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Soulstrology Posts

Soulstrology Scopes Full Moon in Aries September 2018

Ambi Sitham


Happy (almost) Full Moon lovely people!

I hope it is being good to you and you are working with the powerful energies for your highest good…

These Soulstrology Scopes are mantras or affirmations of sorts to help guide you to work with the energies of this Full Moon.

Read for your Sun and Rising sign if you know it.

You can use the general mantra as a meditation of sorts or even just to keep in mind over the Full Moon period.

You can also incorporate the Mantras into a release list (you know how much I love my burn and release lists!) or a Full Moon ritual of sorts.

Onto which, you have a new Soulstrology Soundbath (check the Fall Equinox post) with the sounds and vibrations of Venus and Earth gongs.

My advice is to listen to the Chiron Soulstrology Full Moon soundbath followed by the Venus and Earth soundbath.

The first will be healing, the second grounding and harmonizing.

Onwards to the mantras….


Ambi x


I accept that fear is part of life and that from time to time I will feel fearful

I trust that this is normal and part of being a human and that rather than fearing feelings of fear I can be accepting of this emotion

By accepting fear I know that I can significantly reduce its power over me

By facing my fears I have the power to overcome them and be a victor of my life

I trust that any wounds or fears which arise at this time are coming up for my healing and ultimately my progression on my path

I believe that I have the power to transform my wounds into wisdom and my fears into my dreams

And so it is


ARIES/ARIES RISING: I face my fears with courage and confidence that I can overcome them and be the best version of myself which in turn means I will experience the best relationships with myself and others

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: I summon the courage to look underneath the surface at my deepest fears which I keep secret from others and even from myself. I trust that by doing so I release any blocks and barriers to my health and being my healthiest, highest self

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING: I face any underlying fears that my most cherished desires will not manifest or fears around my future. I know that with courage and tenacity I can achieve my heart’s desires

CANCER/CANCER RISING: I accept all fears and/or wounds I have in relation to my career. I know by accepting them I am facing them and this is the first step to overcoming and achieving my career goals and soulful success

LEO/LEO RISING: I look carefully at fears I have around higher learning, spirituality/religion and expanding my mind. I trust that I have it within me to overcome any wounds in these areas of life and to transform them into wisdom which fuels my mind and soul

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING: I face all fears in relation to joint finances of all kinds, sex and deep merging and transformation knowing that my acceptance of these fears will help dissolve the energies and help me to take steps to overcome any wounds in these areas of life

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: I summon the courage to look at how fear and old wounds may be impacting my relationships of all types with others. I chose to be courageous in how I handle these issues knowing that I can overcome them and have much better relationships as a result

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: I face any fears or wounds I have around my health and/or my daily lifestyle and ability to work in a way that serves me. I am courageous in tackling any issues trusting I have it within to overcome all obstacles and find harmony and success

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING: I look carefully at fears I have around love, children, self-expression and joy. I face any wounds I have in these areas of life with courage and the belief I have it within me to overcome any obstacles and to manifest my desires

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: I summon the courage to look at any fears and wounds I may have in relation to family and domestic life, whether this is my home itself or my family. I trust that it is possible to overcome all wounds to experience soulful success and happiness

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: I face fears and wounds I have with communication, whether with others, or myself. I trust that I am capable of transforming my wounds into wisdom and in doing so overcome my fears to communicate and be heard for my highest good

PISCES/PISCES RISING: I look at fears and wounds I have around my personal finances/income as well as my self-worth. I trust that by being courageous in facing my wounds I can overcome them and transform the energy into wisdom and fuel for success