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Soulstrology Posts

New Moon in Virgo September 9 2018: Sacrifice and success

Ambi Sitham

Virgo knows all too well that success requires sacrifice...

Virgo knows all too well that success requires sacrifice...

Hello lovely ones and happy almost New Moon in Virgo!

This New Moon takes place on Sunday September 9 at 11.01 am PT (adjust for your timezone) and falls at 17 degrees of Virgo.

As always, please check where Virgo rules in your natal chart.

If you're a Soulstrology beginner then simply use the Soulstrology zodiac guide below to check which life areas this Virgo New Moon is highlighting for you.

If you are a Soulstrology whizz then you can check for exactly 17 degrees of Virgo to see exactly where this New Moon is falling in your unique chart and which planets you may have which are being cosmically activated by this New Moon (any planets between 14 and 20 degrees of Virgo will get activated!)

Lastly if you are a Virgo/Virgo rising (hello #virgorising one of my fave hashtags for memes!) then this is like your personal annual New Moon and a really important cosmic window to set intentions for the next year ahead.

Remember that regardless of your sign, Virgo in the natural zodiac rules your health - mind, body and soul and your daily routine, work, and lifestyle, as well as any pets in your life.

So keep these areas of life in mind as you set intentions for the next lunar month.

Onwards to this New Moon and the celestial aspects which are at play and why the Soulstrology theme for this New Moon is 'sacrifice and success'.

One of the main aspects at this New Moon is a very fortunate aspect which is Jupiter (in Scorpio) sextiling (a harmonious flowing aspect) Pluto (in Capricorn).

This aspect is about transformation and rebirth creating solid foundations for lasting success.

It brings opportunity, luck and power!

It peaks a few days after the New Moon on September 12 but we can each harness the energies at the time of the New Moon.

The other main aspect at this New Moon is Neptune (in Pisces) opposing the Sun and Moon who join together in Virgo.

Oppositions are tougher aspects and can bring challenges but Soulstrology teaches us that these challenging aspects are actually the ones which bring many nuggets of gold our way, the silver lining in any clouds we may experience at this time.

Onwards to the Soulstrology theme for this New Moon of sacrifice and success.

I think it is fair to say that we all want success in our lives.

We all want to experience abundance, joy, good health and the manifestation of our desires.

But are we truly prepared to undertake the hard work and sacrifices that are usually involved in order to enjoy such blessings?

More often than not I think if we are honest with ourselves the answer is no, not really.

We may take steps towards a goal, or even work hard, but often when it gets to that really uncomfortable sticky point, we may find ourselves giving up.

We may make some sacrifices on the way to achieving our desires, but more often than not pull back when we feel the sacrifices become too much.

This is normal.

It is part of being a human and having ego shadow traits of fear, disillusionment, insecurity, laziness, lack of drive, etc etc

However if we can overcome the shadow traits and darkness of our egos and engage the traits of diligence, virtuousness, dependability and tenacity we can achieve our goals!

And this is what Soulstrology is all about.

Not looking to a horoscope to predict our future, but instead understanding the energies at play and engaging cosmic consciousness to co-create our life with the aid of the cosmos.

At this time we need to take a book out of virtuous Virgo's book.

Yes, Virgo has its shadow elements (as does each sign of the zodiac) but at this time we will be focusing on Virgo's light and positive traits and trying to tap into those to manifest our desires!

Virgo is the worker bee.

Unafraid of rolling up their sleeves, getting their hands dirty and knuckling down to hard work.

Virgo takes care of the small details, knowing that working away each day is what manifests that bigger picture goal.

Virgo is not only unafraid of hard work, Virgo relishes in it (sometimes too much so but that's for a Full Moon post!)

They embrace working hard, not seeking immediate glory or validation, but instead finding glory in their hard work and allowing their efforts to yield results in due course.

Regardless of our sign, or of how we are feeling about life right now (maybe we have had a tough summer - or was that just me?!) or our jobs, our lifestyles, our work, or the areas of life ruled by Virgo in our unique charts, must all engage these traits of Virgo.

We must be prepared to roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty, knuckle down, take care of the smaller details and do the every day grind, in order to achieve our bigger picture desires.

We must be prepared to do this with humility and grace.

Not complaining about any sacrifices but understanding that those sacrifices are what will bring us the success we seek and ultimately will satiate our souls.

Jupiter sextile Pluto is here to help us at this New Moon.

It infuses this New Moon and the next lunar cycle with luck and opportunity.

Neptune opposing this New Moon may bring a challenging energy.

We may feel confused, uncertain, or fearful as to our path ahead, our most cherished dreams and how they will manifest.

We may be deceiving ourselves (shadow of Neptune is deception) as to why things aren't happening in our lives.

We may feel victimized in some way (shadow of Neptune is victim syndrome) by a person or life - the cosmos itself - as to why we are where we are and not where we want to be.

Being honest with ourselves (and I mean brutally honest with ourselves) is essential at this time for us to move forward, work with the cosmos and manifest our desires. 

We must not be afraid of the sacrifices that we may need to make in order to manifest our desires.

We must embrace sacrifice as a necessary tool which brings success.

We must take the time to write down the steps which need to be taken to achieve certain goals and be prepared to do the nitty gritty and perhaps even include that on our New Moon manifestation lists.

Virgo loves detail.

So at this New Moon I really encourage you all to take the time to review your goals for the next lunar month and embrace going into detail.

Don't just think about the bigger goal and be so blinded by it that you can't see what steps you need to take to get you there.

Break it down and see what small steps need to be taken in order to for you to make progress towards the manifestation of your bigger picture goal.

And embrace hard work and ensuing sacrifices with a soulful attitude.

The cosmos responds to our energy and efforts.

What we desire, can and will be ours.

New Moon Mantras and zodiac mantras for each sign coming before Sunday's New Moon.


Ambi x


Below is a Soulstrology guide for each sign (read for both your sun and rising sign) identifying the life areas that will be highlighted at this Virgo New Moon

  • Aries: your daily lifestyle and routine, work and 'service' to others, your health - mind/body/soul
  • Taurus: Your love life - romance/dating, fun, hobbies, self-expresion, creativity and children - whether yours or others, or your inner child.
  • Gemini: Home - who, what and where means home to you, family, your childhood, the private/domestic you and your home life.
  • Cancer: Your mind, communication, your 'voice' in all formats including related projects, neighbors, siblings, short trips
  • Leo: Your personal income and finances, your possessions, your values (who and what you value in life) and self-esteem
  • Virgo: Your identity, appearance, how others view you, autonomy and leadership.
  • Libra: Healing, isolation, your subconscious mind/psychological issues, self-sabotage and hidden enemies, work you do in private/secret projects and closure/endings
  • Scorpio: your tribe - friends, groups you belong to and causes you support, your soul tribe and your most cherished hopes, wishes and dreams for the future
  • Sagittarius: career, ambition, goals, success and status, ultimately your soul's legacy.
  • Capricorn: spirituality/religion/higher learning, teaching, publishing, foreign people and places and legal matters/justice
  • Aquarius: joint finances (debts, loans, inheritances, investments, taxes) and projects, sex, merging and transformation.
  • Pisces: close partnerships of all kinds, platonic, professional and romantic (covering friendships, mentors, bosses, business partnerships and marriage/serious relationships)