chart and specifically where you have two degrees of Aries and any planets between zero and five degrees of Aries as they too will be triggered by this Full Moon.

If this feels a bit too complicated for you then just read the Soulstrology zodiac guide below for your Sun and Rising sign as it will tell you the life areas being highlighted in the lunar spotlight.

Now this is an intense and powerful Full Moon which can certainly have everyone feeling all the Full Moon feels….

As the Soulstrology theme for this Full Moon suggests, the celestial aspects at the time of this Full Moon will bring all our fears up to the surface.

This is thanks to the close placement of Chiron who sits at what is known as the karmic degree of Aries (karmic degrees are either at the end or the beginning of a sign - so at 29 degrees or zero degrees of a sign).

As you probably know by now, Chiron is the wounded healer who brings all our wounds to the surface so they can be transformed into light, into wisdom and indeed the fuel for our soulful success.

In Aries he represents the self.

Our identity, appearance and personal autonomy.

How others view us and how we interact with others in terms of the image we chose to portray of ourselves to others.

Aries also rules how we go about manifesting our desires, how we deal with conflict, challenges and how we are a leader in our own right (Soulstrology says we are all leaders).

With Chiron’s close placement to the Full Moon his energies are such that they may bring our wounds (in relation to the above Aries ruled themes as well as the areas of life ruled by Aries in our unique charts) directly to the surface.

This can result in us truly having the Full Moon feels and feeling all of our wounds, even those we have tried to suppress.

This can be painful, but it has a purpose.

We can only truly heal things that we allow ourselves to feel.

We can avoid feeling certain emotions, or suppress them, but when we do that and keep them bottled up, it’s as though we are poisoning ourselves….

Eventually it will make us unwell and result in us experiencing dis-ease of the mind, body and soul.

Feeling our deepest wounds can be terrifying.

But in truth feeling our wounds and allowing ourselves to feel all the shadow emotions is only terrifying to our ego.

It is terrifying to that part of ourselves that wishes to maintain control and that is under the illusion that we have control and wants to maintain the status quo.

But here is the thing. You don’t heal unless you feel.

It’s as simple as that.

However brutal it may be, we must feel our wounds and face our deepest fears (more on this shortly) in order to release that negative energy and make space within our energetic beings and in our lives.

To add to the potent celestial cocktail forming in the skies is a square aspect by the Full Moon to Saturn.

As we know Saturn is the cosmic taskmaster and although he does reward our efforts (when we do the practical work to create strong foundations in our lives) his shadow is fear and limitations (there is a reason why Saturn has a ring around him!).

This tense square aspect of the Full Moon (and Chiron) to Saturn exacerbates the energy of fear and wounds.

It can have us thinking the worst (the shadow of Saturn is pessimism) and can make us feel as though our fears and wounds are our reality and that we are unable to overcome them.

To add to this energy is an opposition aspect of the Full Moon to Mercury.

Mercury rules our minds and communications and at this time it can be very difficult for us to be of sound mind - to be thinking clearly and communicating in a way which serves us and others.

Mercury also squares Saturn at this time exacerbating the feelings of pessimism and fear and even making us feel a tad depressed.

There is a distinctly karmic feel to this Full Moon with aspects made to the South Node of the Moon (past life baggage and karma) who sits alongside the ruler of the Full Moon - Mars (conflict and aggression).

You may be thinking yikes and if so, I don’t blame you!

However, as we all ought to know by now, there is always a duality to all aspects - even tough ones.

The connection between the Sun, Moon and the South node is a powerful opportunity to finally release old karma.

But we have to face it (the tough part of the aspect) in order to change, or release it.

The beautiful trine connection between Saturn (in Capricorn) and Uranus (in Taurus) gives each of the opportunity to break free from limiting beliefs and indeed situations.

For some of us this may manifest as finally letting go of old wounds, of having the courage to face our fears and dissolve them.

For others this will be about having the courage to face certain fearful situations (and relationships/people) in their lives and leave them behind in order to embrace a new chapter of life.

Some of us may find this Full Moon a powerful time of things coming to fruition.

Perhaps we have worked on some of these issues.

Perhaps we have faced our fears, tackled and healed our wounds and now the energy is being transmuted into light and positivity which manifests some of our most heartfelt desires.

Either way, we must know that the lunar spotlight will bring up what we need to see, hear, feel at this particular juncture of our soul’s journey for our freedom (Uranus) and for our long term soulful success (Saturn).

We must be brave enough to look at what unsettles us. To face our fears. To feel our wounds.

And to transform them by first accepting them and then letting them pass through us which will allow their energy to shift in a way that ultimately serves us.

I don’t know who said this but it is such an on point quote for this Full Moon,

The only thing to fear, is fear itself

And of course as the poet and teacher Rumi says,

The wound is the place where the Light enters you

Feeling fear and being wounded are parts of life which none of us can escape.

We cannot control all that happens to us.

But we can choose how we respond.

May we each have the courage at this time to face our deepest fears and wounds.

May our courage be rewarded by the transformation of wounds in our lives resulting in us becoming wiser, stronger and fueling our future successes and happiness.

And so it is.

With so much love,

Ambi x

Ps Soulstrology Scopes to come




Aries: - Your identity, autonomy, appearance, how others view you

Taurus: - Healing, the subconscious mind, psychological issues, secrets/what you keep hidden, including work you do behind the scenes and secret projects

Gemini: - Friendships, groups you belong to and causes you support, your soul tribe and your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future

Cancer: - Your career, status, success, ambition, ultimately your soul's public legacy

Leo: Spirituality/religion, higher learning, travel, publishing, legal matters

Virgo: Joint finances and related projects, merging, sex, death and transformation

Libra: Partnerships and close relationships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic

Scorpio: Your day to day work, routine and lifestyle, health - mind, body, soul

Sagittarius: Love, dating, romance, self-expression, creativity, fun, children - yours, or others

Capricorn: Domestic life, home and family, who, what and where you consider home/family

Aquarius: Your mind, communication, your 'voice' in all formats including related projects, neighbors, siblings, your local community

Pisces: Your personal finances and income, your values - who and what you value, and your self-esteem